Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position 501st 510th 635th 642nd
Lyss Loo 502nd 690th 793rd 798th
Heavy Duty Deals 503rd 516th 641st 648th
Sam'sMicro 504th 622nd 731st 739th
WedgeNix LLC 505th 551st 670th 677th
T-Power USA 506th 692nd 799th 804th
Rover Store Inc. 507th 520th 547th 554th
NutritionGeeks 508th 606th 721st 729th
PastaCheese 509th 533rd 645th 652nd
masterofbling 510th 693rd 750th 757th
STAND UP Ranchers 511th 457th 492nd 502nd
Peachy Gifts 512th 695th 803rd 808th
BodyJ4You 513th 720th 822nd 827th
Better Linen & Bath Inc 514th 472nd 430th 438th
BUDDHA BLESS U ART 515th 745th 840th 845th
BisonOffice 516th 444th 472nd 482nd
USA Supply Source 517th 769th 873rd 878th
deal dealer 518th 748th 844th 849th
Nature's Click 519th 405th 403rd 412th
PaperLanternStore 520th 396th 367th 377th
Sunset Key Chains Inc 521st 560th 567th 576th
CyberToyShop LLC 522nd 656th 765th 770th
Refurb4Less 523rd 382nd 298th 309th
HappEshopper 524th 440th 278th 272nd
Marsino's Costumes and Novelties LLC. 525th 577th 692nd 699th
Sport Station 526th 543rd 633rd 640th
Body Candy 527th 615th 653rd 660th
His n Her Inc 528th 616th 587th 595th
myteamplanet 529th 451st 484th 494th
eCentury LLC 530th 639th 713th 720th
Saka Inc. 531st 713th 798th 803rd
GreenMarket 532nd 375th 360th 370th
atech imaging inc 533rd 568th 642nd 649th
World Wide Stereo 534th 521st 415th 424th
DOMAGRON 535th 696th 804th 809th
RingWright Co. 536th 480th 479th 489th
advanced mercantile 537th 648th 756th 762nd
Prime Time Commerce 538th 475th 580th 589th
Red Hound Auto 539th 367th 329th 340th
BuyClerk 540th 352nd 445th 454th
ZappySales 541st 505th 350th 361st
Sophias Style Boutique Inc 542nd 257th 313th 325th
Arrow Global Asset Disposition Inc 543rd 324th 341st 352nd
WeeklyCloseouts 544th 663rd 620th 628th
OneCall 545th 598th 220th 197th
Accessory Export LLC 546th 527th 651st 658th
Vitamin Mom 547th 432nd 356th 366th
Leather Care Supply 548th 665th 771st 776th
Wisconsin Harley-Davidson 549th 423rd 285th 294th
IcyDeals 550th 401st 503rd 513th
Electronics Club 551st 819th 920th 925th
Etek Depot 552nd 565th 407th 416th
Crazy Dog Tshirts 553rd 454th 521st 529th
Yabow Inc 554th 531st 525th 533rd
World Jewels LLC 555th 602nd 715th 722nd
EZI Brands 556th 619th 729th 737th
Ringside Collectibles Inc. 557th 584th 700th 707th
Save Plus 558th 376th 490th 500th
Platinum Micro 559th 330th 241st 247th
5 Star Super Deals 560th 694th 802nd 807th
Infiland LLC 561st 679th 780th 785th
GoodGram Corp. 562nd 558th 674th 681st
ForeverLux 563rd 799th 907th 912th
ModelToyCars 564th 591st 705th 712th
School Specialty 565th 483rd 452nd 462nd
BrandsXclusive 566th 838th 941st 946th
Midwest Service & Supply 567th 804th 911th 916th
Little Cosmetics LLC 568th 749th 850th 855th
BuyDepot 569th 574th 688th 696th
Buy Around The World 570th 561st 680th 687th
Pure Wave 571st 842nd 944th 949th
Britt & Jules 572nd 413th 483rd 493rd
BatteriesInAFlash 573rd 659th 618th 626th
Supersaver 574th 843rd 946th 951st
Mary B Decorative Art 575th 430th 405th 414th
Watch Grabber 576th 595th 598th 606th
Online King 577th 702nd 809th 814th
Computer Brain 578th 508th 517th 526th
US Micro 579th 385th 102nd 95th
Samonline 580th 814th 916th 921st
Buckeye Tool Supply 581st 509th 634th 641st
My Pillow Inc. 582nd 848th 953rd 958th
GURIN PRODUCTS LLC 583rd 387th 504th 514th
SuperJeweler 584th 705th 714th 721st
Luxury Lane 585th 642nd 746th 753rd
Abco Tech 586th 643rd 697th 704th
Direct Distributor 587th 455th 378th 386th
Jadas Hats 588th 434th 470th 480th
Hartville Hardware 589th 360th 223rd 231st
J.F.J 590th 759th 864th 869th
Easy Order Shop 591st 671st 624th 632nd
EMS Global Direct 592nd 825th 924th 929th
Shoe Webster 593rd 860th 959th 964th
Os Toy 594th 604th 719th 726th
Koyal Wholesale 595th 518th 590th 598th
LotFancy Inc. 596th 714th 817th 822nd
BHFO Inc. 597th 790th 896th 901st
Costume Kingdom 598th 172nd 200th 175th
Editor's Pick 599th 740th 837th 842nd
NECA 600th 569th 610th 618th

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