Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
bluestone004 China 501st 594th 532nd 454th
superteam2015 China 502nd 757th 1,133rd 4,653rd
raggaza_store Australia 503rd 707th 1,012th 4,542nd
smart-hua Thailand 504th 746th 479th 947th
penda2013 Hong Kong 505th 1,408th 1,491st 1,592nd
etuicity China 506th 456th 502nd 697th
bitzgalaxy Australia 507th 518th 456th 894th
gamerholic Australia 508th 925th 1,340th 6,624th
gossipgirl-au Australia 509th 682nd 764th 925th
shoppinginyiwu China 510th 606th 822nd 499th
bijouxcasa China 511th 474th 428th 490th
huaerkai-1 Thailand 512th 919th 884th 1,580th
restocountry Australia 513th 417th 440th 250th
520day China 514th 743rd 937th 4,744th
danyehu2009 China 515th 494th 374th 573rd
maybuyamoon Malaysia 516th 1,716th 3,316th 14,488th
perpect-gifts China 517th 476th 332nd 1,166th
go_figure_website Australia 518th 801st 819th 680th
fresh-cosmetics Australia 519th 460th 411th 339th
simsalabimshop China 520th 552nd 1,124th 6,193rd
catchofthedayau Australia 521st 522nd 677th 742nd Australia 522nd 451st 381st 614th
mobilewave Australia 523rd 612th 699th 781st
jewelryfashionhere China 524th 421st 402nd 473rd
riveridolstore China 525th 413th 509th 3,421st
vicbase Australia 526th 566th 493rd 2,841st
betterandbest China 527th 491st 587th 3,540th
chuangshi-trade China 528th 654th 637th 2,215th
2015sailing4u China 529th 636th 1,006th 5,389th
tinklingthing China 530th 531st 585th 4,031st
happy_accessory Australia 531st 719th 580th 509th
oz_smart Australia 532nd 807th 1,033rd 4,379th
sharelifestyle Australia 533rd 465th 406th 388th
ele2you Malaysia 534th 1,126th 1,885th 8,761st
thefreshideashop Australia 535th 637th 705th 1,097th
97k-cube Canada 536th 359th 465th 139th
lianichina China 537th 598th 666th 536th
3c_expert United States 538th 426th 363rd 207th
bluelansdeal China 539th 337th 334th 900th
casaregalo Australia 540th 646th 810th 4,115th
tiantianupup China 541st 1,085th 1,847th 6,225th
globalfashion2010 Hong Kong 542nd 398th 420th 1,061st
delaynomore_oz Australia 543rd 524th 609th 2,348th
simply.homeware Australia 544th 638th 786th 3,936th
e_bestshopping China 545th 828th 1,111th 3,209th
linxiaosellor Hong Kong 546th 231st 157th 162nd
gbp-seller Hong Kong 547th 739th 832nd 348th
popularstar2013 China 548th 905th 1,062nd 1,342nd
mydiscountchemist Australia 549th 587th 378th 762nd
cosmetics-now-australia Australia 550th 493rd 433rd 595th
crazyvictor Australia 551st 563rd 540th 869th
supercheapeverythingptyltd Australia 552nd 554th 742nd 1,817th
american-gothic China 553rd 578th 494th 1,527th
yaoback China 554th 400th 390th 794th
taidebussiness515 China 555th 410th 590th 4,056th
xiaohong_5745 China 556th 338th 263rd 805th
ozo.estore Australia 557th 295th 189th 541st
halina_beauty Australia 558th 472nd 514th 836th
lucas.danny China 559th 510th 552nd 2,715th
clickingtrend Australia 560th 796th 1,414th 6,868th
fabritastic Australia 561st 603rd 652nd 642nd
great_deal_2u Australia 562nd 409th 410th 1,716th
clearancebrokers Australia 563rd 1,337th 1,834th 692nd Hong Kong 564th 1,095th 1,314th 6,820th
mycarperformanceonline Australia 565th 506th 501st 1,019th
crystalcoral China 566th 760th 1,186th 5,356th
luckypetsupplies Australia 567th 652nd 608th 755th
giftcardstore_au Australia 568th 3,847th 6,922nd 30,335th
520formylove China 569th 1,035th 1,884th 7,801st
ozfalcon2801 Australia 570th 742nd 663rd 701st
emarket999 Hong Kong 571st 1,627th 1,548th 243rd
ibargainexpert China 572nd 595th 1,113th 6,125th
binglee Australia 573rd 434th 388th 1,779th
3c_topstore China 574th 443rd 431st 2,824th
ehome_collection China 575th 693rd 765th 2,572nd
ezonedirect Hong Kong 576th 1,091st 1,155th 130th
xhunter_au Australia 577th 539th 568th 1,649th
kathmandu_official_store Australia 578th 625th 756th 2,926th
gadget.kit China 579th 550th 600th 2,109th
besttrade365 China 580th 633rd 795th 4,442nd
4wdextreme Australia 581st 437th 392nd 259th
ceninger China 582nd 401st 64th 37th
okwish China 583rd 1,212th 1,970th 10,944th
csh8869 China 584th 369th 266th 484th
easyshopau2013 Australia 585th 543rd 558th 1,126th
sgbyincons Singapore 586th 384th 403rd 174th
prettydollydream_st China 587th 527th 528th 2,313th
aucompany Australia 588th 582nd 667th 2,286th
top.seller1111 China 589th 979th 909th 3,443rd
shanshui2011 China 590th 644th 641st 507th
v_men China 591st 683rd 887th 5,074th
ibasetradingptyltd Australia 592nd 560th 519th 749th
springsnow007 China 593rd 727th 828th 921st
lianxstore*v China 594th 678th 785th 406th
australia-games United Kingdom 595th 561st 556th 253rd
mondosbazaar Australia 596th 917th 971st 387th
gt_mall Australia 597th 1,074th 1,205th 268th
best2051seller China 598th 583rd 620th 3,035th
powerhotseller China 599th 737th 736th 1,718th
eebar2010queen China 600th 501st 487th 623rd

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