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I ordered 3 of these Dec. 2nd and they were supposed to arrive by Dec. 16th. I finally received a package on Dec. 22nd and only ONE of the THREE was in the package. I emailed and was told I would receive a refund. I followed up after Christmas and NOTHING! It is January 9th and still no refund. I will be filing a claim with my CC company.

4 years ago

I never received the blanket. I was not able to track the item while it was in transit. I was very disappointed because it was suppose to be a Christmas present.

4 years ago

Was supposed to be delivered on Dec. 21 - 22. Did not arrive until the 27th.

4 years ago

Paid for expedited shipping to arrive before Christmas and didn't get it till two days after Christmas very disappointing . Why pay for expedited shipping to get something immediately when it doesn't even get there on a timely manner . Heard back from hui for an apology never offered a refund on the expedited shipping I paid for

4 years ago

The only problem I had was I got an email when to expect it and it was several days later that it arrived. I understand how many people shopped on line this year . The product was great and the packaging was good also. My young granddaughters all got these blankets and loved them.

4 years ago