Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
munc_robe United States 522,731st 530,445th 45,998th 293,077th
stamps_ritchy Belgium 523,000th 53,344th 31,906th 105,328th
james_2528 Thailand 523,140th 25,089th 14,467th 334,983rd
jgparts1122 Hong Kong 523,218th 453,212th 43,334th 130,391st
misterterryaki United States 523,387th 413,733rd 41,983rd 335,509th
eleganceshop2015 Bulgaria 523,573rd 7,150th 6,945th 82,446th
wordman72 United States 523,762nd 55,702nd 48,018th 244,029th
beautifulamanda China 523,879th 530,880th 9,163rd 45,867th
nobetterdeal United States 523,936th 530,904th 8,211th 29,839th
callhms United States 523,946th 43,899th 28,462nd 80,933rd
classicmoviesandcliffhangers United States 523,953rd 42,936th 23,938th 43,662nd
serpentcitycc United States 523,976th 43,384th 32,429th 69,808th
onlinedirectinc United States 523,997th 177,194th 42,100th 117,530th
brendaherr74 United States 524,021st 41,564th 35,879th 226,199th
thedancingpeanut United States 524,101st 7,683rd 6,456th 10,024th
alvus-aa3lvy United States 524,103rd 13,602nd 20,151st 143,113th
aoldfriend China 524,375th 329,932nd 39,865th 236,897th
macrandy1 United States 524,448th 306,913th 39,501st 25,003rd
anartdirect China 524,449th 26,288th 21,671st 40,805th
megastarent United States 524,450th 160,171st 24,815th 20,853rd
newapple15 United States 524,461st 77,257th 26,781st 74,616th
toysvaultstore United States 525,270th 19,877th 1,879th 18,003rd
afelstan2016 United States 525,307th 531,472nd 40,694th 248,696th
racing_guys United States 525,334th 531,482nd 19,043rd 519th
greengadgets United States 525,726th 31,778th 8,926th 3,942nd
wellpanda-usa Israel 525,772nd 173,986th 42,916th 225,874th
gutzyrus United States 526,273rd 69,448th 32,565th 163,522nd
join-luxury-jewelry Thailand 526,371st 43,387th 32,853rd 40,969th
sanyi728 China 526,458th 223,721st 30,467th 159,945th
babayone China 526,736th 249,472nd 46,313th 145,337th
jmsainc United States 526,856th 57,981st 27,252nd 131,623rd
phantasmgaming United States 527,111th 532,227th 44,489th 9,817th
easysaledallas United States 527,200th 79,408th 17,770th 5,310th
home-kingdom China 527,281st 3,567th 4,668th 49,696th
medi_madn United States 527,373rd 532,342nd 39,741st 63,512th
55bigrctk United States 527,428th 121,252nd 42,917th 32,745th
eastcoastgiftsnmore United States 527,497th 17,486th 8,709th 11,267th
bigbigbargain Hong Kong 527,538th 532,402nd 16,875th 1,861st
online_sales_depot United States 527,590th 24,166th 11,274th 94,940th
777armi Latvia 527,667th 10,026th 14,248th 252,002nd
shalimar_gemstones India 527,686th 401,601st 42,246th 346,397th
hawlk23 United States 527,855th 532,530th 44,906th 211,405th
appliancepartdoctorllc United States 527,856th 24,229th 29,090th 21,465th
digigallery Hong Kong 527,870th 104,767th 44,051st 4,742nd
bigbighornet China 527,991st 136,498th 42,837th 241,650th
netshopus2 United States 528,321st 427,827th 29,148th 6,504th
the_prairie_dog Canada 528,366th 281,845th 28,483rd 51,036th
advantagemarine United States 528,425th 532,743rd 11,400th 5,399th
nobledealsus United States 528,641st 532,830th 25,966th 84,952nd
fourboys1975 United States 528,830th 151,495th 40,301st 40,345th
sportswearsfinest United States 528,836th 160,195th 47,181st 33,423rd
vvbgcoinc United States 529,482nd 70,963rd 47,456th 137,072nd
kelouenterprises United States 529,499th 66,736th 49,642nd 246,982nd
12icebreaker China 529,500th 533,177th 46,359th 13,325th
tic_tuning United States 529,553rd 533,194th 19,832nd 2,300th
electro_deals1 United States 529,635th 20,086th 8,090th 5,808th
dan8207 United States 529,772nd 533,286th 11,799th 61,841st
authentic_electric_clouds United States 529,883rd 289,901st 40,227th 226,088th
richapparels United States 530,147th 31,779th 46,856th 260,733rd
eshineltd2000 China 530,322nd 55,319th 37,968th 53,223rd
shop4allmall2010 Israel 530,336th 202,372nd 43,568th 193,963rd
jone0473-hiatfi United States 530,510th 533,617th 39,868th 235,438th
mskpinc United States 530,783rd 15,422nd 20,139th 162,250th
directliquidation14 United States 530,799th 385,109th 26,796th 114,146th China 530,983rd 88,411th 40,505th 41,359th
lbowers224 United States 531,071st 165,961st 49,982nd 201,437th
deluxeretail United States 531,314th 29,490th 8,179th 32,823rd
digiaccdeals United States 531,323rd 52,435th 18,428th 7,963rd
southwestgamesonline United States 531,338th 78,648th 29,793rd 205,519th
sezy United States 531,424th 182,958th 49,310th 54,556th
tuningimport United States 531,624th 534,095th 17,271st 3,257th
bxmc4700 China 531,801st 19,903rd 32,183rd 196,278th
trad_sunn United States 531,807th 51,670th 49,205th 229,200th
eckotoolsupplyinc United States 531,866th 147,557th 34,194th 30,558th
lulus8 United States 532,448th 281,915th 18,859th 329,252nd
vintagewatchesclub India 533,085th 534,676th 13,107th 535,244th
dealsusteal2 United States 533,236th 46,943rd 15,307th 62,879th
2dayshipper United States 533,437th 91,784th 46,650th 146,267th
theoriginalantiqueboutique United States 533,603rd 361,393rd 34,321st 42,998th
sell2globe Singapore 533,994th 23,334th 14,643rd 89,477th
ada_mor United States 534,165th 4,579th 7,779th 55,718th
crob8833 United States 534,237th 535,152nd 37,906th 198,682nd
amazingprice_cxa China 534,251st 535,158th 31,832nd 106,644th
foreverson United States 534,296th 295,568th 18,906th 6,860th
best-computer-part-store United States 534,310th 77,490th 14,410th 1,137th
photography-whole China 534,413th 92,423rd 31,661st 24,784th
actionkl United States 534,758th 102,702nd 22,839th 1,307th
below-retail United States 534,792nd 25,110th 12,326th 43,526th
atmotek United States 534,812th 535,391st 42,404th 17,493rd
katanaswords United States 534,926th 481,587th 5,122nd 2,433rd
heroes-and-conspiracies United States 535,083rd 44,147th 44,162nd 186,488th
bargainbelow United States 535,102nd 245,572nd 28,186th 171,834th
z.r-place Israel 535,263rd 326,715th 44,333rd 197,437th
bgs_products United States 535,375th 24,946th 23,329th 105,410th
super-deals2008 Israel 535,445th 137,256th 39,186th 210,110th
silver_blossom United States 535,670th 91,792nd 40,873rd 64,366th
inwoodcoin United States 535,712th 535,754th 21,351st 10,375th
wbjworld Canada 535,748th 481,693rd 45,230th 151,417th

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