eBay Spain hit the Spanish market only several years ago – in 2014 and is the 2nd most popular e-commerce site after the market leader Amazon Spain.

Here eBay Spain sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
hotrchobby6 Hong Kong 101st 235th 543rd 2,368th
juguetes_reciclados España 102nd 81st 72nd 250th
dodax-spain Suiza 103rd 124th 158th 659th
preciosadictos España 104th 87th 97th 67th
areyourshop-004 China 105th 101st 138th 879th
serverquickunlock España 106th 83rd 160th 776th
outsunny_iberica_2014 España 107th 147th 201st 632nd
sallycoolyoyo China 108th 102nd 101st 546th
movilstore16 España 109th 120th 161st 872nd
sonanbulo España 110th 35th 32nd 8th
ttrt09 España 111th 95th 111th 63rd
todo_imanes España 112th 105th 132nd 939th
bonitaeshop* China 113th 194th 452nd 2,104th
neburlag España 114th 188th 222nd 183rd
www-satkit-com España 115th 122nd 135th 238th
vendiendote España 116th 114th 92nd 96th
estheonoesthe España 117th 148th 335th 1,462nd
dualsim España 118th 74th 156th 230th
cell-shop1 España 119th 136th 153rd 320th
nouteclab España 120th 133rd 254th 766th
beepick_store España 121st 94th 75th 51st
onogal2010 España 122nd 100th 84th 40th
megamaniapc España 123rd 140th 125th 209th
viflor España 124th 125th 106th 244th
*goodtrade2046 China 125th 437th 888th 2,773rd
thewolfshoes España 126th 288th 377th 1,311th
ph0ne-tuning España 127th 164th 133rd 174th
asviktech España 128th 117th 173rd 378th
jlsilver000 España 129th 123rd 119th 257th
mundosemillas España 130th 115th 74th 169th
stampsmoratal España 131st 167th 178th 1,501st
cuckooshop España 132nd 131st 129th 441st
mkn-shop España 133rd 142nd 214th 774th
may24store-0 España 134th 318th 726th 2,440th
ohfertas España 135th 521st 1,099th 996th
movilshop2015 España 136th 139th 179th 864th
electrrio España 137th 242nd 207th 637th
siyanlei-6 China 138th 99th 211th 1,067th
radar_import España 139th 210th 334th 1,316th
of_gold España 140th 173rd 141st 264th
euro_magic España 141st 170th 262nd 1,401st
vinilosymas2013 España 142nd 159th 126th 252nd
topwayselling Tailandia 143rd 606th 1,209th 3,230th
protectoresdemovil España 144th 228th 340th 1,334th
iolilor España 145th 225th 229th 933rd
tiendamagicmadrid España 146th 132nd 122nd 45th
oceanoshop_com España 147th 104th 103rd 326th
acuariosmarsan España 148th 149th 170th 781st
todo_ratones España 149th 108th 85th 214th
syndicate2009 España 150th 197th 186th 603rd
speedtimerkollektion España 151st 128th 127th 69th
disneytopicals España 152nd 240th 234th 410th
misuta-outlet Hong Kong 153rd 618th 1,018th 41st
nextlevelstore España 154th 183rd 307th 1,340th
dr.cojuelostore España 155th 179th 285th 1,099th
pepon84dj España 156th 129th 146th 405th
cathyhair China 157th 92nd 98th 60th
maxi-precios España 158th 162nd 107th 19th
tu_bazar España 159th 280th 311th 255th
servovendi España 160th 134th 113th 74th
ivanr12000 España 161st 251st 266th 507th
yoga5188 China 162nd 279th 406th 1,773rd
iberplace España 163rd 190th 187th 138th
excellbuying China 164th 223rd 522nd 1,983rd
acelectronic-de Hong Kong 165th 260th 382nd 913th
aigotechspain España 166th 209th 310th 1,064th
electronicahobby España 167th 215th 219th 368th
tectake_es Alemania 168th 192nd 163rd 173rd
arrunru España 169th 166th 159th 95th
aurozap España 170th 141st 105th 94th
ttwebshop888 España 171st 171st 224th 607th
outlettablet España 172nd 224th 169th 59th
tuzonainmovile España 173rd 295th 206th 1,533rd
jmfmotor España 174th 172nd 175th 496th
siom_mobile España 175th 221st 357th 1,458th
sentete España 176th 143rd 109th 53rd
mundoregals2011 España 177th 233rd 227th 293rd
lamaxitiendaonline España 178th 160th 149th 334th
enicer China 179th 111th 73rd 20th
sobreruedas-spain España 180th 79th 64th 90th
digitech365 España 181st 214th 473rd 1,780th
ilovemyphonespain España 182nd 206th 167th 867th
lomasoriginal_es España 183rd 205th 183rd 324th
7or7ules España 184th 154th 150th 137th
pilott83 España 185th 185th 286th 1,000th
neferpa España 186th 213th 231st 124th
blancomic España 187th 297th 194th 141st
byvinyl España 188th 187th 233rd 1,383rd
europashops2013 España 189th 246th 412th 647th
stocktotal España 190th 193rd 152nd 71st
good2sales Hong Kong 191st 135th 154th 448th
imosver España 192nd 264th 586th 2,124th
vinilos-racing España 193rd 176th 118th 78th
imteval España 194th 204th 289th 1,146th
julvi01 España 195th 241st 134th 261st
eylva Hong Kong 196th 189th 225th 46th
outletsbcn España 197th 200th 200th 517th
auktionstadt Hong Kong 198th 145th 115th 11th
1on1ted_store España 199th 464th 921st 2,968th
dealsmartzones China 200th 415th 855th 2,533rd

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