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Here Etsy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Lifetime Position
Caustic Threads United States 8,818th 3,148th
Bears Create United States 8,819th 29,891st
Su Lu Beauty Shop United States 8,820th 19,441st
Inkand Rags United States 8,821st 7,728th
Forgotten Pages Ireland 8,822nd 5,610th
Bead Ex China 8,823rd 1,748th
Boos Tiny Bits United States 8,824th 44,068th
saralukecreative United States 8,825th 739th
Sweet Sofia Bows Canada 8,826th 22,164th
Fancy That Loved United States 8,827th 1,457th
Lotus Moon Beads United States 8,828th 28,632nd
River Rose Company United States 8,829th 42,341st
Cutting Edge Stencils United States 8,830th 1,097th
Beads Happen United States 8,831st 5,412th
Rhinestones 4u United States 8,832nd 7,468th
Sugary Charm United States 8,833rd 6,850th
M Ks Bowtique United States 8,834th 40,838th
Arti Smith United States 8,835th 3,255th
Needle Down Fabrics United States 8,836th 28,779th
Concord Collections United States 8,837th 53,028th
Alissa Bead China 8,838th 14,357th
gclasergraphics United States 8,839th 15,402nd
Ombre Designs Canada 8,840th 11,110th
Little Mushroom Cards United Kingdom 8,841st 16,056th
Little Laser Lab Australia 8,842nd 976th
Sand R Bits United Kingdom 8,843rd 60,641st
crafterslimited United States 8,844th 27,692nd
ifoundgallery Canada 8,845th 1,020th
Giftsology United States 8,846th 43,850th
Design Tip Top Russia 8,847th 76,744th
Strawberry Frosted Co United States 8,917th 34,299th
Case Cavern United States 8,918th 3,518th
Jahna Vashti United States 8,919th 8,375th
Urban Oreganics United States 8,920th 8,573rd
by J Leeloo United States 8,921st 11,693rd
remember ZEN United States 8,922nd 5,099th
Freshand Organized United States 8,923rd 7,109th
Story Prints Co Canada 8,924th 49,212th
Cnc Factory Italy 8,925th 56,007th
Be Pretty Be Bold United States 8,926th 2,575th
woodredrose China 8,927th 3,025th
Grand DSIGNS United States 8,928th 31,573rd
This Very Crafty Mama United States 8,929th 5,478th
luxebuffalo United States 8,930th 9,992nd
Sew Perfectly Vintage United States 8,931st 6,484th
Lauren Spencer Jewelry United States 8,932nd 42,656th
Hey Shabby Me United States 8,933rd 11,147th
Peyote Bead Art United States 8,934th 2,362nd
Secret Hill Studio United States 8,936th 25,743rd
deniseleesgems United States 8,937th 13,517th
Mod Jules United States 8,938th 13,838th
ohlittlerabbit United States 8,939th 839th
Q Wear 01 Canada 8,940th 59,409th
Note And Wish United Kingdom 8,942nd 93,667th
Passion PN Gcreation United States 8,943rd 9,659th
Main Street Mania United States 8,944th 38,017th
thelittlelili United States 8,945th 45,491st
That One Crafty Couple United States 8,946th 51,322nd
Little Ever After United States 8,947th 73,235th
katebroughton United Kingdom 8,948th 7,709th
Remix Comic Books United States 8,949th 63,448th
A Little Present United Kingdom 8,950th 19,809th
Rebel Art Underground United States 8,951st 81,389th
Truly Kustom United States 8,952nd 40,178th
The Punch Bunch United States 8,953rd 16,164th
halocolor Hong Kong 8,954th 2,237th
GUTTERSHOP United States 9,021st 10,439th
Star Print Shop United States 9,022nd 62,266th
Polar Grinders Canada 9,023rd 12,648th
Grandmas Cupboard S United States 9,024th 28,873rd
Willowand Birch Prints United States 9,025th 62,359th
VINE Sn IVYFABRICS United States 9,026th 7,873rd
Linda Munequita Canada 9,027th 1,139th
bouncingballcreation United States 9,028th 12,425th
Moustard London United Kingdom 9,029th 73,978th
oscarcrow United States 9,030th 2,318th
South Lake Threads Com United States 9,031st 36,313th
The Little Crystal Australia 9,032nd 21,164th
Pucashop France 9,033rd 28,778th
Niaski United Kingdom 9,034th 82,484th
Scatter Box Boutique United Kingdom 9,035th 30,258th
In Te Pro Latvia 9,036th 29,299th
Art Of Geek France 9,037th 67,006th
HOLYCO South Korea 9,038th 16,618th
Noahs Boytiques United States 9,039th 901st
Whimsy Clover United States 9,123rd 71,659th
Silver Lining Beads United States 9,124th 5,529th
Jane Jo Art United States 9,125th 17,056th
stillcutethough Belgium 9,126th 38,273rd
Stahls Clearance United States 9,127th 59,014th
So Cozy Creations United States 9,128th 85,360th
Lacers Edge United States 9,129th 50,479th
Currys Beer Crafts United States 9,130th 48,026th
Chasing Chels United States 9,131st 46,609th
Land Of Heroes Fabrics United States 9,132nd 23,151st
CH Ai NG Ethesubject United States 9,133rd 6,671st
Little Greek Boutique United States 9,134th 38,543rd
Sunny Rain Factory United States 9,135th 12,399th
chattypress United States 9,136th 2,270th
ECO Apparel Printing United States 9,137th 23,763rd

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