eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
dicas_mobile España 601st 263rd 196th 79th
phonerepairlazenia España 602nd 567th 568th 1,740th
fashion-reloj España 603rd 695th 530th 207th
ecar2343 España 604th 600th 625th 1,881st
licenciaswin España 605th 354th 468th 1,794th
big2store España 606th 887th 928th 780th
pandatechsl España 607th 1,247th 2,158th 4,085th
vendoled España 608th 553rd 589th 327th
jorg_alba España 609th 645th 644th 1,959th
super-precios España 610th 1,947th 3,071st 4,933rd
bedaweb España 611th 763rd 1,355th 2,354th
antonvic España 612th 523rd 356th 277th
envi0rapid0 Bulgaria 613th 948th 1,279th 3,114th
jewelsandmore2015 Países Bajos 614th 667th 420th 719th
maspharma España 615th 483rd 439th 251st
moda-estore China 616th 312th 261st 658th
imeimaxistore España 617th 1,902nd 3,007th 4,349th
informaticaocasion España 618th 903rd 866th 764th
flecha2011 España 619th 572nd 410th 467th
centrallibrera España 620th 757th 700th 1,076th
mas-de-lo-mismo España 621st 926th 974th 343rd
vagalume.shop España 622nd 848th 1,600th 367th
pampero_the_dog España 623rd 831st 993rd 2,163rd
santanapc España 624th 627th 609th 646th
muchoregalos España 625th 899th 681st 2,166th
bazar_tamara España 626th 886th 1,113th 1,230th
tinydealdirect Hong Kong 627th 155th 124th 25th
11main_us Hong Kong 628th 379th 242nd 454th
creacionesbonobo España 629th 481st 508th 1,534th
keyser1978 España 630th 2,235th 2,981st 3,029th
mundosumergido España 631st 530th 404th 472nd
ladymoon100 España 632nd 691st 666th 1,376th
masiphone España 633rd 928th 994th 2,669th
salvemgallecs España 634th 601st 362nd 449th
storelunastore España 635th 699th 721st 1,245th
elfain España 636th 1,184th 1,237th 1,653rd
extremtechnology2013 España 637th 350th 139th 187th
pobbo9987 China 638th 914th 1,715th 3,685th
ivinex España 639th 845th 955th 2,075th
gutsenumis España 640th 1,019th 1,033rd 1,069th
shopinglask España 641st 621st 490th 383rd
hayoes7 España 642nd 609th 862nd 2,323rd
dfvicenter España 643rd 977th 1,070th 317th
futursat-com España 644th 400th 422nd 109th
collectoys_online España 645th 1,155th 1,269th 1,672nd
todoboligrafos España 646th 587th 531st 298th
nerham España 647th 489th 524th 1,422nd
la_fabrica_de_los_regalos España 648th 434th 462nd 1,037th
nito001 España 649th 619th 630th 412th
soldadura07 España 650th 715th 697th 446th
sunislifeshop2 España 651st 448th 510th 1,648th
spain.shop España 652nd 620th 608th 622nd
l.anibal España 653rd 644th 631st 421st
zealdora China 654th 1,125th 1,977th 107th
comco.store España 655th 1,250th 1,833rd 3,399th
windtete85 España 656th 1,369th 1,042nd 2,930th
estilomilitar España 657th 674th 786th 1,349th
pagarpoquito España 658th 473rd 383rd 571st
diamondtechxxi España 659th 479th 769th 2,315th
jamieandche España 660th 632nd 613th 709th
antoniorrrr España 661st 646th 359th 634th
autokas España 662nd 626th 601st 1,084th
thinkinbeauty-shop España 663rd 799th 788th 982nd
magespe España 664th 890th 946th 213th
lemon-urban España 665th 413th 306th 476th
1bytelectro España 666th 366th 270th 75th
cromos.de.futbol España 667th 865th 1,166th 2,618th
plisplasclick España 668th 1,347th 2,319th 787th
ortopedia-natura España 669th 624th 541st 569th
geek-sticker España 670th 874th 917th 2,467th
sellosonline España 671st 595th 615th 724th
crisnailsspain España 672nd 676th 741st 2,348th
theclickstore2016 España 673rd 1,586th 2,563rd 4,497th
duendemovil España 674th 789th 1,337th 3,152nd
bikestor-es España 675th 449th 446th 1,185th
cuatrocolores España 676th 669th 730th 732nd
dimarrelojeros2015 España 677th 563rd 523rd 1,410th
lagartijakit España 678th 721st 710th 1,156th
e-aguilera España 679th 677th 712th 814th
www.yep.bike España 680th 515th 512th 1,683rd
santiagofrancisco2014 España 681st 581st 514th 1,791st
motock-punto-com España 682nd 544th 430th 829th
igeeda Corea del Sur 683rd 760th 1,308th 3,240th
todosemiconductores España 684th 681st 594th 1,110th
barcelonaretroclass España 685th 629th 518th 1,217th
perlascarel España 686th 936th 875th 440th
jp_straps España 687th 502nd 443rd 444th
startpassion España 688th 766th 667th 1,798th
caixxxxx España 689th 612th 646th 1,581st
virtualmerchangifts_store España 690th 1,146th 1,176th 1,145th
guau_tendencias España 691st 532nd 651st 1,087th
solounenvio España 692nd 806th 912th 1,277th
brielco España 693rd 755th 686th 156th
innovecash España 694th 745th 771st 1,904th
por-no-pagar-mas España 695th 582nd 587th 1,159th
original_parts_mobile_99 España 696th 510th 440th 229th
jaimesanbernardo España 697th 323rd 324th 874th
fondisc España 698th 951st 958th 2,208th
es_farma España 699th 776th 745th 552nd
playprocu España 700th 1,016th 1,324th 3,722nd

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