eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
worldrenner España 201st 174th 218th 941st
quiksilver_store_es Francia 202nd 157th 162nd 798th
mundigangas España 203rd 177th 117th 115th
latiendamasbarata2011 España 204th 186th 131st 131st
nadia.autoparts España 205th 106th 99th 83rd
theshopgamer-com España 206th 391st 585th 628th
b2carea China 207th 163rd 199th 382nd
tecno-ideas España 208th 257th 217th 771st
olgaselitos España 209th 258th 292nd 773rd
ladylagar España 210th 191st 204th 578th
agroverd2015 España 211th 226th 202nd 152nd
moneybackguarantee2015 España 212th 182nd 295th 1,689th
sam-gadgets-pt Reino Unido 213th 66th 68th 409th
aleco_2013 España 214th 305th 275th 692nd
comprarin2015 España 215th 256th 387th 931st
craftdiyonline China 216th 146th 102nd 32nd
vidaxl-es Países Bajos 217th 216th 230th 110th
ruineves2004 Portugal 218th 180th 128th 272nd
divixmad España 219th 152nd 164th 202nd
comeandjoinus España 220th 862nd 1,621st 3,555th
tendero_actual España 221st 345th 287th 98th
soyelectropanda España 222nd 208th 176th 503rd
capisellos España 223rd 219th 177th 551st
ciclozero España 224th 998th 1,839th 3,906th
29shyans2012 China 225th 169th 104th 99th
jlarodri España 226th 420th 425th 1,284th
topbm2sport España 227th 195th 181st 256th
sefiugsm2010 España 228th 203rd 166th 505th
mr.galgo España 229th 196th 172nd 402nd
sunislifeshop1 España 230th 329th 379th 881st
muxaskosas España 231st 178th 136th 105th
villamundo Hong Kong 232nd 252nd 226th 33rd
zhanglongliu España 233rd 358th 368th 745th
tintasytonerstyt España 234th 273rd 325th 511th
kaquu España 235th 153rd 148th 199th
telosvendo España 236th 201st 182nd 427th
movil-crazy España 237th 290th 390th 816th
membri24 España 238th 250th 279th 1,151st
iflove2012 China 239th 271st 442nd 212th
yetitech España 240th 386th 854th 2,471st
felixcuquerella España 241st 322nd 308th 270th
snikeforce1 España 242nd 302nd 659th 2,845th
almatequiero España 243rd 445th 405th 342nd
retro-store-gifts España 244th 243rd 232nd 973rd
paraninfo España 245th 144th 108th 395th
areyourshop-h China 246th 212th 184th 300th
phoneshop.cm España 247th 127th 123rd 535th
yera142007 España 248th 220th 180th 1,523rd
sainsberry China 249th 412th 385th 158th
lopezcarayol123 España 250th 275th 305th 223rd
cotton_island España 251st 396th 378th 459th
estuyoya España 252nd 426th 374th 216th
infoplaca España 253rd 451st 349th 153rd
specialshoptiendacamisetas España 254th 374th 472nd 793rd
tienda_planet-express España 255th 291st 235th 119th
numisbur1 España 256th 248th 208th 143rd
pegatinasdevinilo2014 España 257th 238th 246th 235th
la_gallina_flaca_shop España 258th 253rd 258th 401st
sparescreen España 259th 202nd 144th 154th
silverstarcars España 260th 304th 278th 398th
minicajaes España 261st 940th 744th 190th
rajotero España 262nd 227th 130th 104th
cartago_coleccionismo España 263rd 156th 189th 340th
angora-53 España 264th 239th 188th 770th
illink_64 España 265th 249th 249th 684th
vhbw-shop Alemania 266th 222nd 205th 38th
brico-ocio España 267th 265th 198th 145th
ebazar24es España 268th 313th 403rd 1,108th
krauss_online_es España 269th 326th 298th 950th
electronic-star-es España 270th 411th 370th 179th
kfundamadrid España 271st 230th 215th 657th
repuestos-paling España 272nd 282nd 319th 305th
agapealibros España 273rd 310th 447th 463rd
virtualocio2016 España 274th 435th 916th 2,677th
carjofil_2012 España 275th 175th 171st 1,765th
todoconsolassl España 276th 419th 491st 930th
eurocases España 277th 161st 142nd 502nd
bici-luz China 278th 259th 366th 1,481st
bazaria_es España 279th 328th 317th 100th
phoneexperts España 280th 790th 1,484th 3,397th
smartdevil2014 España 281st 232nd 274th 1,173rd
accesoriosparamovil España 282nd 231st 237th 232nd
mejorofertaes España 283rd 832nd 1,526th 2,872nd
bekimobazar España 284th 348th 343rd 800th
teeempire3 España 285th 244th 288th 494th
todomoteros España 286th 234th 236th 162nd
dsflash España 287th 588th 1,140th 2,923rd
jimyphil España 288th 217th 191st 369th
elrincondeloschollos2016 España 289th 150th 147th 329th
joen4136-3 Hong Kong 290th 574th 1,125th 3,068th
japangameonline España 291st 277th 220th 193rd
meisler3 España 292nd 373rd 332nd 265th
zoccolinha España 293rd 285th 273rd 558th
toyscoleccion España 294th 346th 228th 531st
alfaro.t-lovendo España 295th 294th 309th 313th
khanbarrilete España 296th 211th 210th 236th
lovebeauty-es China 297th 218th 212th 1,272nd
angeljimenezfernandez España 298th 452nd 718th 2,295th
marycarmen1986 España 299th 906th 1,703rd 3,394th
media-em2015 España 300th 229th 145th 470th

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