Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
ELECTRONIC MEGASTORE 394th 280th 202nd 193rd
Pelusciamo 395th 840th 1,027th 1,413th
EuroElectronics IT 396th 441st 469th 630th
DVD TEMPLE 397th 436th 352nd 282nd
AC Center 398th 454th 607th 1,238th
Ricambi Eldom 399th 334th 372nd 449th
ShoppyLandiaStore 400th 250th 187th 195th
CrossTheSea 401st 368th 884th 1,832nd
YUK 402nd 816th 715th 749th
xmas gifts uk 403rd 931st 2,440th 4,092nd
areashoppingsrl 404th 536th 1,719th 3,082nd
Onlinestore Italia 405th 476th 437th 778th
Vovotrade®. 406th 608th 271st 713th
DIGITALGUY INTERNATIONAL INC 407th 449th 392nd 815th
Miusol-IT 408th 567th 1,122nd 2,165th
Mobile24 409th 346th 248th 186th
LamicallDirect 410th 784th 2,646th 4,361st
FB ITALIA 411th 841st 865th 1,069th
VendimeloTu 412th 339th 494th 761st
CDEX SHOP 413th 310th 139th 138th
THORVAP 414th 435th 1,277th 2,392nd
Productos Licenciados 415th 645th 565th 373rd
Danto 416th 541st 554th 912th
GooBang Doo IT 417th 472nd 902nd 1,852nd
K.G.C. D.O.O. 418th 77th 39th 8th
M&O S.R.L. 419th 366th 1,011th 2,012th
S&PHOTO TRADE 420th 789th 1,066th 2,039th
Bei Pate 421st 484th 708th 1,470th
Vandot- (9-25 Giorni) 422nd 421st 224th 318th
Mallom® 423rd 1,052nd 286th 404th
Twinz Products 424th 519th 820th 1,591st
Digimaxx 425th 491st 432nd 1,038th
SixBros. Italy 426th 507th 191st 154th
FabioStore 427th 206th 91st 283rd
Masteroftoys 428th 607th 412th 485th
Gohepi 429th 353rd 1,284th 2,398th
Settantallora 430th 952nd 1,332nd 1,773rd
GrecoShop 431st 428th 315th 145th
CorradoShop 432nd 512th 694th 1,474th
Ditta Tirozzi Nicola 433rd 448th 428th 374th
subtel-italia 434th 312th 211th 181st
standbyon (ships from USA) 435th 347th 649th 1,403rd
Toner Experte 436th 219th 449th 1,077th
HopingLight direct 437th 728th 2,413th 4,053rd
NUOVO PROGRAMMA UFFICIO SRL 438th 530th 503rd 689th
KeenstoneEU 439th 433rd 733rd 1,535th
Vansky Official 440th 464th 1,060th 2,041st
deAO 441st 851st 2,319th 3,893rd
P & F France 442nd 554th 768th 894th
LEVIN-IT 443rd 221st 167th 371st
Naipo Care 444th 765th 1,831st 3,231st
Softbayglobal 445th 1,344th 3,425th 3,363rd
mirabilia4you 446th 894th 2,913th 4,711th
eSymetric GmbH 446th 38,324th 27,946th 18,025th
Tecno Store Italia 447th 482nd 709th 1,499th
Green0232 448th 596th 419th 897th
imballaggi2000 449th 446th 1,274th 2,389th
Jocando 450th 1,037th 1,012th 388th
ShoeMetro 451st 1,237th 471st 755th
GLOBALOMOUK 452nd 488th 1,028th 2,035th
Bonstato 453rd 478th 1,013th 2,013th
ElzoDirect 454th 407th 867th 1,803rd
allforyoushopper 455th 291st 196th 327th
paganohome 456th 679th 635th 602nd
DVDCineShop 457th 714th 631st 242nd
MakerMart 458th 711th 1,649th 2,969th
Vegaoo_ufficiale 459th 613th 831st 1,304th
R.Toucans 460th 481st 1,047th 2,070th
Farmacosmo 461st 592nd 390th 474th
SportsShoes Unlimited Italy 462nd 540th 233rd 142nd
Colour Direct 463rd 335th 155th 110th
CaseLabdesigns 464th 392nd 385th 952nd
oodji 465th 658th 2,045th 3,568th
AlanTan 466th 882nd 1,083rd 1,476th
kontramobile 467th 682nd 1,790th 2,592nd
AukruDirect 468th 416th 262nd 568th
goodiduk 469th 365th 1,303rd 2,428th
JulieFord653 470th 500th 1,490th 2,770th
H&X 471st 528th 804th 1,670th
PerroneShop 472nd 292nd 292nd 402nd
Elbenwald Italia 473rd 412th 454th 275th
led-supply 474th 723rd 1,908th 3,337th
GOLDEALS 475th 969th 1,183rd 1,834th
Anear 476th 751st 2,230th 3,811th
DOLEXTECH 477th 294th 151st 117th
Maxgear Ltd 478th 340th 430th 526th
Costmoons 479th 473rd 524th 1,188th
Bestore 480th 502nd 802nd 647th
Zara-HH 481st 399th 664th 1,431st
Materassiedoghe 482nd 494th 1,296th 2,178th
Smart Shop Online 483rd 923rd 998th 1,303rd
INNOOLife 484th 582nd 1,925th 3,361st
Euprimojoy 485th 447th 879th 1,824th
Prozis 486th 333rd 457th 1,063rd
GumpTrade 487th 257th 215th 437th
Ziolsam 488th 515th 1,632nd 2,968th
sporyee 489th 379th 860th 1,791st
WholetradeEU 490th 793rd 934th 1,899th
LAGE 491st 400th 257th 293rd
Cessna Sales UK 492nd 617th 1,789th 3,166th

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