Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
onlinespecial2014 Australia 201st 181st 205th 287th China 202nd 209th 130th 231st
buyincoins_au China 203rd 150th 134th 10th
eshop1may Hong Kong 204th 267th 353rd 688th
gameology48 Australia 205th 512th 861st 3,551st
echofairyland China 206th 264th 292nd 466th
linhuamall88 China 207th 151st 208th 786th
mobile.cube Australia 208th 194th 199th 493rd
pacificmarket1898 China 209th 205th 289th 1,745th
lycheego China 210th 212th 243rd 872nd
lalanggift China 211th 247th 198th 400th
budgetpetproducts Australia 212th 244th 276th 241st
2012freecompany China 213th 110th 113th 240th
pinkybeauty_au Australia 214th 236th 195th 192nd
onshopping5 Malaysia 215th 330th 237th 280th
superbuyseller Malaysia 216th 268th 430th 3,261st
lovemyhomeaus Australia 217th 192nd 183rd 556th
huang810415 China 218th 177th 185th 465th
liuyuan1010 China 219th 348th 393rd 552nd
missjun2010 China 220th 299th 365th 873rd
high-techhuang2011 China 221st 219th 311th 1,005th
plowlive-au China 222nd 259th 316th 1,090th
book_fountain Australia 223rd 201st 206th 519th
86020*2013 China 224th 239th 318th 1,469th
muyuanlinbsa China 225th 136th 89th 282nd
dontaskannie Australia 226th 204th 216th 361st
superstarmedia1 Australia 227th 240th 253rd 335th
hohfashion China 228th 188th 95th 15th
byme_925 China 229th 526th 794th 2,677th
highqualitymall China 230th 190th 281st 618th
wig.kingdom China 231st 213th 222nd 672nd
globalstorekk China 232nd 152nd 121st 392nd
free_company China 233rd 154th 193rd 666th
tmallkey China 234th 238th 202nd 409th
ymca200808 China 235th 197th 213th 143rd
footfulloveit China 236th 155th 192nd 1,080th
pc.byte Australia 237th 95th 101st 236th
honestyisgoldforyou China 238th 249th 236th 230th
apusexpress2 Australia 239th 252nd 256th 83rd
wordors China 240th 237th 261st 649th
0061544 China 241st 179th 241st 1,927th
chenyuancherry China 242nd 265th 488th 3,358th
lepean88 China 243rd 105th 103rd 136th
2014online China 244th 234th 154th 437th
iskahk Hong Kong 245th 161st 159th 842nd
join_in_joy China 246th 263rd 177th 383rd
a-modeler Australia 247th 298th 279th 461st
lilyscollection China 248th 172nd 132nd 491st
jeenygq Thailand 249th 223rd 94th 500th
sparesbox_auto Australia 250th 251st 272nd 1,179th
boutiqueretailer Australia 251st 243rd 257th 547th
remotefactors China 252nd 206th 170th 314th
luckydeerstore China 253rd 362nd 425th 995th
e-tycoon China 254th 303rd 312th 636th
ilovebeauty*2008 China 255th 176th 214th 260th China 256th 217th 246th 1,164th
yourchoiceyourstyle Singapore 257th 300th 290th 215th
nextr2014 Australia 258th 853rd 1,353rd 5,857th
alltech_australia Australia 259th 274th 277th 828th
365buyitnow China 260th 227th 219th 676th
enginepartsaustralia Australia 261st 226th 231st 284th
duoduobox China 262nd 182nd 197th 736th
ailianhy1188 China 263rd 356th 475th 2,924th
princess_trade Australia 264th 349th 418th 196th
easystorehere China 265th 163rd 175th 1,373rd
beatthebomb_au Australia 266th 294th 158th 354th
goodealonshopping China 267th 276th 462nd 3,668th
mfreelaa China 268th 435th 484th 1,462nd
party-888 China 269th 198th 203rd 248th
sikenew China 270th 183rd 184th 377th
jesse_power Australia 271st 164th 88th 40th
buyeralwaysright China 272nd 203rd 138th 212th
gztop-store China 273rd 266th 299th 1,263rd
ozlocalstore Australia 274th 147th 74th 42nd
colortop9 China 275th 639th 992nd 3,911th
vakindnewfrog China 276th 363rd 288th 210th
crazy-accessories-store Australia 277th 455th 686th 3,255th
7daysbuy2012 China 278th 392nd 408th 944th
urukzone China 279th 229th 164th 601st
eunimart China 280th 214th 156th 434th
horse3109 China 281st 315th 434th 1,521st
home_garden360 China 282nd 314th 303rd 1,706th
convenientt-e-tradingg Australia 283rd 286th 304th 1,178th
hobbywh Australia 284th 485th 610th 663rd
cincinatistore China 285th 215th 172nd 87th
beads_shop China 286th 272nd 228th 295th
dongmakjhg China 287th 225th 133rd 553rd
au-milyonline China 288th 318th 443rd 252nd
onlineautoparts Australia 289th 253rd 242nd 108th
99ua Hong Kong 290th 116th 114th 91st
artboutiquecover Australia 291st 503rd 751st 190th
dazsell Hong Kong 292nd 175th 167th 848th
flyingonline-oz Australia 293rd 321st 291st 256th
playtle China 294th 353rd 370th 1,440th
rhodben2313 Australia 295th 309th 283rd 124th
eforco China 296th 174th 166th 972nd
beachaudio United States 297th 325th 287th 114th
fashionstyle6 China 298th 855th 1,610th 8,472nd
million-dollar-club China 299th 447th 495th 2,007th
liuyijia159 China 300th 351st 672nd 4,715th

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