Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
ndzperformance United States 601st 629th 509th 773rd
goodwillnne-ebooks United States 602nd 564th 533rd 815th
medicalproductsdepot United States 603rd 486th 436th 375th
uneeksupply United States 604th 512th 537th 192nd
mymagicstick China 605th 537th 894th 12,964th
luzh2012 China 606th 414th 970th 13,654th
oforia-deals China 607th 947th 1,293rd 9,161st
more-choices Hong Kong 608th 4,119th 8,759th 81,565th
best_deal_today United States 609th 999th 1,374th 595th
trailblazer001*2009 China 610th 581st 625th 399th
asrm10 Latvia 611th 458th 469th 22,952nd
grandmagrabe United States 612th 1,017th 791st 3,551st
beautyzone2007 United States 613th 411th 326th 241st
onebigoutlet United States 614th 762nd 726th 581st
2-53610 China 615th 543rd 549th 8,320th
photodeals United States 616th 1,015th 723rd 2,213th
sabbashop Canada 617th 834th 873rd 392nd
my-best-source United States 618th 585th 646th 1,597th
accmonster Hong Kong 619th 695th 746th 27th
runber2012 China 620th 881st 689th 578th
k2motor United States 621st 595th 510th 202nd
golden.supplier China 622nd 438th 244th 517th
nice_craft China 623rd 636th 745th 3,518th
stanzinoinc United States 624th 3,344th 5,031st 2,399th
huizheng1029 China 625th 318th 301st 7,033rd
caelectronics8 China 626th 1,214th 2,581st 33,265th
wholesale_connection United States 627th 1,066th 1,311th 8,092nd
eshop0909 China 628th 476th 579th 1,939th
sledpartsguy United States 629th 787th 763rd 182nd
portportal United States 630th 587th 481st 273rd
ramu0525 Japan 631st 1,013th 1,627th 56,076th
modulefans China 632nd 599th 834th 12,085th
pinehurstcoins United States 633rd 1,307th 1,453rd 3,165th
ussite13 China 634th 432nd 245th 1,808th
worxgt United States 635th 423rd 474th 886th
bigfishbuddy United States 636th 944th 1,010th 2,103rd
moneysaving4you China 637th 796th 1,013th 3,418th
abc-jewelry-co China 638th 323rd 415th 3,110th
cpthreego China 639th 498th 1,376th 16,195th
a4c United States 640th 431st 259th 42nd
danbock United States 641st 320th 254th 279th
worldincensestore United States 642nd 767th 866th 2,066th
ecomelectronics United States 643rd 496th 472nd 403rd
durapowers United States 644th 1,109th 1,040th 1,145th
ebags United States 645th 931st 979th 487th
wisconsinhd United States 646th 776th 648th 1,925th
p.etcetra United States 647th 883rd 1,145th 10,365th
1987.melody China 648th 190th 142nd 764th
thedeallink United States 649th 5,267th 10,962nd 78,092nd
silicon_electronic United States 650th 674th 787th 329th
untappedgames United States 651st 539th 582nd 2,398th United States 652nd 1,010th 1,246th 4,031st
a-to-z-optics United States 653rd 775th 888th 2,073rd
madcheetah United States 654th 622nd 687th 2,484th
opt7-lighting United States 655th 770th 758th 1,777th
leyao888 China 656th 3,644th 8,568th 133,493rd
silver_organisation India 657th 3,478th 790th 8,421st
pfootballpete4dhx United States 658th 894th 854th 1,161st
jennysun2010 China 659th 378th 298th 969th
midwestservicecloseouts United States 660th 1,212th 1,468th 2,431st
happyeasybuy01 China 661st 1,111th 1,613th 4,964th
dahengteam China 662nd 1,199th 1,744th 3,704th
fourpairteledata United States 663rd 801st 664th 380th
tora-books Japan 664th 575th 609th 14,807th
lacn147 China 665th 660th 892nd 12,983rd
theprunedanish United States 666th 1,243rd 981st 537th
trailthis United States 667th 361st 344th 630th
friendshops852 China 668th 863rd 993rd 277th
jewelynew*2008 China 669th 594th 720th 1,509th
americangeneralsuperstore United States 670th 986th 1,232nd 2,298th
arris-tech United States 671st 1,375th 3,493rd 39,201st
theboxery United States 672nd 827th 837th 5,668th
love-shopping2013 China 673rd 445th 437th 3,305th
fourstar168 China 674th 1,470th 1,404th 4,521st
luckyauction2011 China 675th 565th 675th 262nd
sweetsale07 China 676th 1,043rd 1,582nd 13,355th
bhn_supply United States 677th 1,081st 980th 1,475th
sunrise21cnyrd China 678th 672nd 603rd 1,732nd
riesigesangebot United States 679th 533rd 500th 1,044th
happyeasybuy03 China 680th 908th 1,051st 5,485th
domecool China 681st 652nd 817th 5,134th
bigboydsportscards3 United States 682nd 641st 513th 315th
pmvision United States 683rd 591st 589th 1,844th
apparelzoo United States 684th 1,173rd 1,465th 2,927th
alltechwholesale United States 685th 494th 788th 365th
mary-diy China 686th 802nd 741st 1,666th
trade_winds_corp United States 687th 513th 643rd 2,550th
yigounet China 688th 561st 562nd 747th
jetstools United States 689th 708th 635th 788th
old-english-silver United States 690th 754th 637th 2,003rd
bidallies United States 691st 596th 342nd 382nd
bradsundoctor United States 692nd 1,663rd 3,081st 28,633rd
victoryduanshop China 693rd 158th 87th 106th
brainytrade United States 694th 740th 796th 1,567th
hottestdealever United States 695th 503rd 373rd 103rd
feng1970 China 696th 359th 226th 4,603rd
sweetwatersound United States 697th 734th 757th 603rd
boss7321 China 698th 345th 325th 2,771st
chelery04 United States 699th 611th 682nd 1,591st
beststore.ty China 700th 790th 909th 2,863rd

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