Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
The Education Station Inc 701st 736th 832nd 837th
LIGHT AHEAD INC 702nd 547th 466th 476th
BuyTheCase 703rd 548th 601st 609th
FastDeliveryOnline 704th 973rd 1,076th 1,081st
tri state camera 705th 974th 1,078th 1,083rd
Al's Variety 706th 975th 1,079th 1,084th
Deals_andBeyond 707th 925th 1,029th 1,034th
Bell's Bike Shop 708th 517th 546th 553rd
Give 5 To Cancer Inc 709th 789th 671st 678th
Light Spectrum Enterprises Inc 710th 739th 747th 754th
ChargerDirect 711th 673rd 776th 781st
Kitchen Kapers 712th 717th 391st 399th
CoolGlow 713th 791st 897th 902nd
ANNKE Security 714th 744th 751st 758th
PowerSellerUSA 715th 286th 267th 274th
TechMart 716th 491st 317th 329th
Speedy Inks 717th 798th 905th 910th
BlueParrottSales 718th 649th 629th 636th
Browns Linens Inc. 719th 410th 493rd 503rd
Fantastic Footwear 720th 900th 997th 1,002nd
PIPPD LLC 721st 629th 735th 742nd
My Team Outlet 722nd 609th 675th 682nd
Ace Martial Arts Supply Dba Ace Sports and Outdoor Inc 723rd 631st 686th 694th 724th 802nd 909th 914th
Sakkas Store 725th 945th 1,053rd 1,058th
Art Naturals 726th 874th 972nd 977th
MY DEALS DIRECT INC 727th 506th 458th 468th
DALIX 728th 1,005th 1,109th 1,114th
Brands R US 729th 908th 1,006th 1,011th
Notebook Avenue 730th 727th 740th 748th
DaDaSuperStore 731st 778th 883rd 888th
Miusco 732nd 846th 951st 956th
Lighting Supply Group 733rd 816th 918th 923rd
Atharva 734th 578th 586th 594th
Apex Fashion 735th 881st 977th 982nd
Vanguard Wholesale 736th 369th 252nd 259th
Nawty Fox 737th 219th 286th 295th
Buyerspath Cell Phone Accessories 738th 757th 861st 866th
1ShopDirect 739th 530th 603rd 611th
Highflyer214 740th 582nd 570th 579th
US Trade Ent 741st 601st 571st 580th
Our Pampered Home 742nd 709th 209th 221st
Downtown Pet Supply LLC 743rd 515th 469th 479th
Wisconsin Harley Davidson 744th 712th 699th 706th
Elite Tactical Inc. 745th 392nd 429th 437th
Shopping Blitz 746th 566th 589th 597th
Evocel 747th 519th 608th 616th
Electronics Deals 748th 829th 820th 825th
Number21Sports LLC 749th 1,030th 1,128th 1,133rd
Orion Leather Company 750th 984th 1,088th 1,093rd
Ultimate Paintball LLC 751st 794th 627th 519th
Digital Goja 752nd 743rd 491st 501st
TFI Inc 753rd 898th 994th 999th 754th 867th 967th 972nd
Save More on Pool Supplies 755th 766th 839th 844th
Fanzz 756th 1,040th 1,137th 1,142nd
Chargers and Cases LLC 757th 832nd 932nd 937th
Legendary Whitetails 758th 681st 628th 635th
Greatlookz Inc 759th 868th 563rd 572nd
Walts TV 760th 721st 631st 638th
Cimo 761st 482nd 595th 603rd
The Deal Rack LLC 762nd 771st 875th 880th
Athena Express 763rd 446th 558th 566th
LP Inc 764th 942nd 1,051st 1,056th
Mid-States Distributors 765th 946th 1,054th 1,059th
Woodcraft Supply LLC 766th 841st 849th 854th
Boardwalk Place Inc 767th 873rd 943rd 948th
Broad Bay Cotton Company 768th 949th 1,055th 1,060th
Luxclub Inc 769th 958th 1,061st 1,066th 770th 637th 725th 733rd
Wholesale Party and Costume Supply 771st 334th 282nd 291st
SureGrip Footwear 772nd 612th 664th 671st
Deal Army 773rd 1,055th 1,152nd 1,157th
VivaBella 774th 576th 455th 465th
Full Throttle Outdoors LLC 775th 1,013th 1,114th 1,119th
GOODIES FOR KIDDIES 776th 912th 1,011th 1,016th
Zelor 777th 879th 975th 980th
Seattle Cell Market LLC 778th 915th 1,013th 1,018th
Mosiso LLC 779th 847th 952nd 957th
Totally Costumes 780th 63rd 103rd 116th
Swish Products 781st 918th 1,017th 1,022nd
Dorm Company Corp 782nd 884th 982nd 987th
Health & Beauty Products Central 783rd 823rd 922nd 927th
TRADEMYGUN INC. 784th 856th 923rd 928th
Googol Shop 785th 1,025th 1,123rd 1,128th
The-Open-Box 786th 710th 813th 818th
1 Stop Electronics Center Inc. 787th 620th 717th 724th
Teds Electronics 788th 1,026th 1,124th 1,129th
Discount Deals & More 789th 889th 986th 991st
Jewelry 790th 760th 718th 725th
GoldenLiving168 791st 1,073rd 1,170th 1,175th
JaxShooters Warehouse 792nd 567th 609th 617th
AAA Perfect Buys 793rd 716th 818th 823rd
VRS Design Inc. 794th 504th 572nd 581st
KOTSEMOWORLD LLC 795th 1,074th 1,171st 1,176th
Power Tool Superstore LLC 796th 404th 354th 365th
Jrheller LLC 797th 932nd 903rd 908th
SMAVCO LLC 798th 866th 965th 970th
BlueBargain Inc 799th 1,038th 966th 971st
Infinisia 800th 1,079th 1,176th 1,180th

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