In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
bauxxl 457th 389th 326th 1,893rd
wortek GmbH (Preise inkl. MwSt.) 458th 431st 355th 869th
Spreadshirt 459th 830th 995th 1,464th
fschiemann 459th 45,101st 47,882nd 35,118th
YOOTECH 460th 423rd 922nd 6,803rd
Uoogifts 461st 354th 380th 3,161st
Erwin Müller Versandhaus GmbH 462nd 504th 684th 1,928th
JuKaMa - Preise inkl. MwSt. 463rd 539th 916th 678th
aodoor 464th 400th 703rd 5,984th
eu-bay Elektronik 465th 559th 481st 3,609th
DieKosmetiker 466th 418th 393rd 2,359th
TheSmartGuard 467th 356th 228th 1,463rd
sofortdeins 468th 406th 283rd 427th
Rexx Trading 469th 352nd 505th 4,702nd
Voltking-de 470th 575th 671st 2,637th
Sella-Group 471st 541st 528th 492nd
Natur und Gesund 472nd 542nd 627th 4,973rd
li_online 473rd 450th 1,051st 7,268th
Musikhaus Kirstein GmbH 474th 611th 784th 589th
Beautex 475th 567th 545th 1,071st
Mture 476th 493rd 1,147th 7,623rd
mediaprofi24 477th 519th 460th 60th
dcmall 478th 698th 744th 4,802nd
Zooblitz e.U. 479th 346th 342nd 2,379th
Fahrradhoch3 480th 394th 382nd 3,444th
Stel4Style GmbH 481st 345th 791st 4,442nd
bestcount 482nd 468th 603rd 4,193rd
M & L aus Deutschland 483rd 568th 769th 341st
Vitabody Wellness und natürliche Pflege 484th 487th 358th 771st
die-schuhanzieher 485th 518th 500th 1,018th
Gusti Leder 486th 694th 823rd 1,248th
Max Shopping GmbH 487th 508th 649th 2,229th
BW-ONLINE-SHOP 488th 402nd 473rd 1,087th
Bürohengst 489th 357th 210th 113th
German Trendseller Preise inkl. MwSt. 490th 396th 335th 638th
BestSellerRecordshop 491st 429th 530th 1,554th
normon 492nd 474th 429th 1,820th
Alsino 493rd 570th 745th 259th
Kronenburg Handel GmbH 494th 323rd 219th 168th
LotteStyle 495th 410th 384th 975th
Miusol-DE 496th 576th 550th 2,668th
Nasork 497th 417th 495th 5,135th
MIK funshopping 498th 497th 534th 85th
EliteDigital DE 499th 386th 217th 63rd
Azafran-GmbH 500th 470th 595th 3,697th
Xiao Zhifu 500th 51,939th 48,005th 48,404th
eCell 501st 557th 570th 3,881st
Harrys-Collection 502nd 507th 483rd 450th
Beautyparadies 503rd 372nd 579th 3,128th
AniForte 504th 395th 334th 2,200th
S-PRESSIMO 505th 609th 687th 481st
4Tools 506th 595th 503rd 260th
G-Hub 507th 755th 1,008th 2,280th
Perfume Shop LLC 508th 640th 2,117th 10,346th
Trade Shop 509th 523rd 353rd 316th
Runmarkt 510th 458th 478th 795th
Nord PC GmbH & Co. KG 511th 358th 352nd 256th
CARMESIN - alle Preise inkl. MwSt. Widerrufsbelehrung AGB u. Kundeninfo unter Verkäufer-Hilfe 512th 535th 463rd 116th
Dekohelden24 513th 944th 2,257th 8,499th
Familando 514th 887th 1,011th 667th
igadgitz_Deu 515th 584th 406th 104th
mituso 516th 312th 253rd 1,596th
Game World 517th 715th 827th 286th
Fluid_Onlinehandel 518th 446th 396th 3,186th
Lixada-DE 519th 430th 287th 3,134th
spasskostet 520th 719th 918th 3,479th
Magita 521st 597th 645th 649th
JEMIDI24 522nd 548th 718th 2,952nd
ZEARO 523rd 529th 1,578th 8,833rd
Neuftech 524th 536th 390th 3,144th
BB Collection 525th 794th 1,086th 264th
vom-Achterhof Preise incl. MwSt. 526th 471st 782nd 4,196th
Print-Klex GmbH & Co.KG 527th 412th 386th 782nd
pb-versand (Preise inkl. MwSt.) 528th 489th 451st 1,759th
JS Direct 529th 563rd 525th 3,626th
TRESORS.DE.CHARENTE 530th 40,443rd 44,523rd 46,778th
postenqueen Inh. Jasmin Bajramovic "Widerrufsbelehrung AGB und Kundeninfo unter Verkäufer-Hilfe (hier anklicken)" 530th 447th 504th 1,019th
ital-design 531st 601st 630th 330th
Lamos4u 532nd 1,146th 3,951st 14,032nd
Sportsandmoreshop 533rd 513th 392nd 612th
DD24 534th 387th 295th 838th
accmart 535th 708th 669th 2,645th
Wirzdoly 536th 506th 1,680th 9,272nd
trinity_goth 537th 40,347th 46,253rd 30,335th
Mp-cologne 537th 733rd 513th 2,443rd
empireposter 538th 731st 946th 523rd
danstery 539th 512th 1,689th 9,308th
HOH GmbH IHR FACHGESCHÄFT seit 1894 - Gratis Versand ab 29 € Deutschland 540th 659th 672nd 363rd
goodsonline2012 541st 578th 508th 2,459th
brandsseller 542nd 524th 633rd 2,015th
DékorWNN 543rd 663rd 1,267th 7,631st
GoldenBrands 544th 460th 888th 5,029th
kbsocken Preise inkl. MwSt 545th 540th 604th 1,089th
Trendcell Electronic 546th 552nd 318th 109th
GlobaLink 547th 590th 1,707th 9,367th
Hornschu_(Impressum/Widerruf/AGB) 548th 710th 757th 1,718th
CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher 549th 1,547th 2,987th 7,661st
KAMACA-SHOP 550th 501st 680th 2,315th
Temtop 551st 478th 316th 1,534th
komforthaus - Ihr Spezialshop für Hausautomation mit kompetenter Beratung 552nd 465th 1,016th 1,228th

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