Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
TIZZY BAC 130,269th 130,369th 26,912th 30,587th
The GAA Store 130,271st 130,371st 29,147th 25,592nd
Global Mark Store 130,272nd 25,522nd 28,992nd 32,581st
Ottica Brambilla 130,273rd 130,372nd 48,044th 50,873rd
EUROSPORTNET_2015 130,279th 130,378th 17,439th 18,800th
schnaeppcheninsel 130,283rd 34,650th 20,605th 22,583rd
moppele 130,288th 130,386th 37,928th 25,559th 130,289th 34,652nd 32,576th 36,110th
sabolive 130,294th 130,391st 48,046th 50,876th
The Pi Hut 130,295th 8,532nd 8,673rd 4,391st
COMPLEMENTODARREDO 130,298th 130,394th 37,929th 32,583rd
NovelGift 130,300th 130,396th 48,047th 50,877th
francescoiga 130,310th 130,406th 12,384th 12,089th
under_field 130,312th 34,653rd 15,059th 13,127th
FASE concept lab 130,315th 34,654th 15,330th 18,480th
Healthy Warehouse 130,319th 25,525th 33,625th 37,141st
Santwo 130,323rd 130,416th 19,855th 23,587th
Liliana Dolls 130,324th 34,655th 37,931st 41,229th
latiendadesaus 130,325th 130,417th 37,932nd 36,111th
YHUISENEU 130,332nd 34,656th 24,723rd 28,420th
Goodify Ltd 130,337th 34,657th 48,048th 50,878th
JKKIndaistore 130,340th 34,658th 37,933rd 41,230th
Target Abbigliamento 130,349th 34,659th 48,049th 50,879th
EUR Printer 130,350th 130,438th 17,088th 17,651st
staubsaugerservice 130,369th 130,457th 23,671st 27,384th
Tortendeko-Shop 130,374th 34,660th 37,934th 41,231st
Soprassalto 130,382nd 34,661st 48,050th 50,880th
69shop 130,384th 6,529th 11,573rd 15,085th
Babylandia 130,391st 130,476th 48,051st 50,881st
PippoModa 130,392nd 34,662nd 20,608th 19,892nd
300 Trading 130,394th 18,154th 28,994th 32,584th
Eddieshops 130,399th 130,482nd 48,052nd 50,882nd
Ossian Fasteners S.L. 130,404th 34,663rd 32,578th 36,113th
Top Deals Seller 130,405th 34,664th 48,053rd 50,883rd
KB Innovations LLC 130,408th 34,665th 48,054th 50,884th
Liminaires Lighting 130,411th 130,491st 18,471st 16,946th
hotsaleuk 130,419th 20,957th 3,041st 1,410th
K2 Planet 130,420th 130,499th 48,055th 50,885th
Elemonte 130,422nd 130,501st 28,995th 32,585th
Fantasy lives 130,429th 130,508th 32,623rd 36,151st
A&M Bargains 130,431st 130,510th 28,996th 32,586th
cyber-2011 130,435th 130,514th 48,056th 50,886th
FHZ LTD 130,440th 130,519th 48,057th 50,887th
Smart-ITA 130,442nd 130,521st 9,334th 1,263rd
AdoredHoard 130,444th 130,523rd 48,058th 50,888th
KennzeichenKaufen 130,446th 130,525th 37,935th 41,232nd
infimedix 130,447th 20,958th 28,997th 29,677th
Elvira Quaranta 130,451st 25,526th 37,936th 41,233rd
Dusk Furniture 130,453rd 34,666th 48,059th 50,889th
Human-Wellness 130,462nd 18,155th 24,725th 24,357th
Unique UK Bargains 130,474th 130,549th 32,579th 36,114th
ALEMAR shop 130,484th 130,559th 37,937th 2,717th
QueenShop 130,489th 16,252nd 21,815th 25,562nd
use-again 130,491st 15,798th 15,187th 13,765th
Kazza Tech 130,502nd 130,575th 11,873rd 9,951st
ATTITUDE CLOTHING 130,504th 20,959th 15,060th 18,932nd
Ting Tang UK 130,508th 130,580th 14,308th 18,016th
LovitoLtd 130,510th 34,669th 33,627th 37,144th
Store legend 130,511th 34,670th 48,060th 50,891st
Scotts Workwear Ltd 130,513th 34,671st 33,628th 36,115th
robert_reynolds6 130,516th 20,960th 9,358th 12,571st
Hartnoll Guitars Ltd 130,526th 34,672nd 19,203rd 22,965th
Casually Allure - Italia 130,530th 34,673rd 48,061st 50,893rd
TopofDeal 130,534th 25,528th 32,581st 23,326th
MaryCom IT 130,542nd 34,674th 24,726th 8,394th
Koll-Living 130,545th 130,609th 37,939th 41,350th
DBC Trading 130,546th 130,610th 48,062nd 50,894th
DreamWedding-UK 130,549th 130,613th 28,999th 30,114th
Distribution service 26 130,550th 130,614th 22,225th 24,358th
elisa91. 130,552nd 130,616th 17,596th 20,671st
Il pianeta dei DVD 130,556th 34,675th 9,943rd 3,036th
OVIVO Wellness 130,568th 130,631st 6,762nd 8,252nd
rafagames 130,569th 34,676th 48,063rd 50,895th
KONKE 130,570th 130,632nd 29,000th 32,588th
WECS 130,571st 130,633rd 48,064th 36,116th
COWICO 130,580th 130,642nd 48,065th 50,896th
Fischer & Co Ltd 130,581st 130,643rd 29,001st 29,679th
Dreshow 130,583rd 34,677th 37,940th 41,235th
Spraytanpro 130,587th 130,648th 48,066th 19,638th
Just Cool 130,589th 130,650th 1,194th 1,131st
Vintageandyou 130,592nd 130,653rd 16,658th 10,734th
DER BAR MEISTER 130,596th 130,657th 37,941st 41,236th
ricambinotebook 130,597th 34,678th 12,642nd 16,250th
Cj_Singh 130,604th 130,664th 37,942nd 41,237th
Litao wangluo 130,611th 25,604th 38,052nd 41,351st
ESL EnergieSpeicherLösungen 130,612th 34,679th 48,067th 50,897th
thewhitedaffodils 130,616th 130,674th 33,629th 37,145th
DailyTime Limited 130,631st 130,689th 23,165th 26,873rd
fibasolution 130,634th 20,961st 18,474th 11,601st
Frauenschuh24 130,636th 130,693rd 37,946th 41,241st
Germanposters 130,637th 34,680th 48,068th 50,898th
Golfgear4less & Babythingz 130,640th 15,800th 11,234th 5,078th
Linea Chic 130,641st 34,681st 48,069th 50,899th
Hide & Drink Europe 130,644th 21,741st 22,227th 25,968th
SERVICIOS FOTOGRÁFICOS BN 130,645th 25,534th 23,166th 26,874th
Femada-Store 130,648th 34,682nd 48,070th 50,900th
sports shop online 130,653rd 130,704th 38,139th 51,358th
pearlsystems 130,659th 130,710th 37,948th 41,243rd
Shymay Apparel 130,660th 130,711th 48,071st 50,901st
Deals 123 130,663rd 25,535th 14,774th 18,482nd

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