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JemJem Certified is one of the TOP 100 sellers on Walmart. The average price of all their products is $250. Browse all JemJem Certified products here..

Last month reviews data shows, that JemJem Certified is in the 60th place. According to last year data they are doing better now, JemJem Certified was at the 145th position.

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JemJem Certified Reviews

G R E A T!

4 years ago

I tried to return the item because it was not what I expected. It was too slow on my home WiFi system. The company selling it, JemJem, was extremely uncooperative in handling my refund. The item was shipped and signed by a JemJem employee about two weeks ago and, so far, no refund. NEVER BUY FROM JEMJEM EVEN IF IT IS THROUGH WALMART.

4 years ago

"Refurbished" is usually scam speak for "cleaned up". But in this case, the phones were brought back to new condition. Outstanding!

4 years ago