Anonymous detailed 4 categories seller ratings has been introduced on in 2008. Buyers now have to rate sellers in 4 categories using 1 to 5 stars rating. As these ratings are anonymous, neither sellers, nor buyers or any other users know by whom the seller was rated. If the seller wants to become a Power Seller, he has to score above 4.5 in every category. If the rating is lower than 4.3 in any of four categories, the seller appears lower in the search results.

Here eBay Australia sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller Location One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
mechanic_warehouse United Kingdom 101st 107th 97th 79th
itechcool China 102nd 119th 129th 24th
eshoppingcity1 China 103rd 76th 40th 50th
sello-products Australia 104th 129th 226th 1,445th
ozauctionbroker Australia 105th 89th 84th 20th
123t_australia Australia 106th 262nd 416th 3,307th
iluckydog Malaysia 107th 52nd 34th 200th
crazy-technology Australia 108th 112th 118th 71st
petersofkensington Australia 109th 160th 126th 597th
global-trade365 China 110th 92nd 116th 599th
alline*a*t Singapore 111th 109th 169th 160th
targetau Australia 112th 189th 105th 379th
jinshan2013 China 113th 108th 137th 757th
foliefrog-au China 114th 142nd 220th 457th
kangdigital China 115th 70th 45th 12th
majestylook China 116th 123rd 165th 561st
autoelecau Australia 117th 86th 87th 59th
megoshop2012 Singapore 118th 139th 111th 125th
kokostore2010 China 119th 73rd 35th 57th
sitedv88 China 120th 68th 71st 38th
edisons Australia 121st 120th 127th 53rd
sportsoe Singapore 122nd 246th 250th 684th
winddeal China 123rd 78th 55th 17th
electro_mart_sydney Australia 124th 171st 215th 706th
ecbaby2013 Hong Kong 125th 187th 180th 1,082nd
bestpricehere Hong Kong 126th 87th 68th 68th
nstry China 127th 273rd 496th 3,133rd
nice_lena Australia 128th 185th 191st 441st
jamesr0615 China 129th 103rd 120th 154th
lincx China 130th 140th 100th 360th
2012smiling China 131st 329th 343rd 852nd
more-choices Hong Kong 132nd 907th 1,611th 8,449th
roxy*books United Kingdom 133rd 228th 147th 74th
okcatzone China 134th 84th 106th 105th
highsunny China 135th 157th 201st 699th
2-36038 China 136th 149th 207th 1,543rd
rohlin1010 China 137th 98th 85th 133rd
smiling*12 China 138th 169th 204th 430th
0731*2013 China 139th 200th 282nd 1,197th
gutgood2014 China 140th 165th 168th 1,063rd
is_shop Australia 141st 115th 143rd 477th
easydeals66 China 142nd 301st 342nd 1,414th
globalshoppingnow China 143rd 168th 218th 790th
citic8813 Singapore 144th 191st 217th 832nd
goldenwattle-au China 145th 195th 136th 331st
acedigital Hong Kong 146th 260th 255th 225th
tomtop_au China 147th 90th 107th 77th
fashion-trench China 148th 153rd 211th 969th
coulds-lee China 149th 122nd 109th 270th
gigibaobao China 150th 77th 53rd 35th
beautywoman-au China 151st 132nd 145th 782nd
riverstone88 China 152nd 360th 489th 2,227th China 153rd 208th 186th 407th
ozbuyitnow Australia 154th 130th 148th 476th
zavk0-inc United States 155th 146th 252nd 1,236th
mygoods United States 156th 159th 141st 169th
bgbulkdl7 China 157th 313th 500th 3,197th
motho Australia 158th 145th 139th 36th
uycstore China 159th 166th 200th 718th
quiksilver_official_store Australia 160th 211th 245th 449th
vidaxl-au Australia 161st 269th 248th 322nd
ozcctv Australia 162nd 121st 131st 531st
tooysuptoop China 163rd 156th 358th 2,916th
acelectronic13 Hong Kong 164th 358th 429th 275th
patapom China 165th 158th 188th 633rd
3c-base China 166th 134th 115th 524th China 167th 97th 82nd 149th
dutonyw China 168th 141st 298th 1,925th
outbaxcamping Australia 169th 278th 234th 518th
autumn-square China 170th 178th 210th 286th
m_eleven10 Australia 171st 230th 260th 60th
globedealmark China 172nd 193rd 173rd 844th
lansky26 China 173rd 64th 76th 405th
99uk Hong Kong 174th 50th 50th 126th
solaluna88 Hong Kong 175th 85th 67th 62nd
angelsupplier88 China 176th 306th 307th 111th
chinatown-ca-2013 China 177th 173rd 223rd 886th
2013*520 China 178th 102nd 124th 767th
totoperate China 179th 128th 108th 532nd
leicheyi010121 China 180th 312th 367th 321st
longyao2008 China 181st 281st 338th 1,064th
biggiftone China 182nd 270th 373rd 3,014th
savemoneyeveryday2012 China 183rd 131st 174th 603rd
2012*happyhour China 184th 125th 152nd 203rd
jmzcity2046 China 185th 162nd 182nd 647th
futurewillbetter2014 China 186th 196th 262nd 674th
lisa_beads_party China 187th 221st 254th 1,774th
sportlighter Malaysia 188th 283rd 471st 3,518th
geniusartgallery China 189th 180th 160th 110th
mangosorange China 190th 387th 391st 265th
amazing-trading China 191st 202nd 178th 444th
easy2buydeals China 192nd 280th 309th 374th
greatmiami2001 China 193rd 113th 92nd 138th
boboyard China 194th 293rd 395th 695th
ashop2u Hong Kong 195th 127th 153rd 75th
spmart China 196th 88th 79th 107th
kishkash-entertainment Australia 197th 255th 258th 58th
greenlans2015 China 198th 207th 244th 960th
sunyee-au Australia 199th 186th 163rd 173rd
ebanlan China 200th 100th 151st 45th

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