Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
smallfamiliar2701 United States 501st 452nd 517th 5,819th
accecity2006 China 502nd 483rd 742nd 1,064th
musiciansfriend United States 503rd 791st 374th 461st
rhinousa United States 504th 717th 1,344th 9,586th
cbincnm China 505th 487th 446th 2,541st
wind-in-summer China 506th 1,044th 1,227th 2,779th
universalgadgets01 United Kingdom 507th 269th 114th 7th
bicwarehouse_au United States 508th 439th 633rd 4,811th
topsaleslily China 509th 687th 945th 4,546th
phoneacc888 China 510th 525th 574th 3,204th
more-items Hong Kong 511th 1,373rd 2,388th 18,567th
justinyrd China 512th 324th 401st 534th
planet_wireless United States 513th 424th 324th 250th
orderselect United States 514th 484th 460th 2,808th
bgoffer China 515th 666th 760th 5,868th
2012-boutique China 516th 308th 232nd 679th
e-fashion365 China 517th 519th 714th 3,845th
etailzinc United States 518th 1,408th 1,737th 7,700th
szshop5810 China 519th 678th 885th 7,646th
hi-etech United States 520th 396th 319th 20th
simitter01 China 521st 644th 852nd 3,330th
homme-fashion501 China 522nd 808th 956th 1,646th
leoshop-us United States 523rd 849th 900th 3,256th
kunjiadaren China 524th 358th 257th 1,536th
nobleknightgames United States 525th 398th 381st 1,445th
cbenken2012 China 526th 441st 354th 2,407th
frentaly United States 527th 491st 465th 2,161st
vinyl.garage.japon Japan 528th 442nd 332nd 2,461st
jockeystore United States 529th 665th 658th 511th
cargolargo United States 530th 663rd 611th 199th
huangjian1992 China 531st 569th 822nd 6,805th
pens_n_more United States 532nd 502nd 502nd 227th
mylike168 China 533rd 765th 1,231st 6,648th
shoptongs China 534th 1,122nd 2,423rd 27,404th
topboa China 535th 518th 698th 3,249th
retro2heritage United States 536th 1,087th 1,583rd 2,361st
goodwill_industries_of_san_francisco United States 537th 711th 1,048th 797th
woodburyoutfitters United States 538th 613th 871st 2,177th
wfh1990 United States 539th 1,052nd 1,240th 14,227th
plugplayers China 540th 1,828th 4,229th 17,342nd
prosonhua China 541st 454th 447th 2,811th
syllablegrow China 542nd 305th 312th 2,340th
mathers0125 China 543rd 655th 695th 14,824th
newfh28 China 544th 994th 1,535th 5,930th
lotsgoods88 China 545th 435th 341st 171st
lilyyangstore China 546th 219th 146th 68th
ggiezgg United States 547th 554th 501st 344th
lunaparts United States 548th 499th 616th 1,854th
xpressionmobile United States 549th 851st 823rd 2,490th
goodwillbks United States 550th 461st 395th 125th
heroneo2012 China 551st 342nd 300th 2,877th
usa_kcshop United States 552nd 718th 673rd 2,126th
sportsoe Singapore 553rd 943rd 985th 4,518th
megoshop2012 Singapore 554th 553rd 439th 670th
tim-hpx China 555th 1,782nd 2,493rd 10,661st
digitalaccessoriesstore China 556th 460th 346th 378th
1to3shop-store United States 557th 673rd 850th 234th
pbyourlifestyle China 558th 159th 175th 2,093rd
*pitbullaudio* United States 559th 508th 516th 974th
boniskisscom United States 560th 896th 1,108th 5,909th
bravotac United States 561st 750th 1,248th 1,301st
theroostsports United States 562nd 780th 838th 7,440th
2bros788 United States 563rd 327th 478th 7,341st
marvelguy60 United States 564th 633rd 733rd 9,220th
columbiasportscard United States 565th 647th 558th 613th
ttmallzone365 China 566th 374th 310th 551st
betterstore2011 China 567th 538th 728th 3,042nd
liberty.coin United States 568th 779th 840th 1,882nd
nicedongniceling China 569th 728th 1,269th 32,339th
worldchips China 570th 457th 518th 2,289th
fitking United States 571st 643rd 755th 531st
lxiangs82cnbn China 572nd 735th 1,006th 14,706th
ilovesister China 573rd 516th 877th 6,825th
sharkteeth_a China 574th 459th 668th 3,528th
2011accecity China 575th 449th 735th 1,836th
crocsoutlet United States 576th 725th 492nd 2,152nd
waddlebooks United States 577th 297th 402nd 3,858th
zhangbaobao2013 China 578th 719th 899th 4,456th
2011io000oi China 579th 873rd 1,250th 2,311th
ienjoyhome United States 580th 748th 812th 3,349th
autodayplus China 581st 998th 1,356th 12,365th
satisfyelectronics China 582nd 428th 304th 1,181st
worth-buy United States 583rd 724th 684th 1,588th
discountbodyparts United States 584th 471st 384th 305th
new-sealed United States 585th 1,378th 2,186th 6,360th
sharpprices United States 586th 1,511th 2,995th 30,659th
keep-going11 Singapore 587th 701st 1,954th 24,085th
hualiisland China 588th 392nd 547th 928th
big_river_books United States 589th 654th 605th 275th
laptopz-outlet United States 590th 816th 828th 39th
mobilepros1 United States 591st 620th 721st 1,012th
jacobsparts United States 592nd 668th 662nd 452nd
foliefrog-us China 593rd 649th 930th 6,587th
b2company China 594th 456th 352nd 558th
mayunstore Singapore 595th 832nd 443rd 5,470th
red*green*blue Singapore 596th 872nd 2,033rd 3,326th
siriussportsauctions United States 597th 437th 432nd 1,278th
discounttiredirect United States 598th 371st 343rd 293rd
mvpmart United States 599th 681st 302nd 1,254th
dingdangcutecat Malaysia 600th 1,233rd 3,202nd 39,672nd

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