Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Koolekoo 401st 524th 549th 556th
Tags Weekly 402nd 406th 424th 432nd
H.A.I 403rd 658th 767th 772nd
Forza Sports 404th 208th 156th 158th
OJ Commerce LLC 405th 267th 257th 265th
Gadgets & Supplies Inc. 406th 544th 667th 674th
Swanson Health Products 407th 388th 390th 398th
Plush Puppy To Go 408th 580th 694th 701st
J&S Games LLC 409th 466th 498th 508th
Primitive Home Decors Inc. 410th 402nd 485th 495th
Sports Flags and Pennants Company 411th 335th 428th 436th
DiscountsJungle 412th 292nd 237th 243rd
Angelina Fashion USA 413th 427th 371st 381st
Campmor 414th 361st 471st 481st
HowPlumb 415th 356th 463rd 473rd
Myquickmart 416th 351st 305th 316th
SaveMax Marketplace 417th 652nd 759th 765th
Tee Bangers 418th 438th 473rd 483rd
LuckyVitamin 419th 307th 254th 261st
Nayked Apparel 420th 687th 785th 790th
Authentic Designer Fashions 421st 297th 277th 286th
Mega Retail Store 422nd 303rd 152nd 144th
BidDeal 423rd 447th 308th 320th
Crazy For Bargains LLC 424th 575th 690th 698th
Doublebeez Jewelry and Gifts 425th 545th 668th 675th
CE COMPASS 426th 691st 794th 799th
Allbest4u inc 427th 618th 728th 736th
Best Deals 428th 435th 544th 551st
Salon Supply Store 429th 313th 137th 101st
TechOrbits 430th 443rd 365th 375th
Geroy's 431st 647th 754th 760th
ToysOnline 432nd 682nd 782nd 787th
American Pumpkins Inc. 433rd 559th 576th 585th
Alwayz On Sale 434th 697th 806th 811th
TeamStores 435th 651st 758th 764th
TELeasy 436th 295th 266th 273rd
Toy Crate Inc 437th 654th 762nd 768th
Best Costume and Toy Deals 438th 328th 431st 439th
Tal USA 439th 657th 766th 771st
Buyoo Inc 440th 397th 434th 442nd
Virtual Exchanges Inc 441st 368th 193rd 185th
Kuteck Inc 442nd 345th 353rd 364th
Primary Distribution 443rd 613th 711th 718th
Talkie Tech Inc. 444th 450th 475th 485th
CALVES LTD 445th 500th 623rd 631st
MLG Jewelry 446th 453rd 412th 422nd
Webundies 447th 512th 637th 644th
HPMS Inc. DBA The Therapy Connection 448th 426th 524th 532nd
SUMMITFASHIONS 449th 549th 640th 647th
Electronics Expo 450th 340th 250th 255th
Discount Decorative Flags LLC 451st 342nd 351st 362nd
Shoplet 452nd 179th 98th 50th
Perf-Moto 453rd 393rd 232nd 181st
365 Printing INC 454th 675th 777th 782nd
Express Savings 455th 680th 781st 786th
Unique's Shop 456th 437th 548th 555th
Just Love Styles 457th 538th 661st 668th
Watchsavings 458th 379th 333rd 344th
Zwilling J.A. Henckels 459th 632nd 647th 654th
GOSO Direct 460th 653rd 761st 767th
Brandshopper LP 461st 462nd 539th 546th
Nlife LLC 462nd 573rd 687th 695th
Rennde 463rd 463rd 404th 413th
ePapaShop 464th 362nd 315th 327th
Casagear WM 465th 279th 388th 396th
Etekcity Corporation 466th 420th 94th 90th
AS Quality Rugs 467th 661st 768th 773rd
Factory Authorized Outlet 468th 439th 218th 209th
scgstore 469th 422nd 439th 448th
Ewirelessgear 470th 414th 496th 506th
Amazing buys inc . 471st 528th 652nd 659th
Prestige Solutions LLC 472nd 664th 770th 775th
Jewelryweb 473rd 564th 600th 608th
Nakedcellphone 474th 309th 295th 305th
CosmeticMall 475th 354th 344th 355th
Naturesroom 477th 581st 695th 702nd
Epicure Company 478th 501st 588th 596th
COFFEE AND TOY 479th 391st 507th 517th
DiecastModelsWholesale 480th 488th 457th 467th
shoezoo 481st 553rd 508th 518th
Galaxy 482nd 554th 655th 662nd
BikeSomewhere 483rd 555th 202nd 123rd
Cuddable 484th 605th 561st 570th
Sabrent 485th 327th 191st 205th
Fast Fulfillment Stores 486th 321st 188th 202nd
AnkerDirect 487th 377th 326th 337th
Logoride - Your trusted source for the finest licensed sports and character products 488th 646th 753rd 759th
Air Waves LLC 489th 522nd 574th 583rd
Rosewill 490th 534th 657th 664th
Digital Direct and More 491st 607th 722nd 730th
M&M Scrubs Dist Inc 492nd 314th 386th 394th
BESPOLITAN INC 493rd 723rd 824th 829th
Loadstone Studio 494th 428th 361st 371st
OnePurify 495th 256th 312th 324th
Local Battery 496th 539th 663rd 670th
Pharmedoc 497th 662nd 769th 774th
Tyeztoyz 498th 431st 379th 387th
Hogg Outfitters 499th 526th 650th 657th
In The Swim 500th 386th 70th 81st

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