Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
FontanaCalze 493rd 571st 1,259th 2,364th
Beauty Solutions Ltd 494th 418th 423rd 992nd
mearings 495th 593rd 1,095th 2,132nd
Fulian electronics 496th 621st 1,982nd 3,456th
EurLink-IT 497th 614th 1,873rd 3,303rd
YOSHTech 498th 627th 868th 1,805th
Edital 499th 246th 120th 162nd
Blue Banana Alternative Fashion 500th 659th 552nd 853rd
Filterprofi 501st 726th 915th 1,808th
European Specials 502nd 517th 1,766th 3,144th
LJTEKMALL 503rd 518th 1,286th 2,400th
Becool 504th 542nd 334th 752nd
AresparkDirect EU 505th 274th 218th 517th
The Best Car 506th 497th 447th 462nd
GERARDI & FORTURA 507th 908th 611th 227th
TheSnugg 508th 570th 816th 1,325th
New Harbor Sales 509th 410th 140th 177th
URBANSPORTINSIDE 510th 683rd 1,821st 3,215th
Karabu srl 511th 693rd 700th 343rd
SimplySupplements 512th 498th 559th 1,219th
I LOVE SHOPPING 513th 558th 149th 67th
BOOKS etc. 514th 460th 448th 572nd
Electrimax 515th 357th 325th 467th
Evcirle 516th 432nd 460th 1,092nd
KOMPBAY 517th 297th 185th 155th
GAINWELL UK 518th 406th 1,185th 2,248th
SEGURO 519th 565th 1,363rd 2,511th
STARTWAY 520th 546th 762nd 1,565th
ST. Direct EU 521st 646th 1,087th 2,123rd
Menko Telekom 522nd 665th 287th 291st
Neuert's 523rd 603rd 807th 1,057th
ecence_media 524th 575th 205th 38th
Kit Me Out IT 525th 439th 160th 24th
Vegavero 526th 773rd 1,712th 3,070th
dika srls 527th 626th 1,658th 2,997th
ACQUISTOWEB 528th 487th 532nd 370th
Toys 2000 529th 722nd 647th 253rd
trendor 530th 1,242nd 1,297th 608th
Joli Beauty 531st 461st 744th 1,579th
EU Xcellent Global 532nd 373rd 349th 465th
Freetoo 533rd 371st 704th 1,493rd
discopiu.net_GARANZIA ITALIANA 534th 597th 249th 174th
dcmall 535th 532nd 417th 795th
Grandi Risparmi 536th 1,586th 2,188th 1,763rd
zoverstocks 537th 243rd 118th 14th
CLICCANDOSHOP 538th 639th 1,140th 2,189th
SWAGO SRL 539th 514th 1,002nd 1,996th
geschenk-kiosk 540th 609th 913th 1,085th
Willful Direct 541st 1,112th 3,277th 5,223rd
Sportspar 542nd 855th 659th 631st
CreaTion_EU 543rd 808th 938th 1,771st
OffertaCellulari 544th 556th 245th 146th
VESTIESSE 545th 636th 761st 946th
Machebelcarrello 546th 1,151st 945th 476th
FERRAMENTA BELTRAMI 547th 413th 909th 1,862nd
Bolf 548th 649th 828th 1,088th
clondo 549th 817th 1,374th 2,562nd
EC Technology IT Store 550th 483rd 652nd 1,289th
Best Global Sales Depot 551st 452nd 896th 1,846th
BestDeal-IT 552nd 684th 481st 321st
FoxnovoStore 553rd 893rd 1,839th 1,781st
Luminal Park 554th 984th 1,977th 1,072nd
Ambaiyi 555th 594th 930th 1,895th
Konov Gioielli 556th 469th 204th 119th
allbeautyShop 557th 417th 1,008th 2,010th
webaquarium 558th 442nd 313th 673rd
aoputek 559th 564th 2,090th 3,620th
Mture 560th 450th 846th 1,764th
COM-FOUR Vertriebs GmbH 561st 959th 771st 1,054th
GoSparkling 562nd 738th 1,417th 1,886th
Niche Gift Shop ITALIA 563rd 795th 784th 945th
Kinderspieleland 564th 1,042nd 1,109th 868th
gogoindustry 565th 415th 181st 228th
JIAXIUFEN 566th 358th 153rd 255th
Domestik Line Service 567th 486th 653rd 797th
antica bottega Incoronato 568th 949th 1,223rd 878th
CampuStore 569th 1,107th 1,268th 653rd
Time Savvy Shop 570th 757th 1,307th 2,435th
PJDIGITALSTORE 571st 425th 203rd 287th
GMEX Trading 572nd 588th 727th 1,424th
IdeaShop 573rd 1,165th 1,449th 1,471st
Kingland 574th 555th 1,749th 3,118th
RGDIGITAL 575th 443rd 317th 180th
Ubegood-Store 576th 779th 2,083rd 3,610th
3C4U 577th 459th 213th 109th
HAIBEI 578th 573rd 650th 1,173rd
Wosirl 579th 455th 482nd 1,117th
Klarstein Italia 580th 938th 2,498th 4,167th
Yankee Store 581st 915th 2,353rd 2,090th
COMPROCELLULARI.IT 582nd 480th 1,138th 2,187th
start sjsw 583rd 664th 1,657th 2,995th
Coconut Merchant Ltd 584th 405th 303rd 788th
imoxx 585th 408th 394th 131st
SOLDELA ® 586th 655th 871st 801st
KaylaOfficial 587th 241st 1,174th 2,235th
DIVASHOP 588th 826th 1,182nd 1,440th
Winthrop Group 589th 1,033rd 2,787th 4,507th
JAMONPRIVE 590th 759th 1,759th 2,990th
Mailanda 591st 883rd 1,896th 3,219th
Uoogifts 592nd 531st 633rd 753rd

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