Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
onsalezone2012 China 301st 242nd 194th 675th
accessmall2015 China 302nd 250th 233rd 1,541st
kexinxinren China 303rd 199th 221st 1,329th China 304th 311th 295th 530th
luoyanhong2015 China 305th 297th 538th 5,367th
be_quicker China 306th 367th 331st 537th
thegamesmenau Australia 307th 464th 588th 784th
86535*2013 China 308th 316th 497th 1,303rd
max_image Hong Kong 309th 570th 996th 1,467th
clothing-galore Australia 310th 261st 274th 732nd
light.center3 China 311th 467th 664th 2,789th
brintech_autoparts Australia 312th 245th 238th 1,034th
txin-wholesale China 313th 319th 361st 2,046th
av-rf China 314th 334th 229th 144th
industry_mall China 315th 344th 347th 1,929th
honest-merchant27 China 316th 170th 128th 119th
temperedglass-king Australia 317th 289th 310th 1,040th
baraka43 Australia 318th 442nd 452nd 336th
wioppp China 319th 379th 463rd 502nd
shiquanshimei888 China 320th 396th 482nd 2,096th
re_definition Australia 321st 322nd 300th 351st
beautynails_de China 322nd 542nd 1,127th 644th
7hk8918 China 323rd 424th 815th 6,237th
simplecom Australia 324th 307th 275th 112th
*foosoo China 325th 347th 441st 1,053rd
aa774411 Hong Kong 326th 279th 369th 535th
2014.zuoh Thailand 327th 607th 947th 1,604th
jjskyeshop Australia 328th 284th 294th 671st
gadgetcity Australia 329th 350th 321st 175th
zhangbetteru China 330th 218th 247th 651st
officeworks Australia 331st 390th 412th 1,081st
wannwo Singapore 332nd 99th 112th 369th
wowmusicstore Australia 333rd 470th 579th 274th
balabalabalabalabala Singapore 334th 333rd 249th 281st
themusesaustralia Australia 335th 422nd 401st 155th
mohobu Australia 336th 956th 783rd 1,560th
guoqca0 Thailand 337th 296th 209th 788th
ozsmart_bargain Australia 338th 389th 379th 346th
kobook China 339th 414th 286th 191st
dioenv99 China 340th 241st 140th 165th
247store2015 China 341st 376th 681st 3,887th
znufashion China 342nd 380th 446th 1,296th
luckystore10 China 343rd 275th 225th 289th
jewelry-crown China 344th 291st 251st 753rd
boutiquesforyou China 345th 256th 268th 1,257th
i.chineon China 346th 335th 368th 1,564th
achieveyourdream Australia 347th 342nd 364th 1,100th
alexwangstore China 348th 254th 232nd 401st
uncle-sam-1961 China 349th 425th 537th 2,177th
tianxinhuayuan911 China 350th 277th 212th 316th
eshop5may Hong Kong 351st 343rd 421st 743rd
global-buy-mall China 352nd 381st 297th 450th
mastore_sales New Zealand 353rd 355th 523rd 1,409th
cyclingdeal Australia 354th 408th 396th 179th
letour-cycles Australia 355th 388th 352nd 404th
chemistwarehouse_official Australia 356th 328th 385th 3,368th
gegatopet87 China 357th 430th 464th 2,191st
happy-zp China 358th 651st 969th 5,962nd
babymad1999 China 359th 232nd 144th 372nd
y-hk835 China 360th 883rd 1,478th 7,842nd
firstbuy_store China 361st 593rd 461st 1,893rd
shallothead Australia 362nd 529th 499th 255th
top_home China 363rd 574th 840th 5,397th
sunwoif China 364th 586th 602nd 1,452nd
mxstoreaustralia Australia 365th 339th 349th 723rd
xiong535 China 366th 323rd 267th 70th
dtwell3 China 367th 210th 122nd 64th
bmzg0811 China 368th 448th 468th 1,010th
ewook2014 Australia 369th 397th 341st 131st
e-smile*v* China 370th 668th 621st 677th
ozplaceshoppingmall Australia 371st 377th 315th 146th
icollected Australia 372nd 365th 356th 306th
auziselling Australia 373rd 341st 345th 604th
klika-living Australia 374th 488th 490th 123rd
salewish Hong Kong 375th 419th 858th 5,002nd
aus_firefly Australia 376th 432nd 380th 78th
gtmdingo Australia 377th 471st 510th 2,179th
myer_store_official Australia 378th 482nd 376th 3,369th
kogan Australia 379th 352nd 240th 292nd
ispark_au Australia 380th 441st 405th 966th
jp_lights Australia 381st 287th 285th 596th
eb-packaging Australia 382nd 361st 324th 333rd
machuanjiang China 383rd 385th 325th 1,118th
atmp3 China 384th 428th 521st 589th
electric_1688 China 385th 445th 397th 570th
ozpcdirect Australia 386th 374th 635th 3,600th
ddarlingshop China 387th 440th 618th 3,854th
superbargainoz Australia 388th 308th 337th 1,085th
eto666 China 389th 370th 394th 420th
loverain8fc Thailand 390th 540th 573rd 3,432nd
yyuda Australia 391st 354th 355th 204th
bestpoolsupplies Australia 392nd 712th 804th 1,477th
odem.flash China 393rd 461st 476th 575th
plowlive-fr China 394th 248th 301st 998th
hidtop China 395th 497th 601st 411th
foruor China 396th 423rd 409th 1,379th
savvysupporter Australia 397th 579th 658th 825th
auidsc_qthoqkejo Australia 398th 468th 650th 2,604th
phoenixlove2014 China 399th 457th 439th 1,682nd
tradeworkz Malaysia 400th 473rd 625th 971st

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