Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
MainMerch Inc. 601st 556th 656th 663rd
Edgewater Parts 602nd 678th 779th 784th
Optimum Orbis 603rd 765th 869th 874th
NorthShoreDepot 604th 479th 363rd 373rd 605th 797th 904th 909th 606th 570th 528th 536th
UltimoValue 607th 625th 593rd 601st
eWarehouseDirect 608th 650th 757th 763rd
SportsFanfare 609th 630th 383rd 391st
AllSportsWearUSA 610th 633rd 678th 685th
A&k Wholesale LLC 611th 837th 940th 945th
Park Slope Outlet 612th 635th 679th 686th
E-BUYZ LLC 613th 840th 942nd 947th
EB Sports Store 614th 700th 808th 813th 615th 752nd 853rd 858th
Consumer Bargain 616th 597th 632nd 639th
Brook Mays Music 617th 704th 810th 815th
Digitals on Demand 618th 754th 710th 717th
ZM Distribution 619th 614th 712th 719th
Snow Sleds Direct 620th 779th 886th 891st
Always-Quality 621st 487th 560th 569th
Essential Supply 622nd 667th 772nd 777th
Revolution Goods 623rd 546th 636th 643rd
Mayberry Toys 624th 756th 859th 864th
Midea Tech 625th 821st 890th 895th
Easy Source Inc 626th 885th 984th 989th
Living Direct Inc 627th 374th 224th 232nd
Peazz 628th 669th 669th 676th
USA Dawgs Inc 629th 550th 526th 534th Inc. 630th 787th 894th 899th
Discount Entertainment 631st 861st 960th 965th
ATAFA 632nd 532nd 591st 599th
Gametronex 633rd 672nd 775th 780th
CommercialVacuum 634th 792nd 899th 904th
Home etc. 635th 899th 995th 1,000th
Union Square Limited 636th 493rd 399th 408th
American Living Online 637th 608th 594th 602nd
SharpPrices 638th 834th 937th 942nd
ServicePro LLC 639th 747th 843rd 848th
Brisco Brands 640th 445th 512th 523rd
Bauer's 641st 495th 513th 524th
LeatherUp 642nd 901st 999th 1,004th
Smartag International Inc. 643rd 902nd 1,000th 1,005th
Bayside Candy Inc. 644th 685th 501st 511th
My Daily Styles 645th 634th 514th 525th
Positive Health 646th 593rd 617th 625th
Bigtime Battery & Electronics 647th 806th 913th 918th
Alliance Supply 648th 477th 446th 456th
HealthCheck Systems Inc 649th 507th 230th 213th
BSD SUPERBUY INC 650th 688th 790th 795th
NYFASHION101 INC 651st 540th 649th 656th
ShopTronics 652nd 498th 216th 200th 653rd 777th 882nd 887th
Windy City SuperStore 654th 398th 240th 246th
BESTON SHOES 655th 730th 828th 833rd
OnlyFactoryDirect 656th 599th 420th 429th
Home Innovations 657th 916th 1,014th 1,019th
Beautyvice 658th 499th 449th 459th
PS Traders LLC 659th 917th 1,016th 1,021st
Star Toys 660th 734th 829th 834th
Timex 661st 781st 888th 893rd
DailyVita 662nd 706th 811th 816th
Netlink Enterprises 663rd 784th 891st 896th
Craft-e-Corner 664th 707th 543rd 550th
Active Figure 665th 708th 745th 752nd
Supermall Center 666th 921st 1,022nd 1,027th
Online Stores LLC 667th 408th 499th 509th
LGeOO Electronics 668th 583rd 684th 691st
Gadget UPgrade 669th 621st 730th 738th
Really Great Toys 670th 623rd 625th 633rd
Moda Xpress 671st 826th 925th 930th
TGM Skateboards 672nd 552nd 352nd 363rd
Beantown Roasters Inc. 673rd 644th 734th 741st
Budget Golf 674th 928th 1,031st 1,036th
Cool Dad's Toys 675th 862nd 962nd 967th
XIN YANG GROUP INC 676th 793rd 867th 872nd
OEM Battery Depot 677th 930th 1,034th 1,039th
Happy Feet and Comfy Feet Slippers 678th 795th 900th 905th
The Pixel Hub 679th 796th 901st 906th
GearXS 680th 469th 339th 350th
Got Supply 681st 934th 1,039th 1,044th
ABC Vacuum Warehouse 682nd 586th 630th 637th
Car Beyond Store 683rd 627th 614th 622nd
United Scope LLC 684th 801st 723rd 731st
APLUSACC INC. 685th 940th 1,047th 1,052nd
BestPysanky inc 686th 699th 807th 812th
Sakura printing 687th 836th 939th 944th
Beach City Bike 688th 572nd 392nd 400th
Foneso LLC 689th 950th 1,056th 1,061st
KimmyShop 690th 660th 682nd 689th
Jabra 691st 953rd 1,058th 1,063rd
The Toy Ninja 692nd 954th 1,059th 1,064th
Walk Into Fashion 693rd 701st 739th 747th
Filters Fast LLC 694th 497th 619th 627th
Xtreme Bike & Sport LLC 695th 563rd 246th 254th
DVCOM LLC 696th 880th 976th 981st
Greschlers Hardware 697th 638th 519th 528th
USA Toyz 698th 963rd 1,065th 1,070th
Zexpa 699th 964th 1,066th 1,071st 700th 735th 831st 836th

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