eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
microbit_cadiz España 401st 558th 331st 390th
cashandcompany_store España 402nd 399th 408th 1,590th
peeoplepucela España 403rd 475th 566th 3,136th
agora*23 España 404th 383rd 329th 1,040th
1000_stars España 405th 327th 315th 387th
easydiecast España 406th 424th 460th 184th
ip_man82 España 407th 478th 470th 1,154th
stickers-motomodding España 408th 378th 445th 1,358th
superchollos2016 España 409th 325th 612th 1,387th
oem-iphone España 410th 394th 413th 574th
elrobleperfumado España 411th 744th 794th 560th
voip-tel España 412th 431st 457th 541st
tumovil2tienda España 413th 97th 82nd 512th
javijcd España 414th 1,151st 1,727th 2,095th
eden_tech España 415th 555th 792nd 222nd
guazcolector2010 España 416th 395th 294th 660th
uk.deal Hong Kong 417th 436th 914th 15th
fernandomillan España 418th 347th 556th 1,299th
divertum España 419th 597th 567th 909th
ocioworld España 420th 533rd 799th 1,415th
trilospal España 421st 421st 407th 438th
sastres35 España 422nd 198th 197th 1,687th
some-glue España 423rd 365th 314th 1,214th
tecnopolisplus España 424th 470th 564th 962nd
furukw España 425th 355th 397th 133rd
siverlight Bulgaria 426th 586th 981st 831st
phones-malaga España 427th 269th 450th 1,747th
accesorios_coche España 428th 283rd 337th 686th
winsoft2015 España 429th 1,350th 2,235th 1,442nd
mayorista*wholesaler España 430th 485th 484th 734th
hdscollectors España 431st 491st 376th 273rd
gelabert1 España 432nd 531st 534th 301st
sussi01negro España 433rd 439th 388th 285th
ecarloss España 434th 462nd 504th 289th
digicash-es España 435th 518th 464th 1,670th
melodycici Tailandia 436th 1,407th 2,378th 4,433rd
gtbici España 437th 794th 845th 733rd
nucleocomputer España 438th 254th 223rd 123rd
piquers España 439th 537th 590th 742nd
tusmoviles España 440th 405th 363rd 286th
sting0001 España 441st 353rd 453rd 70th
maseratiaxel España 442nd 1,196th 963rd 411th
patneriberia4u España 443rd 321st 344th 623rd
bettashop_es España 444th 392nd 533rd 1,960th
vivescortada España 445th 602nd 562nd 197th
gamekeyspot-store España 446th 343rd 772nd 2,337th
e-caqshop España 447th 455th 350th 447th
segells España 448th 427th 493rd 391st
walioelectronic España 449th 661st 650th 1,757th
el.intrepido.pirata España 450th 472nd 459th 1,722nd
ogin.inc España 451st 309th 312th 271st
tradineur España 452nd 603rd 578th 1,052nd
arcimpex España 453rd 565th 728th 501st
dvd-garzon España 454th 454th 411th 309th
foliosmadrid España 455th 596th 1,158th 3,217th
kodifoto España 456th 487th 696th 346th
nosuko España 457th 680th 756th 1,635th
disco_swing España 458th 817th 801st 693rd
masi_ae España 459th 476th 456th 268th
integramedia España 460th 333rd 299th 166th
top-manuals España 461st 403rd 358th 322nd
recycling_electronics_es Portugal 462nd 408th 663rd 2,135th
jmenanumismatica España 463rd 387th 479th 1,246th
masportatil España 464th 547th 475th 437th
jetjetshop Hong Kong 465th 388th 416th 64th
numismaticaprados España 466th 552nd 628th 1,244th
gomez.yesic España 467th 686th 515th 2,573rd
angelesluisianera España 468th 458th 373rd 172nd
juampa281204 España 469th 496th 698th 917th
k-monsl España 470th 665th 627th 1,101st
phonedistrito España 471st 300th 354th 1,224th
accesorioslens España 472nd 377th 282nd 626th
ecotopcars Portugal 473rd 506th 1,054th 2,820th
ofertia España 474th 1,177th 1,538th 2,023rd
valmusikk España 475th 607th 597th 380th
pak-2012 España 476th 529th 480th 1,497th
tienda.lowcost España 477th 344th 381st 1,186th
juananto España 478th 545th 529th 394th
galavia España 479th 895th 714th 537th
histo2 Alemania 480th 341st 461st 407th
irisglas_com España 481st 320th 393rd 1,564th
euroelectronics_es Polonia 482nd 564th 843rd 2,475th
globaltradingtelecom España 483rd 469th 499th 1,490th
shop24h365d España 484th 398th 328th 482nd
lcdphone España 485th 560th 909th 2,654th
colectalia España 486th 781st 811th 846th
bramacartuchos España 487th 511th 469th 234th
elregalopara España 488th 802nd 936th 1,482nd
2012kingofpop España 489th 484th 610th 1,125th
exeom-fabrica España 490th 657th 647th 1,473rd
adr1une España 491st 520th 474th 599th
chollinos España 492nd 428th 435th 1,613th
desigual.2012 España 493rd 390th 509th 1,646th
grupolibera España 494th 401st 483rd 844th
gamessps4 España 495th 2,063rd 3,200th 2,518th
1080.detodounpoco España 496th 486th 521st 508th
more_digital_2005 España 497th 546th 638th 1,243rd
anayshop Chequia 498th 538th 899th 3,530th
nolbored España 499th 522nd 546th 885th
bilbaonumismatica España 500th 662nd 629th 1,790th

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