Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay USA sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
historymj China 101st 68th 58th 284th
fulllove365 Malaysia 102nd 51st 29th 215th
rubiomagic United States 103rd 95th 115th 489th
fashion_key China 104th 112th 156th 902nd
lightfoot41 United States 105th 97th 96th 607th
unlimitedwares United States 106th 168th 201st 214th
luckapen Thailand 107th 79th 46th 756th
silver-arch-books United States 108th 120th 227th 2,959th
tomtop.wholesaler China 109th 100th 97th 89th
retailfashionoutlet United States 110th 85th 47th 201st
lovecc1020 Thailand 111th 101st 71st 946th
verabradley United States 112th 122nd 141st 983rd
bead-007 China 113th 107th 120th 627th
best4noone China 114th 134th 215th 3,752nd
zavko-inc United States 115th 155th 265th 484th
kwotop2014 China 116th 93rd 84th 819th
careforyou123 China 117th 261st 284th 198th
snakewang2005 China 118th 116th 151st 131st
linda*s***stuff United States 119th 118th 122nd 58th
bessky_store China 120th 83rd 95th 634th
overstock United States 121st 146th 155th 149th
kllmin China 122nd 293rd 575th 2,822nd
windows-7777 China 123rd 161st 252nd 2,018th
wonderbooks United States 124th 129th 129th 177th
homesale_estore China 125th 90th 61st 111th
greatbrands United States 126th 119th 121st 127th
shoppingmadeeasy2 Australia 127th 333rd 1,000th 13,147th
deals*local United States 128th 254th 710th 8,333rd
nystamps United States 129th 121st 125th 471st
wearesurewin China 130th 73rd 85th 310th
blinq United States 131st 206th 172nd 222nd
rainway87 China 132nd 170th 235th 1,229th
pwcc_auctions United States 133rd 147th 188th 1,611th
asicsamerica United States 134th 204th 191st 2,498th
auaut China 135th 275th 334th 2,773rd
lukiegames United States 136th 224th 241st 126th
euroup China 137th 343rd 571st 3,192nd
eddiestore2008 China 138th 88th 86th 148th
factorydirectsale China 139th 115th 102nd 230th
casedazzle United States 140th 176th 248th 1,593rd
wyq201111 China 141st 481st 1,194th 2,900th
funnykfc China 142nd 106th 89th 820th
best2shop15 Thailand 143rd 209th 149th 1,802nd
supremesolution United States 144th 223rd 275th 386th
fashionwomensale China 145th 131st 38th 394th
sixseven4891 Canada 146th 177th 329th 4,188th
huasharenmin2013 China 147th 145th 128th 767th
tavses China 148th 87th 74th 334th
yourpartsdirect13 United States 149th 143rd 145th 92nd
buydig United States 150th 258th 210th 141st
kyknives United States 151st 151st 157th 137th
warehouse87 China 152nd 128th 150th 892nd
czb6721960 China 153rd 150th 181st 504th
lilyann76 United States 154th 154th 135th 430th
departmentclearance United States 155th 426th 797th 6,438th
cpo-outlets United States 156th 252nd 272nd 338th
luckiness87 China 157th 113th 94th 217th
allwinshop Malaysia 158th 187th 136th 1,032nd
passage2012 China 159th 132nd 111th 672nd
primechoiceautoparts Canada 160th 81st 62nd 72nd
apmex United States 161st 313th 200th 219th
best4choose China 162nd 133rd 124th 580th
bead-wholesale China 163rd 157th 204th 203rd
lyolawire Canada 164th 291st 320th 4,052nd
tshirthoarders United States 165th 210th 218th 352nd
jewelry-sale China 166th 108th 92nd 339th
karensbarn United States 167th 149th 139th 921st
quality-choice United States 168th 126th 281st 3,375th
fullness99 China 169th 180th 203rd 1,189th
power_hobby United States 170th 185th 140th 176th
starlinkone United States 171st 166th 134th 119th
vovotrade China 172nd 156th 180th 719th
trollandtoadstore United States 173rd 218th 223rd 110th
finding-wholesale88 China 174th 289th 360th 383rd
emilyandlily United States 175th 184th 161st 18th
caltric United States 176th 123rd 133rd 224th
jewelry-work China 177th 186th 222nd 868th
1111deals United States 178th 233rd 240th 298th
zanzea_trend China 179th 874th 946th 1,499th
wowpartspro United States 180th 245th 330th 333rd
topwardrobe2014 China 181st 178th 212th 3,440th
gudongtoy China 182nd 720th 1,522nd 17,638th
prestigeclearinghouse United States 183rd 142nd 208th 1,491st
babastoreong Singapore 184th 137th 93rd 1,813th
maxwarehouse_com United States 185th 231st 406th 5,101st
electronicsfrom2006 China 186th 171st 194th 107th
hqteam China 187th 196th 376th 5,807th
ebestshop4u United States 188th 466th 591st 189th
beautyeeshop China 189th 264th 393rd 6,313th
nationwidedistributorgroup United States 190th 267th 340th 3,280th
moviemars-books United States 191st 235th 164th 79th
bigheartedbooks United States 192nd 510th 1,315th 3,577th
bestmediacollection United States 193rd 799th 1,596th 3,569th
altatac United States 194th 350th 476th 57th
buyinsoonhua China 195th 167th 197th 1,143rd
princessdress08 China 196th 141st 143rd 104th
8season-gift China 197th 138th 130th 145th
squaretradeus United States 198th 706th 1,071st 514th
1967dew United States 199th 506th 629th 5,769th
myofficeinnovations United States 200th 222nd 309th 963rd

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