Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Kawin srl 692nd 695th 737th 359th
Subitoufficio 693rd 580th 685th 823rd
Ecoway 694th 628th 1,509th 2,807th
Weetop 695th 650th 2,109th 3,642nd
Exotic Palace 696th 506th 450th 872nd
Webmoto italia 697th 367th 256th 328th
toysgiocattoli 698th 1,043rd 1,465th 1,089th
CKB LTD 699th 1,197th 2,426th 2,260th
Farmacia Loreto Gallo Teresa 700th 566th 681st 1,093rd
MasterofMuscle 701st 697th 2,137th 3,671st
Gbargain IT 702nd 552nd 670th 1,443rd
Moonmini-It 703rd 462nd 307th 362nd
Culater® 704th 955th 2,347th 2,263rd
HomeMovies 705th 968th 1,222nd 1,311th
BUYBOE LEAGUE IT 706th 1,176th 2,266th 3,878th
mobilirebecca_2015 707th 544th 662nd 1,216th
HQHS(25-35 giorni di trasporto) 708th 756th 605th 516th
CKONE 708th 29,139th 21,960th 5,807th
ICONNTECHS IT(IT) 709th 838th 2,034th 3,553rd
LEICKE - Germania 710th 810th 2,293rd 1,881st
Derma-nu Skin Remedies 711th 873rd 1,003rd 1,997th
URAQT(UK) 712th 686th 1,224th 2,318th
Ukayfe 713th 777th 290th 756th
Mountain Warehouse 714th 761st 500th 454th
Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG 714th 38,612th 40,867th 40,909th
RagStoreIt 715th 1,134th 799th 748th
DEOK 716th 576th 373rd 410th
Collectors Kingdom 717th 1,457th 2,645th 2,370th
In4dealz 718th 724th 746th 1,580th
ECOSUSI INC 719th 771st 1,246th 1,623rd
Toullgo Store 720th 725th 858th 1,788th
Wostu 721st 1,203rd 2,272nd 3,885th
Balloon Shop 722nd 1,081st 1,549th 549th
SANGIORGIOSTORE_IT 723rd 1,086th 2,189th 596th
Fuzoo_EU 724th 1,745th 4,764th 7,260th
MINGARELLIMOTO 725th 651st 399th 280th
Bells Shoes 726th 561st 892nd 964th
Marcapiuma 727th 341st 382nd 824th
Mipelo 728th 1,280th 3,781st 5,930th
LINKWEB S.R.L. 729th 465th 561st 466th
duzefan 730th 409th 1,112th 2,158th
Simply Mugs 731st 1,689th 3,556th 4,554th
ferramenta-utensili 732nd 583rd 629th 1,349th
LiXuan Digital 733rd 843rd 587th 1,080th
sonicmoto 734th 663rd 435th 538th
GO DHL 735th 581st 962nd 1,938th
StarOcean 736th 674th 1,488th 2,669th
COSTO GIUSTO 737th 475th 247th 136th
flmsystem 738th 569th 969th 1,953rd
Welldone store 738th 40,257th 42,261st 42,295th
Maxoyj IT 739th 359th 168th 444th
star mobile 740th 909th 1,169th 2,232nd
Justmoment 741st 1,328th 175th 107th
elenxs 742nd 1,351st 3,670th 5,764th
WOLFTEETH IT 743rd 322nd 467th 1,102nd
La Libreria Internazionale Romagnosi 744th 474th 337th 506th
Moliker 745th 1,995th 4,801st 7,301st
AVANTI-TRENDSTORE 746th 813th 774th 882nd
Hommee Store 747th 1,156th 3,257th 5,187th
Quelli Dei Libri 748th 323rd 190th 356th
Japani Toys 749th 1,830th 4,594th 6,660th
Materassimemory 750th 479th 310th 306th
tasko 751st 910th 1,144th 2,194th
YOOTECH 752nd 453rd 874th 1,818th
Tunes Online 753rd 492nd 398th 339th
Design Barn 753rd 37,162nd 39,650th 39,692nd
Cindy's Little Kingdom 754th 1,541st 3,249th 5,182nd
Tre Pi Profumerie 755th 1,098th 789th 1,029th
DG LIBRI Usati Rari E Da Collezione 756th 604th 407th 200th
Chicca Tutto Moda di Diddi Alberto 757th 1,139th 1,278th 1,071st
Bonker 758th 833rd 1,547th 2,850th
Poppy Austin 759th 920th 1,911th 3,343rd
Authentic Hour EU 760th 1,155th 1,832nd 2,999th
KeLair Store 761st 879th 1,941st 3,379th
Callister Italia 762nd 1,140th 927th 1,690th
NEW MALL 763rd 1,623rd 2,398th 4,003rd
Ascher-EU 764th 680th 1,059th 2,071st
Qiyun Store 765th 845th 830th 1,442nd
Sogno Mercato 766th 897th 1,512th 2,769th
TUTUWEN 767th 631st 993rd 387th
Werkzeugbar 768th 785th 1,484th 2,750th
All Natural Advice Ltd 769th 667th 1,218th 2,307th
4-stereo - Groupaudio S.r.l.s. 770th 538th 513th 565th
REGALANDIA 771st 1,082nd 1,226th 2,321st
RedStore-it 772nd 1,238th 2,488th 4,156th
EXPOWER 773rd 819th 1,009th 883rd
DigitalGeek 774th 1,117th 1,496th 984th
jomodo 775th 980th 712th 483rd
GervasiSport 776th 1,009th 706th 956th
Tshirteria 777th 1,136th 796th 650th
Asmiled Team 778th 620th 1,199th 2,269th
PERAGA GARDEN CENTER 779th 681st 1,005th 1,869th
Kacuco 780th 350th 517th 1,179th
Themagicfour 781st 987th 534th 263rd
euroricami 782nd 599th 411th 505th
ak trade 783rd 1,030th 1,269th 1,315th
DoitwiserIT 784th 748th 1,255th 2,170th
smo-king 785th 844th 1,061st 2,004th
TOPEU 786th 654th 1,067th 2,097th
hofstein 787th 1,253rd 1,959th 3,411th

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