Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
city-green Hong Kong 301st 316th 308th 117th
tonsee China 302nd 406th 905th 1,127th
eawakening Malaysia 303rd 86th 56th 619th
ocean-beach China 304th 283rd 488th 2,961st
eboxoon China 305th 263rd 287th 4,550th
cnbirdsfly China 306th 243rd 490th 623rd
cellularworldus United States 307th 230th 237th 1,151st
perrysmart United States 308th 363rd 303rd 856th
4_sharp_corners United States 309th 284th 221st 497th
wf-medical United States 310th 312th 351st 851st
bookoutlet_store United States 311th 640th 1,832nd 674th
401-tech United States 312th 642nd 881st 5,330th
edabukletbyadshoez United States 313th 600th 711th 5,462nd
myw-tech United States 314th 325th 280th 77th
champions_on_display United States 315th 940th 1,322nd 513th
beadofamerica United States 316th 173rd 169th 151st
dt_moto United States 317th 351st 380th 436th
audiosavings United States 318th 340th 277th 98th
soundcitybeaches Canada 319th 464th 273rd 37th United States 320th 685th 961st 1,820th
sexysparkles1 United States 321st 403rd 626th 4,207th
globalhotsale United States 322nd 365th 372nd 1,633rd
silverspeck United States 323rd 1,106th 810th 327th
autosaver88 United States 324th 306th 350th 1,442nd
lxc26888 China 325th 172nd 103rd 753rd
inalliance0009 China 326th 241st 202nd 1,848th
rockingspace United States 327th 355th 288th 1,501st
bigdeals United States 328th 395th 368th 283rd
zkarlo United States 329th 693rd 651st 228th
onfine2009 China 330th 427th 543rd 1,192nd
good-jewelry8 China 331st 470th 557th 1,936th
forzasports United States 332nd 304th 314th 210th
filafactory United States 333rd 462nd 499th 1,438th
sixityauto United States 334th 360th 390th 1,709th
sshht China 335th 307th 407th 2,835th
inkcredibleprinting United States 336th 854th 693rd 67th
mxqtech China 337th 182nd 131st 32nd
onekiss*1990 China 338th 175th 173rd 1,375th
etoys United States 339th 1,590th 2,847th 7,786th
cables_parts United States 340th 303rd 316th 70th
fansedge United States 341st 524th 995th 1,426th
kczewu China 342nd 420th 546th 4,415th
directimports1899 United States 343rd 162nd 379th 4,276th
buyspry United States 344th 1,244th 1,685th 1,220th
krukcards United States 345th 835th 739th 437th
goodtops165 China 346th 193rd 165th 1,176th
jandpcollectibles United States 347th 1,487th 2,652nd 694th
multi-function1002 China 348th 430th 305th 108th
chayatech United States 349th 225th 170th 172nd
i_cell_you United States 350th 463rd 418th 893rd
barnesandnobleinc United States 351st 479th 489th 435th
antiquechina2009 China 352nd 408th 454th 316th
tablet-express Hong Kong 353rd 446th 610th 2,076th
detroitaxle United States 354th 332nd 295th 464th
2013azai8484 China 355th 344th 387th 2,274th
pep_boys United States 356th 495th 781st 4,644th
bulesky_999 China 357th 191st 220th 656th
goodplace2shop United States 358th 409th 397th 272nd
sydney3407 United States 359th 1,061st 2,299th 21,531st
7color7 China 360th 330th 586th 6,095th
georgiatowels United States 361st 317th 331st 774th
eritronic United States 362nd 474th 615th 226th
single2000 China 363rd 256th 262nd 82nd
gooutdoorgear United States 364th 447th 527th 4,163rd
first2checkered United States 365th 443rd 419th 749th
happydeal688 China 366th 366th 588th 5,106th
valuebuybattery United States 367th 279th 123rd 47th
cici-go China 368th 328th 457th 2,521st
siyaowang2014 China 369th 532nd 824th 5,172nd
extreemtactical United States 370th 763rd 869th 9,310th
martinsautoparts United States 371st 336th 361st 693rd
areatrend United States 372nd 1,080th 1,363rd 4,396th
customautocrews United States 373rd 346th 365th 2,149th
gc_supermarket China 374th 274th 198th 712th
home-garden-and-beyond1 Israel 375th 761st 1,584th 16,467th
vip9029 China 376th 370th 596th 2,376th
adoramacamera United States 377th 507th 348th 147th
keylife China 378th 348th 299th 1,132nd
2010butterfly001 China 379th 413th 477th 809th
neogames United States 380th 818th 701st 681st
homeofficefurnituregym United States 381st 1,900th 4,382nd 34,060th
dohairx China 382nd 335th 261st 731st
wonderfulbuying36588 China 383rd 534th 638th 1,270th
more-things Hong Kong 384th 380th 544th 678th
koyota-up China 385th 425th 731st 8,730th
discountdooku United States 386th 356th 514th 13,083rd
unitedoutdoors United States 387th 364th 367th 93rd
1-perfumes United States 388th 769th 704th 597th
yamatoku-classic Japan 389th 276th 268th 1,533rd
sjbcable United States 390th 500th 751st 451st
cici10086 China 391st 451st 1,046th 7,681st
alltopbargains United States 392nd 394th 338th 379th
jegsperformance United States 393rd 310th 269th 164th
promax_supply United States 394th 326th 696th 2,372nd
honglhk2014 China 395th 268th 471st 4,621st
macvanderstein United States 396th 527th 570th 1,368th
campingsurvivals Hong Kong 397th 1,315th 1,591st 844th
huanjhuan China 398th 387th 634th 9,938th
hotsalesu United States 399th 1,406th 3,610th 34,373rd
accessories112 United States 400th 1,912th 3,450th 8,508th

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