Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Beauty Store Uk 593rd 822nd 505th 978th
metene 594th 867th 2,560th 4,251st
Shukan 595th 557th 1,106th 1,703rd
HOBLANK24 Handelsgesellschaft mbH 596th 891st 355th 533rd
Bigwicks 597th 863rd 1,914th 2,544th
GUZZI sas 598th 539th 530th 684th
TonorDirect 599th 513th 433rd 818th
_dbprice_ 600th 360th 265th 95th
ICZI-IT 601st 696th 1,624th 2,959th
Mush Shop 602nd 717th 487th 238th
Kumu-UK 603rd 563rd 251st 288th
My iTronics 604th 605th 2,111th 3,647th
mikogiocattoli 605th 1,101st 1,383rd 1,536th
Toys in 606th 1,008th 1,575th 1,331st
Outdoor Trading 607th 745th 854th 1,522nd
hibuy 608th 612th 770th 1,081st
Tavullia Vendilo 609th 1,031st 1,148th 1,318th
Bricobravo 610th 385th 226th 116th
AccessFox 611th 380th 301st 270th
Patagonia Leather Rugs 611th 32,754th 35,948th 35,990th
nonsologiochiweb 612th 1,271st 3,400th 5,404th
Absolute Cult 613th 1,096th 1,495th 2,783rd
GLOBALPHONE SRLS 614th 622nd 498th 206th
Casa Candles 615th 477th 1,499th 2,166th
GLOBAL NET 616th 503rd 379th 257th
BELLIVESTORE 617th 424th 359th 674th
Prezzogiusto 619th 721st 595th 721st
mondialtoys 620th 1,121st 1,062nd 866th
UTIMI 621st 1,183rd 2,453rd 4,112th
ARREDOLANDIA 622nd 516th 332nd 324th
Centro libri Larizza 623rd 201st 133rd 55th
LIVHÒ 624th 587th 1,699th 3,052nd
TOWER London 625th 618th 1,291st 846th
Partylandia 626th 666th 455th 577th
vococal-tech 627th 510th 345th 259th
WebShopOnline 628th 394th 330th 337th
TENSWALL-IT 629th 727th 1,468th 2,735th
Invision Tecnologia (Italia) 630th 470th 384th 218th
BAOSHAN-UK 631st 419th 1,401st 2,609th
Mikiesere 632nd 694th 593rd 1,122nd
Easybuymall-2015 633rd 731st 656th 1,046th
FANTASIA SCARPE E ACCESSORI 634th 642nd 526th 711th
fashwork 635th 1,278th 2,609th 4,309th
KabelDirekt Europe 636th 907th 2,932nd 4,745th
BM-Trading 637th 616th 1,130th 1,782nd
EJBOTH-IT 638th 529th 1,396th 2,605th
li_online 639th 349th 813th 1,709th
E-ottantaquattro 640th 430th 580th 805th
Gamesview 641st 1,270th 889th 390th
Tatkraft 642nd 382nd 388th 625th
Mylogo 643rd 1,002nd 3,003rd 4,876th
LEDemainDirect IT 644th 572nd 628th 1,312th
DOMO EXPRESS 645th 324th 376th 469th
KOInc 646th 638th 1,644th 2,975th
Team Web Srl 647th 643rd 562nd 152nd
Magic Global Gadgets IT 648th 212th 604th 1,233rd
Centrale Free Agent 649th 1,045th 1,848th 3,162nd
MA-Trading 650th 634th 451st 463rd
Musou Direct 651st 598th 1,572nd 2,882nd
S6G GROUP 652nd 692nd 416th 141st
toocool-shop 653rd 794th 716th 1,326th
AAA Toys 654th 937th 847th 655th
coback 655th 710th 1,682nd 3,032nd
Ridewill 656th 320th 232nd 438th
SOLOMAGIA 657th 770th 549th 634th
oktimegenova 658th 707th 2,156th 3,716th
HAIRSTYLEMARKET 659th 523rd 1,084th 2,117th
BEEPICK_STORE 660th 901st 627th 1,020th
Affarielettronica 661st 767th 1,630th 2,965th
Rivezop 662nd 534th 1,079th 2,108th
Slumbersac Trading 663rd 791st 1,474th 1,397th
SPARES-2-GO 664th 591st 609th 696th
Goldpix 665th 524th 383rd 111th
Luigi324 666th 698th 803rd 1,053rd
Innovationstore 667th 653rd 748th 571st
BisLinks® 668th 584th 546th 875th
Easy Joyance 669th 370th 319th 278th
Beltom 670th 468th 800th 1,676th
Basezip 671st 652nd 255th 295th
little leather 672nd 800th 907th 921st
Lights4fun - Italy 673rd 1,099th 1,497th 2,129th
fubaodauk 674th 782nd 1,964th 3,422nd
offertemania 675th 495th 502nd 685th
Link-Shop di Lorenzo Cacioppo 676th 862nd 1,072nd 300th
Emart 677th 485th 299th 271st
Eyekepper-IT 678th 505th 531st 1,051st
lamaglieria 679th 1,191st 985th 1,631st
Asreu Tuwer 680th 36,856th 39,382nd 39,424th
EASYSMX 680th 553rd 952nd 1,916th
QumaoIT 681st 780th 1,184th 2,247th
MondoStock 682nd 1,109th 1,022nd 2,037th
POWRX GmbH 683rd 623rd 569th 835th
Scarpe - IT 684th 989th 1,328th 1,526th
REALTECHNOLOGY 685th 520th 521st 279th
bacom 686th 383rd 276th 245th
Exerz 687th 629th 758th 1,555th
Pandamimi--The Great ULAK Case Company 688th 630th 616th 1,268th
Lumaland GmbH 689th 423rd 421st 659th
eurosparkle 690th 712th 1,298th 2,301st
okcs-24 691st 372nd 228th 492nd

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