Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and called it Walmart Marketplace. Along with Walmart’s own inventory you will find other retailer products. Walmart Marketplace items have seller’s name displayed on the items. Due to the growth of Amazon USA marketplace, in 2016 Walmart made it easier to join its marketplace as it was much more complicated before and that’s why the grow of Walmart Marketplace was very slow.

Here Walmart sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Electronic Express 101st 112th 74th 92nd
Purchase Pals LLC 102nd 98th 107th 119th
Firefly Buys 103rd 150th 131st 130th
Universal Direct Brands 104th 102nd 134th 150th
New Ocean Enterprises Inc 105th 64th 89th 105th
Luxury Divas 106th 136th 95th 76th
BREED 107th 76th 140th 154th
ShopLadder 108th 81st 40th 49th
Buildcom 109th 93rd 58th 53rd
TCP Global Corp 110th 116th 73rd 75th
Diabetes Health Supplies 111th 71st 154th 163rd
Supershieldz 112th 194th 287th 296th
Amazing Deals Online 113th 129th 189th 203rd
SDG Distribution 114th 139th 149th 161st
Focus Camera 115th 94th 41st 37th
EDO Trading Inc. 116th 183rd 273rd 280th
Seven Times Six 117th 130th 165th 176th
HPP Enterprises 118th 123rd 91st 106th
Shop247 119th 79th 55th 65th
Cheerwing 120th 152nd 236th 242nd
The Roost 121st 138th 67th 77th
CookiesKids 122nd 161st 253rd 260th
Stuff4Crafts 123rd 78th 53rd 41st
BlockBuster Costumes LLC 124th 55th 87th 103rd
Entrotek 125th 143rd 75th 78th
DeepDiscount 126th 68th 129th 143rd
Classic Parfums 127th 166th 258th 266th
DealYard 128th 86th 68th 73rd
Kids Warehouse 129th 147th 229th 237th
PDS Online 130th 199th 293rd 303rd
Hobby Warehouse 131st 111th 109th 122nd
HDE 132nd 177th 271st 278th
Unlimited Cellular 133rd 140th 108th 121st 134th 122nd 164th 174th
Sell Lounge 135th 168th 214th 226th
EpicDealz 136th 209th 301st 312th
Bling Jewelry 137th 158th 146th 159th
We The People 138th 84th 83rd 99th
MTM Trading LLC 139th 165th 256th 264th
TVTimeDirect 140th 231st 325th 336th
Supply the Home 141st 121st 180th 192nd
Seneca River Trading Inc. 142nd 135th 217th 228th
Perfume Depot 143rd 213th 262nd 270th
ShopChanute 144th 250th 359th 369th
TechZone 145th 99th 125th 138th
Zone Tech Auto 146th 182nd 172nd 183rd
Cymax 147th 69th 88th 104th
Buy It Now 148th 200th 290th 299th
AutoBodyNow 149th 92nd 118th 132nd
Rocky Mount Distribution Inc 150th 141st 136th 153rd
Minisuit 151st 192nd 111th 80th
Wholesale Connection 152nd 137th 179th 191st
Captain Dave Inc 153rd 131st 82nd 82nd
Max Warehouse 154th 91st 147th 160th
The Poster Corp 155th 198th 148th 89th
Shippped 156th 148th 115th 128th
Chrome Battery 157th 105th 123rd 136th
OpticsPlanet 158th 155th 120th 85th
Jewelry Pot 159th 160th 116th 91st
RedsGear 160th 187th 228th 236th
SIM Supply Inc 161st 87th 72nd 79th
CPO Outlets 162nd 119th 65th 67th
TechRabbit 163rd 180th 226th 234th 164th 216th 138th 147th
OO 165th 151st 221st 229th
Children's Island 166th 163rd 213th 225th
My Quick Buy 167th 206th 114th 127th
Apontus LLC 168th 154th 159th 166th
The Online Drugstore 169th 125th 150th 162nd
Coutlet llc 170th 114th 127th 140th
Clothing Shop Online LLC 171st 266th 373rd 383rd
Unbeatable Deals 172nd 184th 264th 271st
Evelots 173rd 134th 144th 156th
Ship It Quick 174th 214th 302nd 313th
Linenspa 175th 176th 63rd 74th
LD Products 176th 126th 46th 30th
Lux Home 177th 315th 417th 426th
ZHU INTERNATIONAL TRADE INC 178th 323rd 423rd 431st
Cheapees 179th 188th 163rd 172nd
GotApparel 180th 169th 222nd 230th
Direct Premium Buys 181st 261st 370th 380th
E-Z Ink 182nd 218th 310th 322nd
Tenergy 183rd 284th 394th 403rd
TRG 184th 255th 366th 376th
HalloweenCostumes 185th 107th 177th 189th
McCombs Supply Company Inc. 186th 159th 210th 222nd
Incredible Cellular LLC 187th 233rd 327th 338th
Tool Space 188th 207th 291st 300th
Hippo-Deals 189th 153rd 203rd 215th
Mr. Medical 190th 156th 204th 216th
BeautyJoint 191st 195th 225th 233rd
Brainytrade usa inc 192nd 278th 387th 395th
Vision Graphics 193rd 217th 234th 240th
Kaplan Toys 194th 258th 281st 290th
Bargains N More 195th 167th 259th 267th
OneStopFanShop 196th 222nd 276th 285th
Yescom USA Inc. 197th 193rd 255th 263rd
AAA Security Depot 198th 346th 454th 464th
Miniturtle 199th 181st 269th 276th
Hisgadget Inc 200th 294th 397th 406th

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