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Here Etsy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Lifetime Position
Georgia Teaberry United States 5,465th 30,684th
Khaleesis Bazaar United States 5,466th 80,363rd
twenty 3stars United States 5,467th 5,751st
Shelby Chic Boutique United States 5,468th 2,071st
Black Catz Designs United States 5,469th 14,605th
DI Ybeads 4u China 5,470th 6,017th
Thu Ha Design Italy 5,471st 37,318th
yukidesigns Malta 5,472nd 155th
Perryhill Rustics United States 5,473rd 18,257th
goodaccessories 1 China 5,474th 11,181st
Rich Broke Btq United States 5,475th 34,858th
Stoneand Silver Gifts Canada 5,476th 30,081st
Coral Charm Boutique United States 5,477th 3,105th
Cork Country Cottage Bulgaria 5,478th 3,020th
Soul Sparks Philippines 5,479th 4,993rd
Miss Delaney Shop United States 5,480th 11,874th
Need A Needle United States 5,481st 9,121st
Fun Usual Suspects United States 5,482nd 43,808th
Pj Creations Studio Ukraine 5,483rd 13,582nd
blue 510 United States 5,484th 4,237th
Chic Choc Perles Canada 5,485th 2,136th
Strawberry Scraps The Netherlands 5,486th 10,874th
Paper Finch Design United States 5,487th 4,771st
Embry Lab United States 5,488th 37,144th
Just Knot Wood United States 5,489th 39,342nd
gemsinvogue United States 5,490th 1,102nd
blackpersimmons United States 5,491st 2,751st
aquarius NATION United States 5,492nd 13,986th
nolafionnah United States 5,493rd 17,164th
Katy Tricot France 5,494th 7,200th
Vera La Lune United Kingdom 5,495th 20,966th
Quirky Shirty United Kingdom 5,496th 31,892nd
Alicecarolinesupply United Kingdom 5,497th 1,985th
Jens Vinyl Decals United States 5,498th 15,420th
Caribou Classics United States 5,499th 10,253rd
bvoe 668 United States 5,500th 3,264th
Livie HT Vsupplies United States 5,501st 14,246th
Embellished For Love United States 5,502nd 11,340th
Zeep Seeds China 5,503rd 12,656th
Ems Monograms And Gifts United States 5,504th 7,934th
Ink Obsession Designs United States 5,505th 5,628th
Pretentious Beer Glass United States 5,506th 6,794th
Polly Ester And Friends United States 5,507th 75,854th
tea AN Dtentacles United States 5,508th 6,793rd
Cocina Stina United States 5,509th 19,043rd
trendystitchdesigns United States 5,510th 410th
Omhd Japan Japan 5,511th 26,617th
Beadie Babiez Canada 5,512th 29,245th
The Nifty Studio United States 5,513th 4,415th
skullgardenshop United States 5,514th 17,150th
Siam Hill Tribes Thailand 5,580th 89,636th
Christmaskeeper United States 5,581st 11,745th
Esoteric Aromas United States 5,582nd 22,979th
Happy Mood Shop Poland 5,583rd 45,788th
Stark Raving Cat United States 5,584th 48,581st
Print Smitten United States 5,585th 3,749th
No Fuss Printable United States 5,586th 20,950th
Decoro Design United States 5,587th 10,143rd
In A Nutshell Studio United States 5,588th 53,540th
Julen Jewel Poland 5,589th 16,570th
Sugarmints Artstore Canada 5,590th 25,787th
MN Creative Designs United States 5,591st 7,883rd
paperconfettidotcom United States 5,592nd 10,100th
Absolut Supplies Singapore 5,593rd 1,696th
Magic Princess Whitney United States 5,594th 27,556th
paperdoveshop United States 5,595th 16,413th
Pizza Eaters United Kingdom 5,596th 15,259th
Inky Invite United States 5,597th 9,558th
Bean Town Burlap United States 5,598th 12,628th
House Hold Words United States 5,599th 456th
usaw United States 5,600th 2,678th
Oliver And May Australia 5,601st 9,378th
By Keira United States 5,681st 50,254th
Zuzus Crafts United Kingdom 5,682nd 9,365th
giaty United States 5,683rd 9,389th
Modern Momma Handmade United States 5,684th 4,629th
Party By Drake United States 5,685th 8,387th
Silks 4u Australia 5,686th 56,734th
Townsend Custom Gifts United States 5,687th 5,279th
Xsotica United States 5,688th 8,095th
Kriya Design United States 5,781st 3,100th
Rad Patterns United States 5,782nd 51,503rd
Just Be Boho Collective United Kingdom 5,783rd 39,262nd
Stamped With Passion United States 5,784th 1,820th
G Gselections United States 5,785th 7,624th
Animal Junkie Clothing United States 5,786th 90,301st
Forever Heart Prints United States 5,787th 4,799th
blue Jboutique 7 United States 5,788th 3,798th
Sweet Escape Bracelets United States 5,789th 31,868th
Herbolution United States 5,790th 1,904th
Gem Lights United States 5,791st 6,280th
Digital Design Cuts United States 5,792nd 87,186th
The Digital Chick United States 5,793rd 3,331st
patternsoftime United States 5,794th 5,221st
Life Concerto United States 5,795th 1,075th
The Salty Hut United States 5,796th 28,883rd
Milan Sign Supply Bulgaria 5,797th 9,737th
sewingwithme 3 United States 5,798th 4,536th
itsallsweet United States 5,799th 33,481st
The Kit Cart Designs United States 5,800th 39,649th

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