eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
sublican España 8,501st 4,845th 4,416th 1,222nd
importforestal España 8,502nd 6,847th 7,356th 7,664th
salsadecorations España 8,503rd 8,550th 8,565th 8,567th
jurassic-dreams*com España 8,504th 4,511th 3,919th 5,702nd
myhomyhome España 8,505th 8,551st 8,566th 8,568th
tuttoline España 8,506th 8,552nd 8,567th 8,569th
supermundo2016 España 8,507th 5,819th 5,462nd 6,634th
granatumplus España 8,508th 8,553rd 8,568th 8,570th
josearena85 España 8,509th 8,554th 2,889th 5,075th
dragonzmartialarts España 8,510th 8,555th 8,569th 8,571st
daviolmed0 España 8,511th 4,454th 5,299th 6,293rd
cosenosl España 8,512th 8,556th 8,570th 8,572nd
foto_joven España 8,513th 8,557th 8,571st 8,573rd
royal-media-shop España 8,514th 6,848th 6,496th 6,636th
asgoodasnew-outlet-es Alemania 8,515th 8,558th 8,572nd 2,091st
mycoolcase España 8,516th 8,559th 8,573rd 8,574th
tdtienda España 8,517th 8,560th 8,574th 8,575th
mueblesidecoracion España 8,518th 8,561st 8,575th 8,576th
mermelada892010 España 8,519th 8,562nd 8,576th 6,933rd
globalplac España 8,520th 8,563rd 8,577th 8,577th
pedrosegrelles China 8,521st 6,849th 7,357th 6,196th
esrober.1does España 8,522nd 5,204th 5,497th 6,214th
soutelana España 8,523rd 5,421st 5,888th 6,394th
cuatrocaminos77 España 8,524th 8,564th 8,578th 1,044th
hoyfitness España 8,525th 4,197th 3,540th 4,495th
thor6999 España 8,526th 3,622nd 1,791st 2,261st
patilandiaheelys España 8,527th 8,565th 7,358th 7,665th
fantasiaypasion España 8,528th 8,566th 4,658th 5,941st
ct_hobbies España 8,529th 5,657th 3,813th 4,393rd
perfumesideal España 8,530th 5,307th 6,221st 6,934th
inkprime_consumibles España 8,531st 8,567th 8,579th 8,578th
dazherbox16 España 8,532nd 8,568th 8,580th 8,579th
mercerongames España 8,533rd 8,569th 8,581st 6,433rd
tiendanimal España 8,534th 8,570th 8,582nd 1,263rd
eltrasterodecastro España 8,535th 6,850th 5,828th 5,130th
secondchancedesde1974 España 8,536th 6,449th 7,068th 7,447th
buffonin Reino Unido 8,537th 3,623rd 4,609th 4,203rd
mecmec14 España 8,538th 8,571st 8,583rd 8,580th
dacuru74 España 8,539th 5,097th 3,753rd 2,919th
figurasreligiosas España 8,540th 5,658th 6,145th 6,837th
urkibike España 8,541st 5,308th 5,404th 1,045th
erisineurope España 8,542nd 4,560th 4,188th 5,490th
tiendamercainformatica España 8,543rd 8,572nd 5,300th 6,518th
carto-graphica España 8,544th 8,573rd 4,723rd 2,184th
maxcolchon España 8,545th 8,574th 8,584th 8,581st
rollersmadrid España 8,546th 8,575th 8,585th 5,671st
refurmovil España 8,547th 8,576th 7,069th 7,666th
psn4gamers España 8,548th 5,660th 5,344th 6,434th
sportmusicmadrid España 8,549th 8,577th 8,586th 8,582nd
planetajuguetes España 8,550th 8,578th 8,587th 8,583rd
oliverwebershop España 8,551st 8,579th 8,588th 8,584th
alzitricola2210 España 8,552nd 8,580th 8,589th 8,585th
javiamat China 8,553rd 8,581st 7,359th 6,935th
bazarshop.esp España 8,554th 8,582nd 3,562nd 2,495th
jcb_antiquary Argentina 8,555th 8,583rd 8,590th 6,520th
bsrtrainingtest-es España 8,556th 6,851st 7,070th 6,637th
mascotasatlantis España 8,557th 5,994th 4,047th 3,543rd
tuvidaconsalud España 8,558th 8,584th 8,591st 4,197th
andorraqshop España 8,559th 8,585th 8,592nd 8,586th
drracingcat España 8,560th 5,995th 5,944th 5,567th
materialpolicialmtp España 8,561st 8,586th 8,593rd 7,002nd
modaymarcas2016 España 8,562nd 8,587th 8,594th 8,587th
muebleslatoskanaonline España 8,563rd 8,588th 8,595th 8,588th
thewatchpointcorner España 8,564th 8,589th 8,596th 1,692nd
ds_luxury_eyewear España 8,565th 8,590th 8,597th 3,922nd
duvetopia España 8,566th 6,852nd 7,360th 7,667th
kinofan España 8,567th 8,591st 8,598th 8,589th
cervezalandia España 8,568th 8,592nd 8,599th 8,590th
isancesportline España 8,569th 8,593rd 8,600th 8,591st
sport_racing_corporation España 8,570th 8,594th 7,071st 6,130th
echoiceshop China 8,571st 2,523rd 3,719th 6,936th
xisclu China 8,572nd 8,595th 8,601st 6,937th
mibebe2016 España 8,573rd 8,596th 8,602nd 8,592nd
thieffry Francia 8,574th 8,597th 8,603rd 8,593rd
zascalo España 8,575th 8,598th 8,604th 8,594th
repuestosguadarramacom España 8,576th 5,545th 2,633rd 2,790th
hitao_hitao España 8,577th 8,599th 6,594th 5,868th
micandela España 8,578th 2,733rd 2,042nd 3,989th
mineralesflavio España 8,579th 8,600th 8,605th 5,119th
juliagm2012 España 8,580th 6,853rd 7,072nd 5,791st
suplementosnaturalesonline España 8,581st 8,601st 8,606th 8,595th
accmascotas_com España 8,582nd 6,854th 7,361st 7,668th
lydiaalcaraz China 8,583rd 8,602nd 7,362nd 6,323rd
livresrarescom España 8,584th 8,603rd 8,607th 8,596th
wnoir.tienda España 8,585th 8,604th 8,608th 8,597th
paradox-direct-esp Reino Unido 8,586th 5,821st 5,945th 5,703rd
mbrecambios España 8,587th 5,423rd 5,303rd 6,263rd
esrecycle España 8,588th 4,773rd 4,204th 4,698th
insecorrecicled España 8,589th 6,452nd 5,598th 4,987th
emil_sanc España 8,590th 6,855th 7,073rd 4,623rd
borjafotona España 8,591st 8,605th 8,609th 8,598th
filtroscartes España 8,592nd 8,606th 8,610th 8,599th
tedeseosexshop España 8,593rd 8,607th 8,611th 8,600th
chevicent España 8,594th 8,608th 6,595th 3,564th
ebf2016 España 8,595th 6,191st 6,881st 7,336th
clubdeliberico España 8,596th 8,609th 8,612th 8,601st
mediamarktparets España 8,597th 8,610th 8,613th 8,602nd
alathashop4343 España 8,598th 8,611th 4,090th 1,212th
farmaciamarket2016 España 8,599th 8,612th 8,614th 8,603rd
utilcampo España 8,600th 8,613th 8,615th 7,670th

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