Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
eComelectronics 201st 173rd 261st 269th
Hot Deals Electronics 202nd 252nd 347th 358th
mezee 203rd 318th 419th 428th
Overstock 204th 319th 12th 13th
Best Linen Warehouse inc 205th 274th 385th 393rd
PalmBeach Jewelry 206th 196th 139th 107th
APS 207th 305th 406th 415th
OneBigOutlet 208th 306th 408th 417th
Zeckos 209th 185th 132nd 148th
Candy 210th 300th 265th 173rd
Crosslinks 211th 236th 270th 277th
Life and Home 212th 164th 79th 97th
Mwave 213th 229th 199th 212th
Fifth Sun Apparel 214th 298th 395th 404th
WOWParts 215th 329th 435th 443rd
Banyan-Inc 216th 242nd 345th 356th
MAXAROMA 217th 243rd 248th 256th
FURNITURE MANIA 218th 175th 231st 238th
igourmet 219th 221st 280th 288th
1000Bulbs 220th 186th 207th 219th
Toys & Co. 221st 265th 372nd 382nd
Samimport-2011 222nd 240th 346th 357th
In Season Jewelry 223rd 271st 358th 368th
Video Game Advantage 224th 246th 212th 224th
Music123 225th 210th 96th 72nd
Rockabilia 226th 211th 272nd 279th
Style Like Mine 227th 212th 249th 257th
Bounce Back Sports 228th 378th 500th 510th
Crazy Online Dealz 229th 277th 311th 323rd
HQRP 230th 272nd 384th 392nd
EpicGadget 231st 364th 474th 484th
TheNewMall 232nd 310th 413th 423rd
3DeKor LLC 233rd 178th 233rd 239th
etailz 234th 174th 77th 93rd
Pembroke Street International 235th 245th 324th 335th
SlickBlue 236th 171st 157th 164th
BundleMonster 237th 191st 76th 59th
Independence Fulfillment Services 238th 259th 368th 378th
Light Bulbs 239th 251st 304th 315th
Old Glory 240th 202nd 243rd 249th
Pandora's OEM Appliance Parts 241st 189th 251st 258th
JetStar 242nd 237th 335th 346th
Deals Only 243rd 347th 447th 457th
JB Tool Sales 244th 170th 92nd 109th
DBROTH 245th 226th 245th 253rd
Beadaholique 246th 204th 113th 88th
PT Supplies 247th 145th 105th 118th
Accessorymart 248th 263rd 369th 379th 249th 344th 444th 453rd
FragranceNet 250th 290th 307th 318th
WorldWide Distributors 251st 425th 542nd 549th
PerfumesAmerica 252nd 371st 477th 487th
Ron's Home and Hardware 253rd 201st 205th 217th
Torchstar 254th 349th 450th 460th
Walmarked 255th 343rd 451st 461st
KSCOSupply 256th 353rd 459th 469th
Nfusion 257th 157th 122nd 134th
BLUELANS 258th 416th 533rd 541st
Sophias Style Boutique Inc. 259th 190th 126th 120th
KBETHOS 260th 336th 440th 449th
OUTDOOR SHOPPING LLC 261st 407th 522nd 530th
CoverON 262nd 317th 418th 427th
Blair Technology Group 263rd 238th 322nd 333rd
Heart Rate Monitors USA 264th 239th 343rd 354th
Discount Watch Store 265th 320th 275th 284th
ADW Diabetes 266th 348th 456th 466th
ChopRetail 267th 232nd 309th 321st
NETDIRECT 268th 268th 289th 298th
Kiddie Collection Inc 269th 291st 396th 405th
OutletPC 270th 205th 130th 139th
Galactic Toys 271st 273rd 349th 360th
KapscoMoto 272nd 133rd 169th 180th
Toysanity 273rd 399th 502nd 512th
RawNori Healthy Living 274th 244th 323rd 334th
HDD Liquidators 275th 465th 569th 578th
AccessoryGeeks 276th 409th 527th 535th
KingLinen 277th 269th 331st 342nd
Shop Eddies 278th 301st 337th 348th
AmazinGadget 279th 461st 551st 558th
Trenz Shirt Company Inc 280th 316th 393rd 401st
Aztek Computers 281st 464th 568th 577th
Collections ETC 282nd 478th 584th 593rd
uShopMall 283rd 299th 316th 328th
Toys 'N' Tech 284th 424th 541st 548th
Premium Apparel 285th 355th 462nd 472nd
VIVO 286th 249th 238th 244th
Charming Jewelers 287th 471st 575th 584th
Hirt's Gardens 288th 227th 206th 218th
Mix Wholesale 289th 260th 288th 297th
eCostConnection 290th 473rd 578th 587th
Kryptonite Kollectibles 291st 264th 334th 345th
Dazadi 292nd 308th 142nd 145th
Woodbury Outfitters 293rd 224th 242nd 248th
Allied Trade Group Inc. 294th 421st 540th 547th
Source Direct 295th 441st 552nd 560th
Firemall LLC 296th 215th 194th 207th
Jaf Gifts 297th 241st 342nd 353rd
One Super Bargain Inc 298th 302nd 336th 347th
Modern Home Products 299th 325th 426th 434th
Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure Inc. 300th 489th 605th 613th

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