Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Asiv Direct 296th 559th 1,281st 2,395th
RS Traders 297th 264th 360th 832nd
Xtra-Funky Ltd (VAT Registered) 298th 190th 146th 113th
Euronovità 299th 309th 343rd 740th
igadgitz_ita 300th 153rd 55th 12th
Rotex-Italia 301st 343rd 280th 243rd
Aeiolw 302nd 493rd 1,362nd 2,535th
Dokpav 303rd 277th 145th 267th
OFF PRICE STORE 304th 420th 413th 426th
pianetaoutlet 305th 331st 320th 398th
HANGSUN-IT 306th 404th 603rd 1,214th
Leathlux 307th 228th 225th 224th
4Tools 308th 444th 689th 637th
Jstyle Gioielli 309th 361st 477th 1,121st
Tekoo 310th 815th 297th 633rd
JARBO. 311th 208th 329th 857th
CHOETECH 312th 166th 281st 525th
Scootmx 313th 32,732nd 35,928th 35,970th
Libro Co. Italia 313th 287th 197th 233rd
ALED LUCE Italia 314th 249th 367th 498th
DékorWNN 315th 511th 1,155th 2,075th
AGMSTORE 316th 271st 300th 789th
JAMMYLIZARD Italia 317th 325th 200th 65th
Yuema 318th 223rd 677th 1,447th
Grand Monkey - IT 319th 305th 311th 763rd
PROZOR 320th 284th 920th 1,877th
Importtoys 321st 521st 1,464th 2,703rd
Prezzo Bomba 322nd 248th 199th 392nd
SunvitoDirect 323rd 398th 979th 1,973rd
Tuning 324th 251st 510th 1,111th
newnet 325th 209th 189th 236th
Rothhaas GmbH 326th 39,607th 23,646th 8,851st
Dland_Europe 326th 319th 358th 754th
PUGO TOP EURO 327th 345th 682nd 1,463rd
Leelbox-tech 328th 302nd 711th 1,504th
Leomark 329th 677th 886th 980th
The Friendly Swede [IT] 330th 276th 230th 430th
efsuk 331st 315th 743rd 1,577th
Lbbiancheria 332nd 397th 403rd 412th
Vikoo 333rd 263rd 250th 691st
OrchardRoad. 334th 316th 976th 1,968th
OkayBabyShop 335th 336th 306th 381st
iTekLife UK 336th 328th 623rd 1,255th
Kolylong® 337th 986th 1,115th 2,152nd
BazarPRO 338th 586th 1,306th 2,434th
HolanDirect 339th 535th 1,537th 2,845th
aodoor 340th 426th 881st 1,515th
Fun Collectables 341st 921st 2,948th 1,250th
Velovendo 342nd 262nd 206th 354th
PENGYOU 343rd 457th 243rd 523rd
centro.ermini.ilmondotuttodipiusrl 344th 820th 1,238th 536th
Webcom s.r.l. 345th 279th 932nd 1,897th
Findmeagift 346th 741st 1,528th 2,122nd
Finether IT 347th 165th 600th 1,297th
italygusto 348th 270th 302nd 826th
sanzoom 349th 351st 473rd 929th
TONEWATCH S.A. 350th 437th 491st 272nd
globalpubblicita 351st 637th 2,153rd 3,711th
mobiledirect24 352nd 788th 1,337th 2,396th
EOTW 353rd 298th 269th 751st
Kaffeine 354th 632nd 2,246th 3,837th
Trotec24-it 355th 318th 426th 363rd
REPHONESRL 356th 466th 728th 1,543rd
Beiuns Store Online 357th 301st 810th 1,518th
BB Sport 358th 396th 316th 286th
Eliware 359th 543rd 458th 254th
Paradox Network 360th 1,069th 805th 225th
Starb 361st 330th 396th 470th
Fratelli Azzaro 362nd 673rd 791st 1,001st
Gosear-tech 363rd 384th 386th 289th
HUION 364th 467th 499th 709th
YusonGirl 365th 644th 1,020th 2,028th
NexTech-IT 366th 533rd 1,510th 2,811th
Vicloon 367th 610th 642nd 1,362nd
DOBO 368th 376th 369th 217th
IfreeMall 369th 186th 244th 687th
SuperStore2014 370th 342nd 404th 672nd
Klim-Cool 371st 356th 808th 1,678th
cherrypickelectronics 372nd 290th 463rd 504th
Voguecase 373rd 389th 88th 81st
chemagliette 374th 348th 361st 791st
Bee Biz 375th 300th 134th 260th
Jumbo-Shop 376th 736th 2,097th 1,963rd
Keisound-UK 377th 735th 333rd 766th
duola beauty 378th 181st 296th 455th
BlueBeach 379th 327th 527th 975th
Forefront Cases 380th 391st 283rd 305th
cinema24 381st 308th 274th 237th
DURONIC 382nd 354th 308th 312th
emmeshop-online 383rd 499th 400th 310th
ECO-FUSED UK 384th 390th 264th 654th
DFRSYSTEM 385th 363rd 387th 656th
PREMYO 386th 185th 165th 448th
FastMedia "navi da Stati USA" 387th 355th 488th 366th
SMTR-EU 388th 427th 1,212th 2,300th
ELETTROARREDI 389th 451st 368th 714th
GLM Online 390th 273rd 335th 558th
Lizimandu 391st 164th 304th 827th
capellimonelli 392nd 381st 397th 907th
KASANOVA 393rd 545th 880th 1,627th

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