Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
WC Analytics Corporation 4,464th 2,004th 2,074th 2,077th
General Mall 4,479th 2,412th 2,076th 2,079th 4,480th 1,454th 1,197th 1,201st
Grizzly Industrial Inc. 4,500th 1,101st 1,200th 1,204th
GlowCity LLC 4,518th 2,415th 2,469th 2,472nd
Black Bow Jewelry Company 4,532nd 4,684th 2,472nd 2,475th
PacRec 4,535th 2,009th 2,080th 2,083rd
Clownantics LLC 4,572nd 2,011th 1,342nd 1,347th
ARVACO 4,581st 2,421st 2,476th 2,479th
Shop Medical Supply 4,593rd 2,423rd 2,478th 2,481st
Quality Bunk Beds 4,645th 1,794th 1,867th 1,870th
New Green Nutrition 4,660th 4,807th 2,485th 2,488th
Authorized Deals 4,671st 2,430th 2,486th 2,489th
Boaters Plus 4,683rd 2,020th 1,868th 1,871st
Mediasonic 4,718th 2,435th 2,491st 2,494th
SPEED 4,736th 2,023rd 2,091st 2,094th
Tweedz 4,762nd 2,441st 2,497th 2,500th
KEBM Inc. 4,831st 2,027th 1,870th 1,873rd 4,850th 1,344th 1,431st 1,437th
Floor Cleaners 4,866th 1,466th 764th 745th
Interspective LLC 4,901st 2,030th 2,099th 2,102nd
Aunt Sally's Praline Shops Inc. 4,905th 2,032nd 2,101st 2,104th
Serious Steel LLC 4,935th 2,035th 2,104th 2,107th
D-Trade LLC 5,008th 2,039th 2,106th 2,109th
TPM Appliance 5,036th 5,162nd 1,437th 1,363rd
TimeZone123 5,038th 2,043rd 2,110th 2,113th
Front Row Electronics 5,059th 5,183rd 1,544th 1,549th
Stakich Inc 5,062nd 2,467th 2,111th 2,114th
ELVESsupply 5,063rd 2,044th 2,112th 2,115th
Plexon Inc 5,129th 2,476th 854th 859th
Iwiss Tools Co.Ltd 5,152nd 2,049th 2,117th 2,120th
Muscle & Strength 5,172nd 2,052nd 2,118th 2,121st
New York Fashion Police 5,187th 2,484th 1,882nd 1,885th
The Dancing Peanut 5,188th 1,633rd 1,360th 1,366th
Dig Best Deals 5,228th 2,492nd 2,123rd 2,126th
Frame & Optic 5,280th 1,634th 1,712th 1,716th
ABC Home Collection 5,302nd 2,062nd 1,438th 1,443rd
Furniture Supply 5,305th 2,063rd 2,128th 2,131st
Taylor Gifts 5,320th 5,427th 187th 151st
Apothecka 5,323rd 1,351st 1,213th 1,218th
Movo Photo 5,434th 5,534th 1,891st 1,894th
Rveal 5,437th 1,817th 1,892nd 1,895th
Soltech US Corp 5,457th 1,818th 1,893rd 1,896th
SharpShirter 5,496th 5,592nd 1,716th 1,720th
LEGEND ZONE 5,526th 2,524th 2,140th 2,143rd
Everyday Pure 5,545th 2,077th 2,144th 2,147th
ICANDY PRODUCTS CORP. 5,550th 2,078th 2,145th 2,148th
M2 Distribution LTD 5,566th 1,640th 1,718th 1,722nd
Web Deals Direct 5,605th 1,189th 1,216th 1,221st
Digital Pavilion 5,639th 5,726th 153rd 113th
made2envy Inc. 5,657th 2,085th 2,152nd 2,155th
Jarvis Tech Inc. 5,675th 5,761st 2,153rd 2,156th
Metals Jewelry 5,729th 1,271st 1,218th 1,223rd
Home it 5,767th 913th 274th 283rd
CV Retail LLC 5,805th 1,481st 1,369th 1,375th
Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc. 5,968th 1,656th 1,733rd 1,737th
bargainstation 5,982nd 6,051st 99th 111th
Orange Cycle Parts 5,989th 2,569th 2,169th 2,172nd
Green Mountain Corporation 5,994th 2,101st 2,170th 2,173rd
Quality Sourced Products 6,019th 2,575th 1,735th 1,739th
Autopartstoys 6,020th 2,576th 2,171st 2,174th
Discoverybrands 6,041st 1,489th 1,068th 1,073rd
Hyper Microsystems Inc. 6,042nd 6,105th 2,173rd 2,176th
Zhou Nutrition 6,060th 2,105th 2,175th 2,178th
DEALSMOUNT 6,076th 2,582nd 1,737th 1,741st
Arcadian Home 6,101st 1,660th 1,740th 1,744th
eToolsCity 6,151st 2,107th 1,742nd 1,746th
Empire Rigging & Supply 6,227th 6,277th 2,180th 2,183rd
The Vitamin Shoppe 6,246th 6,296th 244th 250th
Energy Conscious 6,284th 2,115th 1,919th 1,922nd
Hangorize 6,287th 2,117th 2,186th 2,189th
Legend Micro 6,301st 2,118th 1,572nd 1,577th
Rockin Beads LLC 6,303rd 2,119th 2,187th 2,190th
My Suit Habit 6,324th 2,120th 2,188th 2,191st
Pacific Rim Gourmet 6,344th 2,121st 2,189th 2,192nd
UPLAY TABLET LLC 6,350th 2,122nd 2,190th 2,193rd
Outdoor Photo Gear 6,474th 6,511th 2,201st 2,204th
vius 6,475th 2,134th 1,749th 1,753rd
Builders Shoppe 6,558th 1,854th 1,928th 1,931st
BabyVision Inc. 6,571st 6,606th 1,464th 1,469th
Simple Home Goods 6,575th 2,142nd 2,208th 2,211th
The Final Grab 6,586th 2,146th 2,211th 2,214th
SPACE WITH TASTE 6,603rd 2,148th 2,213th 2,216th
bobs-bicycles 6,664th 2,154th 1,934th 1,937th
JMilesCO 6,761st 1,498th 1,577th 1,582nd
ZestyDeals 6,779th 2,164th 2,228th 2,231st
Dazzlingrock 6,792nd 2,167th 2,230th 2,233rd
TheDigitalOasis Same Day Shipping 6,809th 6,835th 1,939th 1,942nd
Electriduct 6,862nd 2,669th 1,943rd 1,946th
WOODSAM 6,879th 2,173rd 1,763rd 1,767th
Natural Health Mall 6,885th 2,174th 2,236th 2,239th
My First Aid Company LLC 6,897th 2,176th 2,238th 2,241st
ML TOOLS 6,912th 1,872nd 1,946th 1,949th
eOutletDeals 6,913th 2,177th 2,239th 2,242nd
BTD IMPORTS INC. 6,928th 2,676th 2,243rd 2,246th
Wuppessen Inc. 6,930th 1,873rd 1,947th 1,950th
ARSAVED 6,986th 1,391st 1,475th 1,480th
Fast Shipping 7,023rd 1,691st 1,768th 1,772nd
AvidMax 7,051st 2,191st 1,308th 1,312th
Komputerbay LLC 7,069th 2,698th 1,770th 1,774th

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