Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
The Primrose Lane LLC 301st 247th 292nd 301st
Cable Matters 302nd 248th 178th 190th
Griffin Technology 303rd 281st 260th 268th
Dteck Inc 304th 496th 615th 623rd
Century Novelty Co Inc 305th 476th 582nd 591st
A2Z Products 306th 373rd 497th 507th
Mimotron Group Inc. 307th 254th 306th 317th
America Anywhere 308th 490th 607th 615th
ecustomhitch 309th 162nd 141st 155th
FASHION TALENT LIMITED CO 310th 523rd 646th 653rd
Costumes4less 311th 280th 320th 331st
C&D Savings 312th 296th 235th 241st
STT 313th 203rd 176th 188th
Tech For Less Inc 314th 235th 106th 115th
Baby Value 315th 415th 532nd 540th
Digital Media Outlet 316th 337th 448th 458th
Six Express 317th 389th 505th 515th
eKitchenWorld 318th 456th 557th 565th
West End Toys 319th 468th 562nd 571st
Computer Warehouse 320th 288th 300th 311th
DRMM INC 321st 366th 478th 488th
USA111 INC. 322nd 470th 573rd 582nd
Outlet Dealers 323rd 322nd 381st 389th
Classy Outfit 324th 395th 511th 522nd
Home and Holiday Shops 325th 332nd 432nd 440th
Always.Deals 326th 484th 596th 604th
Santa Monica Wireless 327th 400th 518th 527th
TodaysConcept 328th 283rd 279th 287th
Teehee Socks 329th 363rd 465th 475th
Factory Direct Prices 330th 220th 66th 56th
Productech Corporation 331st 494th 613th 621st
eRequisite 332nd 276th 328th 339th
TheGrandMarket 333rd 537th 660th 667th
AngelSeller 334th 357th 348th 359th
CarAudioDistributors 335th 253rd 160th 167th
Fommy 336th 429th 481st 491st
Vitamin Discount Center LLC 337th 282nd 283rd 292nd
SHOPitFashion 338th 333rd 321st 332nd
Buyers Direct 339th 383rd 362nd 372nd
Container And More 340th 234th 171st 171st
i-Blason LLC 341st 230th 263rd 252nd
K K Music Store 342nd 541st 665th 672nd
Bible Mega Mall 343rd 359th 421st 430th
Linen Store Inc. 344th 293rd 296th 306th
ShoeFabs 345th 365th 476th 486th
Fitueyes Inc. 346th 275th 377th 385th
GoVacuum 347th 341st 294th 304th
CashCo1000 Inc. (USA Merchant) 348th 502nd 535th 543rd
Street Moda 349th 394th 319th 302nd
Fashion Square 350th 557th 672nd 679th
Veil Entertainment and Promotions Inc. 351st 262nd 303rd 314th
Factory Buys 352nd 459th 565th 574th
Rareelectrical 353rd 289th 340th 351st
E-STORE ATC 354th 448th 559th 567th
Gotham City Online LLC 355th 384th 425th 433rd
Kids Rock Toys 356th 486th 599th 607th
WM Direct 357th 358th 389th 397th
PureFormulas Inc 358th 197th 175th 187th
PIXIBYTES INC 359th 513th 638th 645th
oh!Dreamy 360th 390th 486th 496th
BabyEarth 361st 436th 488th 498th
Tekcoo 362nd 503rd 626th 634th
Kidzlane 363rd 624th 733rd 728th
Maxi-Aids 364th 270th 332nd 343rd
ShoeOcean 365th 492nd 612th 620th
AimToFind 366th 458th 564th 573rd
2Bhip 367th 474th 529th 537th
7th Avenue Costumes 368th 89th 124th 137th
Superheroes 369th 449th 531st 539th
HerRoom and HisRoom 370th 304th 376th 384th
RGT GROUP 371st 600th 693rd 700th
Beauty Nuvo 372nd 467th 437th 445th
Trek Media Group llc 373rd 370th 487th 497th
Itembazaar 374th 442nd 555th 563rd
Goldstar Tech 375th 603rd 716th 723rd
Techworld 376th 350th 402nd 411th
BulbAmerica 377th 287th 151st 146th
Brand Name Parts 378th 411th 510th 521st
muzzha! 379th 460th 566th 575th
Fairshop llc 380th 412th 530th 538th
Pure Costumes 381st 228th 268th 275th
LSD Direct USA 382nd 380th 482nd 492nd
WHOLESALE DEALS 383rd 381st 433rd 441st
Nice Caps Accessories 384th 419th 523rd 531st
OneStopShop 385th 596th 709th 716th
Sac Silver 386th 372nd 495th 505th
SuperMart 387th 225th 135th 152nd
Jewlzie 388th 326th 427th 435th
Shoenerds 389th 542nd 666th 673rd
Fuddlebucks 390th 223rd 197th 210th
Discount Merchant 391st 433rd 461st 471st
Treasure Gurus LLC 392nd 511th 602nd 610th
S M Diamond Corporation 393rd 339th 401st 410th
RoadBikeOutlet 394th 311th 299th 310th
Discount Ramps 395th 285th 155th 126th
BalsaCircle 396th 403rd 442nd 451st
Silver Sales LLC 397th 585th 703rd 710th
ade advanced optics inc 398th 418th 537th 544th
La Toys Etcetera 399th 535th 658th 665th
Cosmetic Solutions 400th 331st 416th 425th

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