In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
gohappybuy 649th 804th 742nd 4,788th
shop_decoking 650th 738th 1,057th 3,982nd
Hauseinkauf - mit Sicherheit schneller Versand 651st 931st 1,149th 714th
Zentraldrogerie 652nd 666th 1,248th 7,962nd
Rappelkiste Spielwaren 653rd 1,311th 2,173rd 217th
NICK AND BEN 654th 602nd 332nd 123rd
Trango-Brilon 655th 658th 1,004th 2,050th
-PBShop UK- 656th 404th 576th 91st
BB Sport 657th 678th 588th 1,202nd
MisterToys-de 658th 1,124th 1,808th 1,944th
ilp-versand 659th 619th 852nd 3,145th
Niro&Gizmo's 660th 495th 2,779th 11,798th
wuff_wuff 661st 45,557th 39,604th 5,942nd
JS-Versand 661st 649th 826th 3,920th
G & G GmbH Preise inkl. 19% MwSt. 662nd 717th 578th 717th
DJT Fashion 663rd 644th 1,063rd 3,709th
Sell-way 664th 839th 808th 310th
Runa Art GmbH 665th 582nd 573rd 1,803rd
futterbauer 666th 509th 522nd 1,923rd
dambiro1 667th 836th 797th 662nd
Friseurbedarf-Peters 668th 561st 552nd 3,914th
edinger Lampertheim 669th 483rd 297th 2,037th
na-un-d 670th 598th 866th 470th
POWRX GmbH 671st 688th 562nd 1,872nd
Shopping-Star24 672nd 704th 737th 1,041st
schnuppie83 673rd 1,183rd 741st 1,397th
3C4U 674th 683rd 454th 1,222nd
Vienlove-UK 675th 50,895th 31,622nd 38,546th
Optimal-GSM - Preis inkl. Mwst. - WiderrufAGB u. Verkäuferhilfe 675th 646th 464th 238th
UC-Express Preise inkl. MwSt. 676th 979th 1,018th 2,502nd
PB-ViGoods 677th 562nd 668th 5,376th
JewelryWe Schmuck 678th 888th 724th 3,936th
Point-Rouge 679th 1,021st 958th 4,189th
Schlummersack 680th 1,152nd 2,087th 1,993rd
c*riston 681st 675th 586th 3,458th
Wooden Toy Store Ltd 682nd 47,773rd 43,587th 28,811th
insatech GmbH-AGB-Widerrufsbelehrung sowie Informationen zur Online-Streitbeilegung 682nd 802nd 1,119th 762nd
IDEAL TREND Preise inkl. MwSt. 683rd 842nd 980th 3,404th
APICI 684th 791st 1,440th 8,629th
AMPM24 685th 886th 692nd 3,171st
DI-NESH24 686th 823rd 986th 3,992nd
KROMI Group 687th 895th 367th 2,660th
1A Elektronik-Haus 688th 606th 658th 190th
ELV Elektronik AG 689th 612th 1,259th 315th
Warehouse One -Pro Sports- 690th 1,355th 1,458th 899th
Filmexpress 691st 587th 437th 551st
parfumer2010 Preise inkl. MwSt 692nd 1,189th 1,815th 2,029th
HVG-Trading 693rd 673rd 1,173rd 1,427th
Conrad Electronic 694th 866th 533rd 1,307th
IEFIEL 695th 748th 974th 5,256th
FDS GmbH 696th 533rd 373rd 2,950th
DE.Coolead 696th 51,588th 43,022nd 25,370th
AlanTan 697th 978th 1,655th 6,704th
countryhouselibrary 698th 753rd 3,288th 12,777th
Mrs Christmas Ltd 698th 51,985th 27,578th 32,528th
World Trading Net GmbH & Co. KG "Alle Preise inkl. Mwst." 699th 739th 966th 500th
SatChef 700th 776th 1,006th 1,083rd
Golden Peanut (Preise inkl.MwSt.) 701st 632nd 441st 2,302nd
Vegavero 702nd 550th 606th 3,188th
RAHMENLOS® 703rd 1,061st 1,684th 6,838th
Europas beste 704th 651st 917th 6,474th
Ularmo 705th 808th 1,048th 7,103rd
1aWhisky 706th 803rd 874th 1,691st
Vettler Industries 707th 706th 568th 2,603rd
DKB24eu 708th 537th 531st 1,400th
SLK GmbH 709th 1,052nd 2,433rd 4,207th
speedcompany 710th 910th 940th 6,200th
AvantreeDirect 711th 789th 944th 5,581st
SILVERLINETRADING 712th 2,165th 5,071st 16,011th
Händler Shop von Cornelia Riep-handelnd unter 3TECdesign-|Preise inkl. MwSt.|Impressum Widerrufsbelehrung und AGB unter: Verkäufer-Hilfe [mehr] 713th 1,001st 1,099th 2,092nd
Freizeitprofis Preise inkl. MwSt 714th 837th 1,077th 5,742nd
Ciffre by Buddhastyle 715th 180th 445th 1,774th
LYL LED 716th 825th 1,839th 9,654th
my mosaik 717th 681st 444th 1,298th
tevigo GmbH - Preise inkl. MwSt 718th 462nd 341st 1,203rd
LEICKE - Leipzig 719th 765th 781st 194th
McDart 720th 1,351st 1,205th 1,750th
eleuk 721st 744th 967th 6,289th
werkzeugalarm 722nd 1,193rd 1,093rd 2,597th
Patikrea 723rd 38,330th 44,838th 45,473rd
Jumbo-Shop 723rd 614th 800th 2,731st
Pentamax 724th 772nd 933rd 2,231st
Aha Parfum 725th 1,310th 2,083rd 932nd
BlueBeach 726th 736th 897th 5,352nd
CH4you Preise inkl. MwSt. 727th 579th 449th 2,403rd
telsol-gmbh 728th 46,850th 44,852nd 46,942nd
BAGUP24 ( AGB / WIDERRUF ) 728th 820th 524th 490th
Wosirl 729th 603rd 829th 6,371st
reisebuch24 730th 1,121st 1,136th 2,894th
BewerbungsShop24 - (Preise inkl. Mwst.) 731st 689th 818th 1,415th
samurai media 732nd 758th 547th 1,461st
GoldstadtSchmuck 732nd 51,972nd 52,059th 52,059th
e-shop-mühlheim 733rd 664th 501st 303rd
Jayess | Funshirts-Company 734th 1,078th 971st 1,113th
Powerpreis24de 735th 455th 339th 1,007th
Ultra HDTV 736th 861st 1,306th 7,809th
Silver Trade GmbH 737th 735th 583rd 152nd
oodji 738th 594th 1,538th 8,890th
BPS 739th 574th 443rd 204th
merlinexcalibur2 740th 38,331st 46,631st 15,515th

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