Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
DON HIERRO-DHO 130,665th 130,715th 29,003rd 32,590th
mister4multimedia 130,667th 130,717th 48,072nd 41,244th
Rough Enough 130,668th 130,718th 29,004th 32,591st
COCO-UK 130,670th 130,720th 48,073rd 50,902nd
plastics4garden 130,673rd 15,802nd 15,877th 19,639th
wisvic 130,675th 130,724th 37,950th 41,245th
Proporta IT 130,679th 15,803rd 7,631st 2,731st
desquentoespania 130,680th 130,728th 48,074th 50,903rd
EmmediDavide 130,690th 34,684th 48,075th 9,937th
Centro Elettrodomestici 130,694th 34,685th 48,076th 50,904th
Yulty 130,695th 34,686th 48,077th 50,905th
Distribuciones Catalex S.L. 130,704th 34,687th 12,679th 8,581st
Eaze Products 130,706th 34,688th 48,078th 50,906th
Royal Lifetree 130,710th 130,753rd 11,874th 13,766th
IstantidiGioia 130,714th 34,689th 48,079th 50,907th
Linkwhere 130,719th 130,761st 48,080th 50,908th
RealTea - RealCafè di GSG ITALY srl 130,725th 130,767th 48,081st 50,909th
LOME MO 130,732nd 16,136th 26,464th 30,115th
FASH Limited 130,736th 34,690th 23,168th 17,953rd
Abyone Direct 130,758th 130,798th 48,082nd 50,910th
Efken-Onlinehandel 130,763rd 130,803rd 33,630th 37,146th
DAISYSHEEP 130,767th 130,807th 33,631st 37,147th
pcone-sicilia 130,775th 34,692nd 14,775th 6,759th
UNIVERS DECOR 130,777th 34,693rd 32,583rd 36,118th
Halo accessories 130,778th 34,694th 32,584th 30,116th
Dehao Eura 130,789th 34,695th 48,083rd 50,911th
top-garten-shop 130,792nd 25,538th 23,672nd 24,873rd
Bestwinner Go 130,795th 130,830th 48,084th 50,912th
Crystal Show Browbands 130,802nd 130,837th 37,952nd 41,248th
NerdPoint 130,805th 34,697th 16,280th 20,025th
AutoStore247 130,816th 20,964th 23,673rd 27,386th
Fabelia-shop 130,830th 34,699th 37,953rd 41,249th
ColorJoy-RHX 130,834th 130,866th 48,087th 50,916th
Fashion 1st 130,837th 34,980th 37,954th 41,250th
X-Skating 130,839th 34,701st 26,032nd 25,565th
RYN - VAT REGISTERED 130,841st 4,749th 6,424th 8,999th
EyeCandy UK 130,844th 34,702nd 21,818th 23,327th
Decalsticker 130,846th 34,703rd 48,088th 50,917th
AZ Gadgets 130,849th 130,876th 32,586th 20,121st
Patapum UK 130,856th 130,883rd 37,955th 41,252nd
Ezen Designs 130,858th 34,704th 48,089th 50,918th
Wisdom Media 130,859th 34,705th 26,663rd 16,252nd
fitnesshelden 130,860th 130,885th 48,090th 41,253rd
Pro Power Ionics 130,866th 130,891st 48,091st 50,919th
KONVER Distribuciones Informáticas 130,868th 130,893rd 37,956th 41,254th
Zwergennest-Köln 130,869th 130,894th 48,092nd 50,920th
Amestore 130,871st 34,707th 48,093rd 50,921st
Sting Cases 130,872nd 130,896th 37,957th 36,120th
Johannes Lefeld GmbH & Co. KG Preise incl. MwSt 130,875th 130,899th 11,293rd 6,191st
Girly HandBags 130,876th 25,542nd 37,958th 5,427th
F C SUPPLIES LTD 130,882nd 130,905th 48,094th 50,922nd
Spigoletta00 130,887th 25,543rd 37,959th 41,257th
PISPO Ltd 130,891st 34,708th 15,879th 6,866th
Eurodistrib 130,895th 34,710th 16,787th 17,955th
iz.nordgalerie 130,898th 34,711th 48,095th 50,925th
Wendler Elektro-Dienstleistung 130,902nd 130,921st 26,465th 19,642nd
Tirry - Your Petstore 130,908th 130,927th 20,609th 12,478th
Big Guys World 130,909th 130,928th 20,610th 24,360th
Molmo 130,912th 130,931st 37,960th 28,422nd
Art Communication 130,914th 130,933rd 37,961st 41,258th
GtronicsdotNET 130,918th 130,937th 24,727th 24,361st
ETS ELETTRONICA 130,926th 34,713th 32,587th 7,821st
CIP CIP STORE 130,929th 130,947th 32,588th 12,740th
MID-ADNAUTO 130,935th 15,807th 11,235th 13,805th
mifrro 130,942nd 130,959th 13,951st 13,545th 130,943rd 34,714th 32,589th 36,121st
EveryHead 130,945th 130,961st 48,096th 50,926th
Sticker Bay 130,947th 130,963rd 48,097th 50,927th
Nostalgic Clothing 130,948th 25,544th 24,728th 28,423rd
Tuning-X 130,951st 25,545th 26,034th 29,680th
Athos Consumer GmbH 130,954th 34,715th 24,729th 18,214th
Tausendkraut GmbH 130,956th 25,547th 26,035th 29,681st
E T. from HONGKONG 130,960th 130,972nd 37,963rd 41,260th
Guido Mondani Editore 130,965th 34,717th 37,964th 23,328th
Biembi 130,966th 25,548th 21,819th 9,789th
Bosi Tools UK Ltd 130,967th 130,977th 26,913th 30,588th
BASKETPRIVEE 130,968th 130,978th 23,674th 15,370th
time&trend 130,975th 130,985th 32,590th 36,122nd
costacarmen 130,979th 25,549th 20,611th 17,653rd
IlLibraio 130,983rd 130,992nd 26,914th 14,899th
France.Premium 130,986th 130,995th 48,098th 12,525th
BATTAGLIA GIOIELLI S.R.L. 130,987th 130,996th 48,099th 50,929th
saanjhi_uk_ltd 130,988th 130,997th 23,301st 9,485th
CAPSIAMOIS 130,989th 130,998th 48,100th 36,123rd
polar-effekt 130,994th 25,550th 37,965th 41,262nd
TOUTOFFRIR 130,998th 34,718th 48,101st 50,931st
Musique et mode 131,002nd 131,009th 24,730th 17,153rd
Blumen-Struck GbR 131,017th 34,719th 48,102nd 50,932nd
Mayon trading 131,021st 131,027th 48,103rd 671st
Top-Tech-Outlet 131,026th 131,032nd 8,839th 4,606th
REZIKLATU 131,028th 131,034th 48,105th 28,424th
Wristbands Online 131,029th 34,721st 48,106th 37,149th
vlmstore 131,030th 131,035th 13,509th 7,763rd
Heinrichssohn Germany 131,034th 34,722nd 19,607th 23,329th
Showroom Vip 131,036th 18,161st 15,331st 11,273rd
Georges Gems Greeting Cards & Gifts 131,037th 25,552nd 29,011th 32,598th
CALZAME 131,040th 34,723rd 21,821st 17,722nd
Zaparolli12 131,041st 25,554th 32,592nd 36,125th

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