Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
myhorse_au Australia 55,335th 50,311th 48,324th 51,311th
itzybitzyau Australia 55,336th 46,226th 44,983rd 39,237th
hyonallparts Australia 55,338th 48,613th 45,416th 40,861st
wa-campertrailer Australia 55,340th 50,313th 38,190th 25,738th
qsportsclearance Australia 55,341st 44,373rd 43,135th 36,373rd
lmcsystems Australia 55,342nd 38,726th 35,861st 48,249th
paulp2308 Australia 55,343rd 36,576th 38,717th 30,805th
millibelle Indonesia 55,344th 16,520th 14,060th 31,079th
bondsoutlet Australia 55,345th 45,248th 19,634th 12,774th
tlg-au Australia 55,346th 41,252nd 42,417th 41,295th
luigisportswear Australia 55,348th 50,314th 19,212th 6,969th
gvistore Australia 55,349th 15,668th 20,450th 21,238th
worldgradedcoins Australia 55,350th 47,342nd 29,503rd 12,992nd
dauphins_world Australia 55,352nd 47,343rd 46,715th 52,379th
onemallcomau Australia 55,353rd 48,615th 35,638th 35,050th
wildharvestcoffee Australia 55,354th 46,227th 49,585th 52,380th
dolce-hair Australia 55,358th 55,551st 47,240th 39,955th
purpleleaf2009 Australia 55,364th 48,616th 49,586th 24,923rd Australia 55,365th 45,249th 45,855th 41,296th
librafleur Australia 55,369th 47,344th 49,587th 35,802nd
lr_parts_online Australia 55,370th 43,527th 41,738th 24,267th
jaguarauctionhouse Australia 55,373rd 37,066th 43,486th 50,921st
the_electronic_edge Australia 55,376th 26,026th 18,388th 16,016th
wu_sall Australia 55,377th 50,317th 48,926th 46,439th
ravenblackdesigns Australia 55,378th 28,704th 21,860th 21,607th
jojiau.cwadznb Australia 55,379th 41,978th 42,418th 46,353rd
audmdc5r Australia 55,380th 40,568th 41,739th 41,753rd
fredbeer61 Australia 55,381st 41,979th 46,256th 47,285th
obbey069 Australia 55,382nd 44,375th 44,987th 38,028th
soilemezis Australia 55,385th 36,078th 29,768th 2,535th
sarriscollection Australia 55,386th 47,347th 49,589th 44,876th
sozdol China 55,387th 48,619th 44,575th 44,731st
minimetea Australia 55,389th 48,620th 48,325th 51,312th
dealsaustralia101 Australia 55,391st 55,564th 28,022nd 45,951st
fullnoisehotrods Australia 55,392nd 44,376th 41,740th 21,449th
bushgecko Australia 55,394th 44,377th 45,417th 11,703rd
cellcaravans2013 Australia 55,395th 39,306th 43,824th 47,758th
atvaccessoriesdirect Australia 55,396th 40,571st 41,084th 40,475th
gladstonebetta Australia 55,397th 48,621st 44,576th 46,354th
mosunn0 Australia 55,398th 55,566th 47,764th 50,063rd
emaaus Australia 55,399th 38,728th 42,420th 40,972nd
supermanpost Australia 55,400th 55,567th 33,434th 44,522nd
liquorice-all-sorts Australia 55,401st 40,573rd 36,988th 39,902nd
spendlower Australia 55,403rd 38,126th 37,451st 41,981st
detoxdrops Australia 55,405th 50,320th 49,590th 52,381st
biker-jackets United Kingdom 55,406th 55,569th 28,249th 41,529th
estore-oz Australia 55,408th 36,579th 29,630th 14,175th
profitboxingaustralia Australia 55,409th 42,688th 46,257th 43,158th
pclifestyle-aus Australia 55,410th 32,476th 36,989th 28,686th
xpeditetrading Australia 55,412th 38,730th 39,288th 41,982nd
beauty_paradise Australia 55,417th 32,121st 30,601st 44,949th
seumtradingaustralia Australia 55,419th 50,322nd 48,927th 48,905th
belindalee1982 Australia 55,420th 41,980th 31,323rd 35,498th
islabec Australia 55,422nd 45,250th 43,825th 33,775th
compfish Australia 55,423rd 55,577th 36,494th 7,634th
allboardies_au Australia 55,424th 31,240th 31,785th 14,458th
speed_star_australia Australia 55,429th 46,231st 40,454th 41,983rd
cloud_nine9_store Australia 55,431st 55,582nd 47,242nd 17,587th
stonehomesstore Australia 55,433rd 48,623rd 49,592nd 38,298th
brilliantdiamondaustralia Australia 55,434th 48,624th 46,259th 49,517th
kiri_grainger Australia 55,443rd 43,535th 45,418th 40,422nd
southerncrossvape Australia 55,444th 24,359th 10,182nd 22,204th
caravan-awning Australia 55,445th 45,252nd 48,328th 22,410th
yanivelveteenthreads Australia 55,446th 46,232nd 47,244th 19,194th
automotive_parts_express01 Australia 55,447th 39,959th 31,171st 33,597th
e_bay_sales2006 Australia 55,448th 38,732nd 35,414th 34,499th
saliero Australia 55,449th 30,303rd 26,374th 29,505th
seswilsons Australia 55,450th 50,324th 7,748th 6,012th
aaamartialartssupplies Australia 55,451st 42,690th 44,578th 34,645th
digipac Australia 55,453rd 44,380th 41,086th 29,086th
lordofgear-australia Australia 55,454th 34,703rd 31,786th 45,401st
weddingstore12 China 55,455th 46,233rd 43,487th 41,177th
justquality4you-australia Australia 55,456th 50,325th 42,091st 45,118th
pjhol3 Australia 55,457th 39,307th 43,137th 40,973rd
bill4coffee Australia 55,458th 42,691st 40,164th 45,312th
lingerieforher Australia 55,461st 46,234th 49,593rd 22,233rd
myxfzec 55,463rd 38,733rd 33,100th 43,800th
wjenn17 Australia 55,464th 41,256th 40,165th 47,958th
ahksight Hong Kong 55,465th 43,536th 44,194th 48,770th
zakkaya-bancho Japan 55,466th 48,625th 44,579th 34,013th
kienyhow Australia 55,467th 37,069th 41,088th 45,870th
spygearrus United States 55,469th 50,327th 48,928th 47,855th
ultimate_goods Australia 55,471st 48,626th 39,289th 48,250th
loads.of.time Australia 55,472nd 41,257th 41,419th 32,084th
tophariclips Australia 55,474th 55,596th 49,594th 43,603rd
flag-mania Australia 55,476th 40,577th 35,639th 10,766th
ttristan22hanibal Australia 55,481st 46,235th 45,419th 6,938th
bettadealsonline Australia 55,482nd 50,329th 47,245th 13,991st
vision_r Australia 55,483rd 55,601st 44,580th 8,371st
ausmate-com-au Australia 55,485th 47,352nd 49,595th 52,078th
rspcaqueensland Australia 55,487th 44,382nd 41,420th 49,149th
wifesayscollectionstogo Australia 55,490th 40,578th 44,581st 12,678th
theprintcollective Australia 55,493rd 46,236th 48,329th 45,037th
wtschannelau Australia 55,495th 41,986th 46,719th 51,103rd
body_pro_supps Australia 55,497th 31,791st 25,560th 37,633rd
uni_muji_hk Hong Kong 55,498th 55,609th 45,859th 17,147th
louisep6149 Australia 55,499th 44,383rd 44,989th 44,523rd
sunwoodinternational Australia 55,500th 46,238th 46,720th 51,104th
thebowerbirdproject Australia 55,501st 39,309th 25,065th 30,888th
rusty*jack Australia 55,502nd 33,918th 26,711th 30,782nd

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