Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
daytradermaremma Australia 701st 573rd 505th 304th
bigger-ant China 702nd 776th 807th 263rd
healthnbeautyexpress Thailand 703rd 604th 577th 1,030th
artemisstore China 704th 562nd 633rd 1,152nd
cloud_shopper_australia Australia 705th 886th 1,218th 5,526th
wrg370 Australia 706th 854th 856th 1,756th
peacock2013 China 707th 699th 561st 549th
blue-ibaidu China 708th 500th 524th 1,951st
oz_accessory Australia 709th 1,492nd 1,596th 1,797th
havetop9 Singapore 710th 686th 805th 843rd
salesbayau Australia 711th 601st 549th 923rd
hobodesigns Australia 712th 1,260th 1,495th 1,648th
janisa999 China 713th 806th 1,411th 8,193rd
artistguitarsdirect Australia 714th 842nd 753rd 436th
sunnyinaustralia Australia 715th 921st 1,158th 6,070th
lowerpricepeople Australia 716th 753rd 798th 311th
classicbargains_au Australia 717th 1,049th 949th 156th
gutedealscom China 718th 429th 460th 584th Australia 719th 709th 791st 4,166th
efortown China 720th 525th 340th 293rd
2016theiekhhg China 721st 811th 924th 4,172nd
industry_shop China 722nd 721st 1,202nd 6,870th
moon_city2000 China 723rd 1,040th 1,075th 710th
tinxi-world China 724th 459th 690th 65th
i-selection Australia 725th 819th 739th 527th
harveynormanonline Australia 726th 1,737th 1,983rd 4,302nd
super*online*store Australia 727th 1,338th 1,733rd 761st
yaloocharm China 728th 1,333rd 1,502nd 1,853rd
beauty_channel China 729th 766th 845th 503rd
dasha118 China 730th 725th 848th 5,200th
imart-au Australia 731st 523rd 693rd 1,945th
early2bed-oz Australia 732nd 747th 762nd 1,400th
consumersmart China 733rd 754th 711th 540th
autolinkonline Australia 734th 602nd 642nd 1,062nd
px_ws Australia 735th 613th 591st 1,751st
roxy*media* United Kingdom 736th 901st 899th 367th
kitchen_warehouse Australia 737th 521st 651st 1,631st
beadingbloom China 738th 847th 900th 3,766th
thebootwarehouse Australia 739th 664th 654th 1,124th
e-global-buy China 740th 749th 800th 1,888th
dirt_devil_racing Australia 741st 618th 606th 862nd
panda_boutique China 742nd 685th 709th 1,791st
tonerstation Australia 743rd 558th 570th 763rd
0hk-erumf7bx China 744th 650th 728th 5,467th
dclubuy China 745th 878th 594th 566th
bosscat2011 China 746th 555th 486th 345th
manatee_music Australia 747th 900th 830th 414th
cable-tech-store-aus Australia 748th 694th 679th 2,733rd
cyber-kiss Hong Kong 749th 1,069th 2,017th 10,108th
gds6333 China 750th 957th 1,429th 4,515th
enjoysportshopping China 751st 504th 982nd 5,775th
extralight1112 Australia 752nd 673rd 697th 485th
superfattybunny Hong Kong 753rd 609th 603rd 1,036th
97kentrepot China 754th 340th 448th 381st
quadcopter_mall China 755th 571st 539th 2,959th
shavershopau Australia 756th 1,131st 1,238th 2,144th
mattnersales Australia 757th 667th 512th 187th
zzy9990 China 758th 702nd 722nd 3,696th
luckystarthx China 759th 517th 457th 1,309th
sino-av China 760th 839th 553rd 2,176th
fastenersgalore1 Australia 761st 817th 803rd 1,662nd
manchesterplus Australia 762nd 772nd 778th 272nd
dbestore China 763rd 810th 880th 2,041st
aussie_toner Australia 764th 599th 560th 353rd
izonaustralia Australia 765th 870th 960th 3,468th
fashionlady123 China 766th 626th 623rd 1,722nd
gvarts Australia 767th 706th 670th 2,026th
car-egg Australia 768th 783rd 963rd 3,332nd
mobileciti_estore Australia 769th 898th 1,080th 323rd
techacc-au Australia 770th 867th 784th 2,861st
tradeprohardware Australia 771st 1,084th 1,635th 6,691st
brandhousedirectau Australia 772nd 738th 718th 325th
collectableswarehouse1 Australia 773rd 674th 689th 2,836th
belly_design China 774th 1,146th 1,347th 1,550th
herefort China 775th 732nd 744th 1,032nd
sosojustdoit China 776th 592nd 755th 6,186th
48express-au China 777th 789th 1,007th 1,111th
dtcity China 778th 714th 576th 1,403rd
shtrading_bestdeals Australia 779th 611th 648th 1,253rd China 780th 411th 306th 747th
pinocchio7sos Thailand 781st 767th 793rd 6,669th
sico-au2015 Australia 782nd 427th 581st 4,646th
buyitnowbooksoz2010 United Kingdom 783rd 624th 564th 96th
gooddealsgames Australia 784th 1,350th 1,726th 6,630th
beading-beading China 785th 508th 415th 221st
the_music_shop_1934 Australia 786th 889th 846th 997th
thesupportersstore Australia 787th 831st 844th 2,937th
krazykarlstoys Australia 788th 1,433rd 1,818th 1,529th
squizzysgolfballs1 Australia 789th 1,173rd 1,001st 373rd
outback-equip Australia 790th 835th 1,070th 4,150th
severyn_australia United Kingdom 791st 908th 1,519th 8,396th
oz-top-deals Australia 792nd 868th 859th 1,293rd
dailymall-au Hong Kong 793rd 802nd 1,042nd 4,276th
xingh_my Malaysia 794th 1,496th 2,555th 12,211th
pure-product Australia 795th 918th 1,134th 5,008th
fineonlineshop7 China 796th 1,665th 2,684th 14,903rd
orientalautodecoration Australia 797th 944th 997th 1,815th
panatechnology Australia 798th 826th 797th 451st
aptrigger Australia 799th 617th 550th 912th
bookhub-au Australia 800th 1,184th 1,024th 219th

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