Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Outdoor Equipped 2,922nd 3,162nd 1,245th 1,250th
Andre Lorent Inc. 2,924th 2,247th 2,302nd 2,305th
The Smooth Shop 2,959th 2,252nd 2,307th 2,310th
S & L Store Fixture 2,962nd 2,254th 2,309th 2,312th
Amichai LLC 2,972nd 2,256th 2,311th 2,314th
Crimp Supply 3,001st 2,261st 1,991st 1,994th
Tactical Intent 3,004th 1,725th 1,248th 1,253rd
OliveNation LLC. 3,058th 1,923rd 1,995th 1,998th
Ana Silver Co 3,075th 3,308th 1,251st 1,256th 3,113th 2,271st 2,325th 2,328th
Easy Essentials 3,126th 1,550th 1,321st 1,325th
CiboWares Food Service and Hospitality Products 3,127th 1,551st 1,033rd 1,038th
Kelf LLC 3,131st 1,926th 1,998th 2,001st
Humidities 3,186th 2,273rd 2,327th 2,330th
Gorilla Gadgets LLC 3,193rd 2,276th 2,330th 2,333rd
Sweater Chalet 3,200th 3,427th 2,334th 2,337th
Mad About Heels 3,209th 2,281st 2,336th 2,339th
Magic Trick Store Inc. 3,219th 1,930th 2,002nd 2,005th
ClickToShop 3,239th 3,464th 1,173rd 262nd
Equinox International 3,260th 1,934th 1,816th 1,819th
Unipol Inc. 3,283rd 2,286th 2,341st 2,344th
iSnorkel Inc. 3,317th 3,540th 2,006th 2,009th
Fast Shipping! 3,318th 1,560th 355th 289th
CoolPoolTables 3,353rd 1,563rd 929th 934th
PorchToPatio 3,354th 2,292nd 2,347th 2,350th
Bliss Club 3,369th 1,936th 2,007th 2,010th
Imagine Products 3,371st 1,938th 2,008th 2,011th
The Bagtique 3,372nd 2,295th 2,350th 2,353rd
Acme Approved 3,392nd 2,296th 2,351st 2,354th
Shoe Station Inc. 3,407th 3,623rd 2,356th 2,359th
Best Desu Inc. 3,428th 2,301st 2,357th 2,360th
Allstar Toolshed 3,445th 3,660th 2,012th 2,015th
Innovative World 3,488th 3,703rd 2,359th 2,362nd
Pacific Stereo Warehouse 3,490th 2,303rd 2,360th 2,363rd
Care me Beauty & Healthcare 3,499th 2,305th 2,362nd 2,365th
MusicStore4You 3,529th 1,569th 1,648th 1,652nd
Laser Tek Services Inc. 3,530th 1,747th 1,501st 1,506th
Dream Essentials LLC 3,550th 3,761st 2,368th 2,371st
WeaKnees DVR Superstore 3,566th 1,947th 2,019th 2,022nd
Fiorella shapewear 3,569th 1,948th 2,020th 2,023rd
Sleep Revolution 3,583rd 3,792nd 1,179th 1,183rd
La Leela LLC 3,584th 1,227th 673rd 680th
Maison Baby 3,604th 2,316th 1,504th 1,509th
Urbanest 3,656th 1,756th 1,138th 1,143rd
PearlsOnly Americas llc 3,658th 2,320th 1,507th 1,512th 3,676th 2,323rd 2,378th 2,381st
Honor Company 3,678th 1,956th 2,027th 2,030th
Petroleum Service Company Inc. 3,709th 2,328th 2,383rd 2,386th
DISCOUNT HUB 3,730th 2,330th 2,385th 2,388th
Gomadic Corp. 3,744th 1,429th 934th 939th
Furniture Domain Of America Inc. 3,745th 2,332nd 996th 1,001st
byAlegory Premium Beauty Organization 3,746th 1,761st 1,660th 1,664th
Simple Shapes 3,747th 2,333rd 2,387th 2,390th
TeamSpirit 3,769th 2,337th 2,390th 2,393rd
Zoomkart 3,784th 1,432nd 1,139th 1,144th
Mobius Commerce 3,786th 3,981st 2,391st 2,394th
Choon's Design LLC 3,788th 2,338th 2,392nd 2,395th
Dr. Goodpet 3,800th 3,994th 2,393rd 2,396th
International Concept Entertainment Group 3,801st 587th 545th 552nd
My Guitar Supply LLC 3,802nd 2,339th 2,394th 2,397th
Spotix Inc. 3,824th 2,341st 2,396th 2,399th
Catch Supplies 3,870th 1,162nd 968th 973rd
TGO Apparel 3,872nd 4,062nd 2,401st 2,404th
Phoenix Trading Company 3,890th 2,346th 1,417th 1,423rd
PhotoSavings 3,905th 1,966th 2,038th 2,041st
Blacklight 3,917th 1,233rd 1,186th 1,190th
Kevin Jewelers 3,918th 2,351st 1,840th 1,843rd
Sprinkler System Store 3,932nd 1,586th 1,188th 1,192nd
Tiger Supplies 3,933rd 1,587th 1,667th 1,671st
Design Furnishings 3,948th 1,971st 2,043rd 2,046th
Flash Sale 3,953rd 2,356th 2,410th 2,413th
RECORDING STORE 3,967th 1,973rd 2,045th 2,048th
World Race Parts 3,970th 2,358th 2,412th 2,415th
Amphony Corp. 3,977th 2,359th 2,413th 2,416th
Cardboard Legends Online 3,987th 4,166th 2,414th 2,417th
Allergy Buyers Group LLC 4,065th 2,366th 2,421st 2,424th
Pogo Bounce House 4,070th 1,979th 2,049th 2,052nd
NeuTab 4,085th 2,368th 2,423rd 2,426th
Trail and River 4,102nd 2,370th 2,425th 2,428th
JP Mobiles 4,122nd 1,983rd 2,053rd 2,056th
Vibes Base Enterprises Inc 4,143rd 2,375th 2,430th 2,433rd
Z-Best Audio & Video Inc. 4,160th 2,377th 2,432nd 2,435th
AramediA 4,161st 2,378th 2,433rd 2,436th
MOWTOWN inc 4,180th 2,380th 2,435th 2,438th
Superfine Online Inc. 4,194th 2,382nd 1,849th 1,852nd
Hinterland Trading 4,212th 2,383rd 2,437th 2,440th
Texas Premium Detectors 4,213th 1,990th 2,060th 2,063rd 4,231st 4,398th 2,439th 2,442nd
AMJ DOT LLC 4,264th 1,780th 1,853rd 1,856th
Watch Express 123 4,269th 2,388th 2,443rd 2,446th
Rock Bottom Golf 4,292nd 2,391st 2,446th 2,449th
Custom Wheels Express 4,294th 1,784th 1,857th 1,860th / 4,326th 4,489th 2,450th 2,453rd
Shop Til U Drop 4,361st 2,395th 2,068th 2,071st
Wraith&Co 4,375th 1,998th 1,678th 1,682nd
Total Tea 4,376th 2,399th 2,069th 2,072nd
Picture It On Canvas Inc. 4,393rd 1,786th 1,859th 1,862nd
DNJ Radio 4,410th 2,404th 2,458th 2,461st
Discount Home Furnishings Inc. 4,428th 4,586th 2,461st 2,464th
B2C INDUSTRIES INC. 4,431st 2,407th 2,462nd 2,465th

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