The new merger in e-commerce: MetaPack announced partnership with HERE

MetaPack has announced a partnership with location and mapping company HERE Technologies. They claim that the union will boost conversion rates and revenues for various brands and retailers.

The MetaPack Group, is the leading provider of e-commerce technology for retailers’ delivery services. They were recognized as one of the top 50 best-performing technology companies in the UK at Megabuyte50 awards.

MetaPack will use HERE data for resolving a destination address into a set of co-ordinates, therefore enabling location based delivery options for the retailers, with the API providing real-time dynamic delivery options for customers.

As was written in the web page of HERE, “MetaPack is a company you may not have heard of, but there’s a big chance its services have made a massive difference to your online shopping experience. And now, thanks to a little help from HERE, MetaPack’s service is likely to be even better.”

MetaPack is offering a SaaS platform that handles everything from printing delivery labels at the retailer’s warehouse, to tracking information after customers have been shopping online. It is a huge industry, and MetaPack is successfully working with over 400 carriers, such as FedEx, DPD and Hermes, providing access to over 4,500 carrier services.

This new partnership will let to take a preferred delivery address and then matches that, via geo location, with the nearest PUDO points that would be suitable for the customer. HERE’s solution ingests data (such as the customer’s address or another convenient delivery location) to present accurate store pick-up or PUDO options.

The freshly baked couple claims that this level of transparency allows customers to select a delivery option personalised to their specific needs, enables brands and retailers to meet their delivery promises and ultimately drives conversion rates and revenues.

Chris Hoskin, head of marketing at MetaPack, explains: “The idea is that if a retailer or merchant is able to provide a number of different delivery options, they will be able to drive a better customer experience and will therefore sell more and have more loyal customers. Delivery is very much a defining moment in that e-commerce experience.”

“If you think of a retailer’s website, when you have picked a particular product and gone to the checkout, you’ll often see messages saying you can have your item by a particular date or time, or offering the ability to pay to get it sooner. The delivery option gives retailers the ability to display all of the services available to their consumers depending on location,” he continues.

Mathieu Jurgawczynski, senior product manager at MetaPack said: “MetaPack works with the biggest retailers and brands in the world so it is essential that the information presented on websites by MetaPack and HERE is accurate, responsive and consistent,” said Jurgawczynski.

“With 45 per cent of consumers confessing to having abandoned a basket on a retailer or brand, manufacturer’s e-commerce website because of unsatisfactory or unavailable delivery options, it is clear that delivery is very much a defining moment in the e-commerce experience,” he explains.

“HERE’s global scale, its ability to support the volume of orders that we handle and its very strong performance – something validated through our own tests – was hugely important to us and this partnership is critical to MetaPack. As the API is called on our brands’ and retailers’ web front-end for every order placed, they can guaranty a level of performance which befits a great customer experience,” said senior product manager at MetaPack.

“Our alliance with HERE Technologies will enable online consumers to see via a retailer’s website which delivery options, services and slots are available specifically to them, making sure their package gets delivered at a location and time that suits them best,” Jurgawczynski added.


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