Anthology Candles

5,717 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

Anthology Candles is ranked among the TOP 500 Etsy sellers. The average price of all their products is $15. They are based in United States.

Last month sales data shows, that Anthology Candles is listed in the 374th place out of Etsy.

Most seller products belong to Home & Living categories. Browse Anthology Candles categories.

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Anthology Candles Reviews

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It smells like I am at Disneyland which is exactly what we always want :) thank you so much! Cant wait to order more.

4 years ago

The smell is a bit strong and kind of like perfume. It's not exactly what I was thinking Soarin' would smell like...but it's nice.

4 years ago

Gave this as a gift, but it smelled amazing!

4 years ago

It's an "odd" smell, but I love it! I can definitely see how it resembles the mustiness of The Haunted Mansion!

4 years ago