Amazon expanded their business to Italy in 2010 opening up After one year, they introduced Amazon Prime for italian market. Since then it is the number 1 e-commerce platform, leaving behind its main competitor eBay Italy.

Here Amazon Italy sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Boolavard 101st 207th 172nd 159th
NEW'C 102nd 84th 452nd 1,078th
Severyn Diretto 103rd 111th 108th 118th
lombardoshopsrls 104th 95th 60th 169th
Stylefile 105th 172nd 696th 1,484th
vaporcombo 106th 303rd 439th 1,068th
Idealships 107th 115th 270th 732nd
NEOPHONIA 108th 104th 107th 73rd
Pixshopping 109th 108th 130th 351st
Hisert 110th 123rd 166th 311th
Sediva IT 111th 101st 75th 93rd
Fishingking 112th 326th 1,293rd 2,320th
nuunutrition 113th 100th 221st 618th
Mudder Online 114th 92nd 74th 165th
THE BIG OUTLET COMPANY 115th 235th 261st 389th
dealux 116th 109th 186th 361st
Excess Gaming 117th 140th 254th 643rd
Andoer Official 118th 126th 327th 856th
Mediashoponline 119th 71st 37th 19th
Materassi Baldiflex 120th 78th 85th 85th
nagiry-italia 121st 106th 100th 30th
Cuff-Daddy DE 122nd 38,014th 40,371st 40,413th
Elecsmart 122nd 102nd 61st 123rd
vhbwitalia 123rd 136th 113th 17th
1byone EU 124th 125th 483rd 1,134th
E-Giochiamo 125th 395th 841st 1,322nd
Lerpby 126th 134th 351st 900th
HOEPLI - La Grande Libreria 127th 146th 170th 167th
COVERbasics 128th 89th 105th 326th
subitodisponibile 129th 178th 246th 484th
Deposito Di Giocattolo 130th 304th 568th 614th
Suaoki IT 131st 141st 326th 855th
EA Commerce s.r.l. 132nd 122nd 96th 68th
RETEVIS CO.LTD 133rd 179th 237th 605th
Naissance - Spedito dal UK 134th 162nd 128th 140th
Bluedio 135th 176th 176th 213th
Sottosconto italy 136th 112th 136th 211th
ricambi_smc 137th 81st 184th 258th
Nasork 138th 127th 259th 725th
PerfectPrint 139th 135th 99th 99th
eCell 140th 173rd 58th 84th
YESPRESSO 141st 130th 393rd 676th
CheGiochi 142nd 434th 544th 393rd
My Swift 143rd 364th 1,165th 2,074th
goodgoogdbuy 144th 159th 459th 1,091st
POOPHUNS OFFICIAL 145th 266th 1,101st 2,147th
DM SOLUZIONI ICT 146th 238th 401st 309th
Ape Collection 147th 261st 456th 446th
DR.F 148th 269th 474th 774th
Kurtzie 149th 211th 207th 166th
Ubuywills 150th 137th 86th 203rd
Perfume Shop LLC 151st 139th 446th 1,076th
GEOPHOTO GmbH 152nd 28,943rd 32,704th 32,746th
IT LAB 152nd 98th 98th 314th
Moonstore 153rd 148th 106th 58th
tinxi-shop Spedizione dalla Germania 3 - 6 giorni 154th 132nd 47th 39th
Europe Silicone Mold Maker 155th 244th 312th 575th
Digitem 156th 128th 76th 42nd
sowelltopit 157th 188th 49th 134th
Highway Techbuy 158th 170th 525th 1,187th
Wizideal 159th 144th 188th 471st
9fox 160th 255th 573rd 1,172nd
HelloLady 161st 307th 1,349th 2,514th
iHarbort 162nd 154th 109th 98th
GoldenBell 163rd 155th 266th 620th
Andes Express 164th 252nd 1,220th 1,377th
Onite 165th 169th 152nd 284th
Aglaia Direct 166th 119th 238th 651st
YIXIN SHOP 167th 200th 440th 1,056th
Ricoo Media Technology (Ricoo-Medientechnik) Prices VAT included. 168th 174th 208th 453rd
Firstfun 169th 272nd 811th 1,704th
Giodicartonline 170th 204th 684th 1,465th
COMPUTER.WORLD S.R.L. 171st 278th 141st 334th
Universal Color 172nd 183rd 125th 319th
bilder&dekoration 173rd 232nd 227th 239th
smartvisionit 174th 124th 164th 442nd
CARILLO BIANCHERIA 175th 222nd 239th 189th
Character IT 176th 245th 809th 1,697th
T-Tex Shop 177th 522nd 1,364th 2,185th
Zenoplige LLC 178th 197th 542nd 1,209th
BQEELDirect IT 179th 196th 929th 1,894th
Regno Digitale 180th 145th 353rd 905th
Avantek IT 181st 131st 121st 204th
ECON 182nd 445th 305th 94th
DISAGU Schutzfolien Vertriebs GmbH 183rd 192nd 163rd 149th
Ularma 184th 352nd 1,209th 2,293rd
ts-ideen GmbH 185th 184th 322nd 352nd
AvantreeDirect 186th 216th 159th 323rd
zoreno-italy 187th 110th 102nd 40th
ddsky 188th 187th 539th 1,203rd
Alphaink 189th 163rd 138th 235th
Ducomi Europe 190th 229th 478th 735th
Art Naturals Italy 191st 149th 475th 1,115th
eSynic 192nd 151st 553rd 1,239th
GNWE 193rd 147th 87th 199th
emartbuyit 194th 199th 73rd 13th
CardiglianoLegnami 195th 29,854th 33,480th 33,522nd
MunkiMix Gioielli 195th 256th 193rd 179th
EUROSTORE07 196th 195th 116th 139th
bigmouthstore-IT 197th 314th 341st 669th

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