One of the faster growing markets for Amazon is India. was launched in 2013 only, but it is already in the leading positions together with Flipcart and Snapdeal. Due to strict Indian laws, only Indian based retailers are allowed to sell on

Here Amazon India sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Big Buff Retails 582nd 652nd 353rd 623rd
Roohwellness 583rd 753rd 948th 1,154th
Printland 584th 476th 319th 504th 585th 510th 448th 631st
Devineindia 586th 401st 355th 340th
FashionFurnishings 587th 699th 1,152nd 2,095th
Fashionury 588th 507th 506th 1,071st
Cloud-Burst 589th 603rd 513th 149th
Shadow Securitronics 590th 883rd 1,224th 2,181st
Bajaao 591st 694th 406th 271st
Perfect Sales India 592nd 811th 1,184th 1,954th
Polestar Bags 593rd 516th 294th 544th
Brainwavz Audio India 594th 828th 853rd 1,415th
Eagle Trader 595th 1,235th 1,628th 1,852nd
PSR Retails 596th 27,030th 21,436th 19,677th
Rockfield 596th 536th 747th 1,367th 597th 986th 931st 870th
JFL - Jewellery for Less 598th 707th 950th 1,729th
Shopper's Pride 599th 713th 408th 207th
Raymond Ltd 600th 460th 964th 1,658th
REGENT TRADE MART 601st 1,099th 2,370th 3,613th
Zeneme 602nd 465th 718th 1,345th
Red Tape Online 603rd 232nd 486th 1,032nd
ClickEdia 604th 521st 496th 399th
Littly 605th 557th 915th 1,309th
steal d deal 606th 646th 594th 856th
Muniraj11 607th 641st 613th 796th
Punjab Online 608th 725th 2,237th 3,468th
VeeDee 609th 683rd 388th 213th
iDeals 610th 1,001st 2,490th 3,840th
Pepper Agro 611th 815th 1,210th 598th
City Book Shop 612th 1,435th 2,719th 3,730th
Yes Industries Ltd 613th 826th 2,309th 3,462nd
Story @ Home 614th 275th 146th 156th
Health UR Wealth com 615th 715th 881st 1,480th
KARP - New Year Sale (Save 5% each on Entire catalogue offered by KARP when you purchase 2 or more) 616th 810th 851st 788th
Kairos Emporium 617th 554th 304th 341st
HomeStrap 618th 698th 914th 723rd
k3_stores 619th 597th 503rd 666th
VINEGAR THERAPY 620th 749th 749th 854th
Sri Padmavathi Publications 621st 835th 1,661st 2,743rd
BodyFit Gym 622nd 593rd 1,422nd 2,446th
Buyaccessories 623rd 1,212th 1,990th 3,116th
camnaccstore 624th 710th 1,738th 2,845th
Only Original Cartridges 625th 567th 693rd 1,355th
SRB INTERNATIONAL 626th 1,138th 1,485th 2,379th 627th 632nd 621st 1,080th
BMcenter 628th 789th 484th 883rd
Godskitchen 629th 913th 1,402nd 1,143rd
Bulk House 630th 552nd 1,814th 2,935th
GrabAGadget 631st 316th 181st 122nd
RoyalExport 632nd 1,959th 4,780th 6,476th
Smart Shelter 633rd 473rd 454th 732nd
James Scot 635th 1,279th 3,533rd 5,052nd
Sports Hubb 636th 966th 1,227th 2,021st
hgiftmart 637th 1,137th 882nd 1,497th
HD Retails 638th 413th 336th 624th
Brand Apex 639th 689th 727th 837th
BARBARIAN 640th 28,247th 21,540th 21,395th
HealthMaxStore 640th 512th 434th 644th
Jainone (India) 641st 542nd 805th 1,354th
Kenny Delights 642nd 890th 1,238th 1,446th
GoBonjour 643rd 874th 850th 531st
BelleLingeries 644th 666th 841st 1,604th
ivee international 645th 2,305th 6,449th 8,487th
TINNY TOTS 646th 1,373rd 1,166th 1,269th
CraftDev 647th 605th 687th 1,008th
Cocogarden® 648th 506th 446th 596th
Zotory 649th 1,200th 3,818th 5,383rd
Happily Unmarried 650th 750th 692nd 894th
Yellow Weaves 651st 569th 1,292nd 2,136th
OldIndia 653rd 587th 865th 1,266th
the home stores 654th 28,707th 21,579th 23,737th
COLORTRADES 654th 571st 926th 1,738th
S H Retail 655th 548th 497th 1,028th
Flyers Bay 656th 743rd 1,665th 2,328th
OneAssist Consumer Solutions Pvt Ltd 657th 979th 2,033rd 1,552nd
Lucca Retail 658th 971st 560th 705th
ncase 659th 799th 477th 910th
Bourne Collections 660th 775th 537th 1,053rd
eGalaxy Traders 661st 878th 555th 545th
RR's 662nd 622nd 556th 904th
Cable Hunter™ 663rd 443rd 586th 1,200th
India Technology 664th 902nd 2,587th 3,649th
TECHOHOLIC 665th 891st 444th 569th
SKIN4GADGETS 666th 490th 754th 1,387th
Bhambri Enterprises 666th 52,203rd 54,291st 54,343rd
M K MUMBAI 667th 1,989th 5,947th 7,855th
RUSHI ENTERPRISE 668th 867th 1,237th 1,943rd
Super India Emporium 669th 578th 577th 1,125th
ESSENCE (JYOTI INTERNATIONAL) 670th 467th 379th 639th
Grooming Kart ® 672nd 761st 861st 1,386th
Greet n Gift 673rd 547th 554th 782nd
EVIZZA.. 673rd 12,036th 6,521st 8,236th
Goldstone Imaging Pvt Ltd 674th 1,053rd 1,520th 881st
Acme Housewares 675th 396th 333rd 391st
HealthAndYoga_India 676th 590th 829th 541st
Zenith International 677th 530th 925th 1,547th
discovery deals 678th 1,022nd 820th 1,256th
Dynamic Store 679th 505th 751st 1,194th

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