Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
IRPot by Chance SAS 198th 142nd 95th 59th
Tutto in un click 199th 295th 273rd 143rd
meinemarkenmode 200th 438th 1,734th 3,029th
ivencase 201st 156th 110th 150th
rebirthday 202nd 282nd 576th 1,258th
GIOIAPURA 203rd 431st 436th 456th
MagicMerchant78 204th 387th 465th 599th
swees-shop 205th 220th 72nd 27th
Afunta UK 206th 247th 242nd 304th
Etekcity Corporation 207th 150th 253rd 340th
Memories Direct 208th 160th 731st 1,545th
Awitstar 209th 168th 507th 1,165th
ELETTROGEA RICAMBI 210th 182nd 182nd 264th
PaperbackShopUS 211th 234th 581st 168th
ZeWoo-Shop 212th 157th 545th 1,218th
mobilschleuder 213th 311th 1,279th 2,394th
digitalbayshop 214th 129th 52nd 37th
Le Premium 215th 332nd 794th 765th
Yellow Moon UK Ltd 216th 253rd 339th 407th
Shine Glory Lighting (EUR Seller) 217th 268th 839th 1,750th
Simple Tek 218th 289th 157th 338th
A-MONTAIN 219th 167th 648th 1,392nd
SancoIT 220th 275th 38th 90th
Sunny Market 221st 193rd 42nd 74th
Mosiso IT 222nd 224th 198th 475th
Farano Store 223rd 362nd 594th 776th
Bear Books Italy 224th 161st 194th 559th
Rulfepy 225th 205th 344th 881st
SinoEshow 226th 177th 354th 769th
MoEx24 227th 214th 111th 294th
Xintop 228th 133rd 443rd 1,075th
MAXFE.CO 229th 254th 710th 1,503rd
AGRIFARMA PICCINNI S.R.L. 230th 217th 891st 1,841st
BlueMall_IT 231st 267th 241st 230th
I-Blason UK 232nd 226th 279th 429th
ZookkiDirect-IT 233rd 213th 148th 292nd
alarmshop 234th 215th 229th 473rd
VECOSELL 235th 296th 235th 83rd
Sobuy-Shop-IT 236th 258th 260th 274th
BCTV 237th 401st 933rd 961st
IFEDA 238th 230th 405th 986th
Wave Multimedia Co. Ltd 239th 313th 180th 396th
GAMING WORLD 240th 225th 461st 977th
QHG store 241st 337th 1,170th 2,233rd
3D Entertainment 242nd 191st 252nd 178th
Pousrew 243rd 180th 409th 1,010th
Smart Parts Italia 244th 138th 94th 31st
Cellularishop 245th 198th 234th 665th
Urcover 246th 203rd 364th 834th
Loire2016 247th 374th 673rd 1,450th
Body Source 248th 236th 375th 802nd
Le Clown et l'Enfant 248th 45,208th 46,460th 46,460th
EPRANCE 249th 143rd 219th 628th
Kastdeals 250th 265th 267th 160th
Marketdirecto 251st 456th 415th 999th
GRG® OFFERTA SPECIALE 252nd 194th 522nd 1,163rd
angemart1999 253rd 189th 90th 216th
JTENG TECH 254th 440th 1,520th 2,827th
FLY-Shop 255th 259th 464th 613th
WEBSTER - Libreria Italia 256th 171st 174th 120th
Sunroyal 257th 293rd 314th 831st
Mondo distribuzione 258th 240th 293rd 365th
eBoot 259th 299th 495th 1,006th
Organizzaufficio® Italia 260th 175th 137th 101st
emazing 261st 489th 718th 349th
BRUBAKER (Der Schnellversender!) 262nd 504th 1,415th 2,637th
ProVenditore 263rd 281st 515th 1,175th
Britainbroadway 264th 344th 212th 539th
mr-trade 265th 227th 119th 47th
inandout_italia 266th 306th 295th 184th
RAM Apparecchi Medicali 267th 158th 135th 256th
SPN Imports and Services LLC 268th 285th 338th 201st
Ringke Official IT Store 269th 152nd 67th 48th
MaXinDa Tech 270th 237th 614th 1,324th
Neuftech 271st 288th 660th 1,425th
YUANSAI SHOP 272nd 746th 2,549th 4,241st
TIME100&Barbie 273rd 579th 1,462nd 2,705th
B2Fitness 274th 242nd 192nd 202nd
Ostan 275th 329th 588th 1,197th
Qroiip 276th 231st 298th 804th
Corona LED 277th 828th 1,763rd 3,140th
MONDOGIFT 278th 585th 626th 675th
LONVIPI 279th 202nd 123rd 299th
Qflying 280th 321st 410th 927th
Zooky® Gadgets & Accessories 281st 471st 705th 297th
iCOM 282nd 369th 366th 244th
TOYSOUTLET 283rd 260th 178th 82nd
Spielzeugwelten (alle Preise inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt. und zzgl.Versandkosten - Impressum & Widerrufsbelehrung in der Verkäuferinfo) 284th 657th 1,485th 2,761st
G-Hub 285th 218th 129th 106th
EmmeEsseStore 286th 375th 617th 697th
Toys srl 287th 703rd 1,282nd 1,981st
D&4 288th 286th 1,187th 2,249th
Duoda 289th 107th 263rd 747th
FRAGGLE ROCK MUSIC 289th 47,532nd 48,420th 48,420th
ZEUS PARTY 290th 338th 365th 183rd
Scontolo 291st 691st 1,460th 1,908th
Iluvthisworld2013 292nd 377th 424th 963rd
vidaXL IT 293rd 239th 285th 210th
amlaiworld 294th 414th 676th 1,456th
Bpro 295th 233rd 356th 819th

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