In 2015 Amazon introduced it’s latest marketplace called, which enables buyers to buy new and used items from third-party sellers as well as regular Amazon offerings.

Here Amazon Mexico sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Electrónica MarketPlace 101st 84th 154th 183rd
LIBRERÍAS EL SÓTANO 102nd 60th 45th 39th
Syllable Direct MX 103rd 93rd 124th 150th
MemoryC 104th 133rd 107th 104th
Boblov2016 105th 105th 182nd 216th
Toys and Trends 106th 148th 281st 318th 107th 111th 120th 142nd
BARUCHI 108th 89th 188th 223rd
Ultra electronics 109th 134th 189th 218th
VSEQUIPOS 110th 95th 174th 198th
Mr Gundamio 111th 77th 142nd 173rd
ImperioTXDigital 112th 115th 218th 253rd
PAMRAY 113th 222nd 421st 432nd
LA CASA DE LA EDUCADORA 114th 152nd 122nd 124th
TECNOSOCKS 115th 162nd 237th 273rd
EVOMAS 116th 150th 199th 217th
Techna Mx 117th 109th 141st 172nd
Supertienda 118th 106th 136th 136th
Vyorsa 119th 156th 326th 371st
Chupaprecios 120th 138th 252nd 288th
KARLITASHOP 121st 86th 97th 120th
ZhinaTown en inventario Mexico 122nd 230th 479th 525th
Dcocina 123rd 116th 131st 135th
iHome Depot 124th 136th 186th 220th
GADGETME 125th 174th 258th 291st
CONCEPTOS Y NOVEDADES SA DE CV 126th 224th 308th 305th
Barber's Bounty 127th 72nd 50th 54th
quanax 128th 166th 305th 334th
Kontrol Freek MX 129th 167th 117th 105th
TECENTERMX 130th 92nd 87th 95th
SOLO FRAGANCIAS 131st 141st 171st 185th
SoyMacho 132nd 142nd 216th 251st
inshang Technology 133rd 187th 197th 210th
Play Yard MX 134th 155th 295th 335th
COMPUINOVA 135th 160th 158th 159th
Byteshop 136th 103rd 152nd 166th
XDA SHOP 137th 172nd 156th 148th
STA Online 138th 121st 68th 77th
la barberia 139th 181st 98th 114th
Coo Watches 140th 191st 275th 314th
Viu Tienes que ver 141st 131st 159th 163rd
ZEIGER DE MÉXICO SA DE CV 142nd 238th 418th 464th
CYBERCAN 143rd 135th 208th 246th
COMPUPRICEMX 144th 218th 301st 310th
MaiJin_Shop 145th 219th 455th 504th
Profética Casa de la Lectura 146th 104th 77th 80th
bnkshopmx 147th 110th 114th 63rd
Stargoods Inc. 148th 118th 128th 153rd
LETWING 149th 161st 226th 247th
Wisit_p132 150th 234th 198th 175th
Fotomecanica Bolaños 151st 114th 76th 53rd
californiaspanishbooks 152nd 140th 193rd 230th
TresD Print Tech 153rd 278th 402nd 368th
TododeComputo 154th 128th 63rd 71st
ELOCALX 155th 208th 262nd 213th
Zizo® 156th 235th 370th 415th
LANDZO 157th 175th 394th 439th
LIKESEA 158th 177th 92nd 98th
JOLLY HOLIDAY S.A. DE C.V. 159th 200th 289th 326th
BuyJapan 160th 226th 271st 307th
Nobel Booksellers 161st 165th 130th 155th
DEN_INC 162nd 201st 290th 327th
MT DE MEXICO 163rd 145th 269th 302nd
TGM Skateboards 164th 202nd 337th 387th
Bagmasters 165th 295th 263rd 256th
Disfraces TuDi 166th 214th 447th 499th
TECNOWOW 167th 143rd 221st 257th
ValoMarket MX 168th 90th 93rd 113th
GMART MEXICO 169th 168th 146th 108th
Enkarga Mexico 170th 87th 126th 134th
Restonic Oficial 171st 158th 238th 275th
Xthings virtual store 172nd 146th 150th 181st
Blancos Rebeca 173rd 216th 276th 329th
Redcedar's Song 174th 303rd 615th 690th
Docooler 175th 98th 24th 17th
EDITORIAL DANTE 176th 261st 449th 501st
DFVmobile-US 177th 263rd 278th 317th
La ventana libreria 178th 217th 167th 141st
Nicole Lee México 179th 241st 453rd 503rd
Aplustore 180th 242nd 302nd 341st
SQUALO MX 181st 318th 648th 719th
Onix Venture Group - Mexico 182nd 270th 491st 545th
kilofly shop 183rd 183rd 204th 207th
KONEKTE 184th 257th 373rd 337th
LA LENTERIA 185th 173rd 387th 431st
EvolucionPCMX 186th 221st 165th 200th
Discount Watch Store 187th 194th 229th 266th
kepuch 188th 330th 677th 751st
Massive Electronics 189th 258th 461st 512th
Aksi Herramientas 190th 154th 236th 229th
GAMELAND SA DE CV 191st 127th 80th 72nd
Scout Systems 192nd 252nd 335th 385th
GRUPO GOBELEC SA DE CV. 193rd 336th 392nd 348th
DCMStore 194th 199th 219th 203rd
HOFFENBAN 195th 253rd 100th 93rd
Aratsa POP 196th 164th 147th 140th
Under Moments 197th 185th 380th 424th
Ougger Trade 198th 282nd 206th 244th
GEERTOP (MX) 199th 343rd 581st 650th
NETONBOX MX 200th 344th 584th 652nd

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