Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
momohu2011 China 601st 863rd 328th 352nd
bluedio_official_au China 602nd 591st 685th 1,707th
yabargain Hong Kong 603rd 431st 399th 194th
ms.chenkystore-2 China 604th 787th 1,346th 7,695th
168come China 605th 713th 883rd 3,227th
yuanyuan1333 China 606th 584th 1,053rd 5,967th
skull_music China 607th 475th 377th 431st
ozhairandbeauty Australia 608th 676th 691st 991st
airsoftfighting China 609th 499th 386th 487th
greenspace-vd China 610th 537th 531st 919th
plaza-onlineus Hong Kong 611th 608th 469th 147th
ausriver Australia 612th 923rd 1,026th 186th
atmemory Hong Kong 613th 541st 522nd 899th
ausummerpackaging Australia 614th 780th 875th 3,188th
mostvoted Australia 615th 728th 695th 1,086th
5littleduck Australia 616th 724th 957th 2,019th
best6801 China 617th 635th 1,164th 5,170th
23922364 Australia 618th 647th 632nd 1,393rd
vvvseller China 619th 332nd 359th 713th
blossom-accessories Australia 620th 305th 387th 193rd
c-store2008 China 621st 812th 871st 557th
oz_easy2deal Australia 622nd 785th 809th 2,025th
ds-idols China 623rd 1,027th 1,261st 4,195th
jewmall China 624th 544th 662nd 3,829th
13limei China 625th 567th 459th 588th
1549235 China 626th 530th 407th 1,973rd
awesomegreenla Australia 627th 781st 696th 1,353rd
actionbikeski Australia 628th 1,150th 1,231st 627th
jbexperience09 Australia 629th 585th 536th 239th Australia 630th 758th 712th 2,821st
mgdear Hong Kong 631st 393rd 278th 472nd
green-the-world China 632nd 597th 630th 772nd
havetop1 Singapore 633rd 1,171st 1,700th 1,070th
fivestarmall2014 China 634th 805th 898th 1,971st
globalsmartbuy Malaysia 635th 1,458th 2,840th 14,868th China 636th 492nd 400th 615th
koala-bear-au China 637th 511th 455th 1,963rd
hotwiring-oz Australia 638th 816th 837th 1,728th
babv Singapore 639th 483rd 563rd 721st
boxmoons Hong Kong 640th 1,998th 3,833rd 17,366th
aaaplus12 China 641st 759th 734th 657th
rockstonet Hong Kong 642nd 2,556th 4,788th 18,901st
kbeee Hong Kong 643rd 477th 447th 264th
green.shine China 644th 557th 545th 798th
idealhome2016 China 645th 670th 1,206th 7,456th
honolulu2016 Hong Kong 646th 1,536th 2,989th 14,860th
evo_electronic Malaysia 647th 910th 1,065th 1,997th
dj-city Australia 648th 718th 808th 1,359th
bicycleworks Australia 649th 691st 631st 1,395th
ebuy4uneed China 650th 860th 995th 1,024th
globalstore-au China 651st 799th 1,135th 6,405th
eastenmystery Australia 652nd 687th 817th 1,380th
fashionshoes8815 China 653rd 696th 847th 5,337th
deal24hours_au China 654th 661st 598th 1,699th
11331122 China 655th 516th 729th 1,854th
dcshoes_official_store Australia 656th 876th 769th 1,067th
shopping-express-clearance Australia 657th 576th 520th 327th
cell_tab_accessories Australia 658th 833rd 907th 3,072nd
nilreb Hong Kong 659th 741st 827th 198th
cao-shifen China 660th 1,561st 1,895th 2,169th
topdeal4theworld China 661st 1,093rd 2,148th 10,488th
sk112300 China 662nd 556th 478th 1,661st
l-zuohu Thailand 663rd 1,342nd 1,432nd 3,529th
fashion-outlet2010 China 664th 449th 317th 158th
sydney_salon_supplies Australia 665th 643rd 698th 209th
southcoastmusic_online Australia 666th 864th 836th 640th China 667th 874th 987th 534th
renee554 Australia 668th 655th 554th 419th
dtshow China 669th 478th 422nd 868th
sydneyausteam Australia 670th 596th 833rd 2,321st
auspointsauction Australia 671st 1,047th 1,115th 2,157th
dealtique Australia 672nd 502nd 534th 1,288th
gardenmall China 673rd 755th 740th 1,000th
xtreme_warehouse Australia 674th 660th 649th 312th
topxu168 China 675th 484th 485th 3,082nd
apokin China 676th 490th 427th 705th
eddieandpablo Australia 677th 623rd 525th 334th
2010coolface China 678th 808th 1,051st 1,132nd
keyless888 China 679th 708th 604th 845th
betterdeals255 China 680th 659th 792nd 39th
cfrmall China 681st 630th 719th 1,474th
worland-supermarket China 682nd 669th 892nd 6,560th
naturalgemstone2009 China 683rd 551st 517th 1,146th
2008mysky China 684th 559th 511th 423rd
pengbon China 685th 258th 264th 249th
mybargainaustralia Australia 686th 975th 981st 95th
auwarehouse-2015 China 687th 645th 571st 3,174th
niubi11 China 688th 450th 371st 495th
sodo*bid China 689th 549th 483rd 879th
happycenturyau Australia 690th 688th 702nd 2,433rd
pc-tek-it Australia 691st 1,043rd 1,177th 992nd
oz_deal Hong Kong 692nd 1,032nd 1,131st 645th
homepromart China 693rd 762nd 818th 1,189th
tooysgoing2016 China 694th 519th 959th 5,871st
wirecity China 695th 1,058th 1,079th 2,247th
petfrenzy Australia 696th 546th 492nd 1,606th
eshoppingoing China 697th 1,183rd 1,600th 7,284th
footycardsmania Australia 698th 933rd 1,169th 4,151st
ozcal Australia 699th 704th 852nd 572nd
blygo_parts Australia 700th 622nd 644th 1,084th

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