In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Huber Grillgeräte 190,784th 70,027th 38,038th 36,100th
BioBalance 190,785th 33,230th 42,303rd 68,146th
MilleJouets 190,788th 47,482nd 39,971st 47,862nd
mansonin 190,791st 70,028th 37,589th 11,517th
Saiwen Fishing 190,799th 37,590th 30,647th 51,219th
bollywood shop 190,816th 70,029th 47,183rd 46,824th
Maya2016 190,836th 191,058th 47,184th 41,320th
Nanenda Trachtenmode 190,849th 31,352nd 33,560th 27,943rd
CHILDREN-CURTAINS 190,861st 191,080th 47,237th 73,876th
aktrade24 190,881st 46,475th 29,826th 2,364th
dasone 190,895th 191,107th 49,246th 73,816th
Cosyback 190,896th 46,476th 49,860th 62,079th
SOCCER FIRST 190,930th 70,044th 49,247th 55,630th
fachbuch-schaper 190,932nd 191,140th 47,185th 6,367th
Balboa Garden 190,951st 31,353rd 49,248th 76,071st
Megastore 247 190,957th 47,484th 39,269th 35,887th
mschornst2 190,959th 70,048th 45,372nd 22,738th
Shop Dekoblumen 190,977th 16,776th 10,672nd 4,907th
DMB Direct 190,989th 29,791st 27,606th 48,791st
EXTREME HARDWARE 190,997th 70,050th 49,251st 62,680th
Der Mallorquiner Preise inkl. MwSt. 191,004th 54,188th 35,721st 24,975th
Vormann 191,065th 26,175th 27,904th 26,859th
PohlHH 191,077th 54,189th 39,111th 64,041st
Kajma Shop 191,092nd 47,485th 49,861st 74,590th
Nina-Alessa 191,098th 70,060th 47,186th 60,847th
Xonicversand 191,100th 191,282nd 34,581st 29,057th
SPEED AUTOTEILE 191,103rd 191,285th 32,702nd 49,533rd
Artistmerch 191,105th 46,482nd 41,272nd 15,297th
WALKIZZ 191,115th 191,295th 39,974th 32,694th
P+T Shop 191,116th 37,596th 30,263rd 51,809th
LF-Tech 191,119th 191,298th 35,128th 19,703rd
Shooligans 191,149th 46,483rd 39,219th 28,021st
Cyclerobot 191,169th 191,342nd 47,850th 74,591st
neue_buecher 191,174th 191,347th 17,735th 58th
gosto Brasile 191,218th 46,485th 34,274th 40,131st
Feel Good Gold 191,233rd 191,400th 39,112th 64,044th
Modelmakershop 191,246th 70,071st 42,306th 23,219th
Little Cobra 191,250th 54,198th 39,975th 58,664th
cdboom's store 191,255th 70,074th 32,923rd 55,934th
Metallwaren-Riffert 191,258th 191,422nd 45,374th 71,756th
TrittbretterShop 191,265th 54,199th 47,187th 66,853rd
Matijardin1 191,272nd 191,434th 35,723rd 59,632nd
Arancia Eoutlet 191,275th 191,437th 43,974th 66,854th
Bolsavia SL 191,301st 33,235th 47,188th 73,818th
italian_brands_rucksack 191,302nd 38,334th 29,855th 42,166th
Hair Heaven 191,303rd 70,079th 47,189th 68,547th
Tante Emmas Laden 191,307th 70,080th 49,254th 31,399th
Milkando-Shop24 191,313th 191,469th 41,402nd 32,929th
Westow Watches 191,315th 191,471st 49,255th 64,217th
musicfactorystore 191,326th 70,082nd 41,273rd 44,765th
Bits4urGadgets 191,340th 191,493rd 26,809th 35,693rd
TeknologyKorner 191,352nd 70,086th 49,256th 53,125th
Santa® 191,403rd 54,209th 37,180th 57,308th
BMS Buchhandlung Micklich GmbH - Strausberg 191,405th 191,549th 42,310th 40,545th
GEOPHOTO GmbH 191,423rd 191,566th 24,445th 1,958th
Euro Diffusion 191,426th 54,210th 28,925th 50,598th
n_ko 191,436th 191,575th 45,375th 71,759th
ATC HAMBURG Preise inkl. MwSt. 191,447th 46,493rd 49,257th 76,078th
Buckaneer Merch 191,448th 191,584th 34,945th 25,695th
WilfriedNolte 191,457th 191,593rd 47,191st 57,309th
dvd-hamster 191,459th 191,595th 44,489th 16,529th
schulbücher-für-dich 191,483rd 54,213th 49,258th 56,895th
mediana 191,485th 70,098th 49,259th 32,550th
Thorpedo GmbH 191,489th 47,487th 29,937th 23,288th
KLK Boutique 191,516th 191,641st 49,862nd 76,768th
UK Superstores 191,517th 191,642nd 43,976th 68,153rd
WBC_Harz 191,578th 191,696th 25,149th 43,739th
Keys To Music 191,592nd 70,116th 47,194th 40,409th
TellanT 191,597th 191,711th 34,480th 58,132nd
Thorsten Beckers 191,605th 37,604th 38,521st 15,206th
Prime Lieferservice 191,612th 191,722nd 49,260th 76,080th
Unique UK Bargains 191,615th 31,818th 47,195th 73,822nd
fb1984 191,617th 191,725th 49,261st 54,175th
sunmango 191,623rd 191,729th 21,086th 39,382nd
Bäckerei Brandes 191,629th 70,128th 49,262nd 67,243rd
TRIPLEX 191,642nd 46,498th 19,304th 36,902nd
buy&here 191,656th 27,255th 43,984th 70,168th
Ting Tang UK 191,665th 191,764th 39,220th 64,298th
Kewago [DE] 191,672nd 37,606th 15,242nd 31,236th
Scotts Workwear Ltd 191,673rd 191,770th 38,522nd 47,859th
Zoobuy 191,688th 191,785th 37,181st 2,197th
berndweiss1 191,692nd 33,238th 27,905th 12,302nd
Möbelpromenade 191,702nd 54,218th 37,361st 44,766th
oscar12490 191,727th 54,219th 16,236th 8,676th
OVIVO Wellness 191,742nd 191,828th 21,464th 36,124th
WECS 191,747th 191,832nd 26,036th 27,770th
DEEPon 191,751st 191,836th 39,454th 63,387th
Just Cool 191,767th 191,851st 45,378th 27,677th
Fillinlight 191,770th 191,854th 33,260th 56,430th
Bos Watch 191,774th 54,223rd 41,275th 57,310th
Hybsk-DE 191,779th 191,862nd 47,197th 71,764th
Volkmann & Jacobsen GmbH 191,795th 33,242nd 30,414th 18,942nd
ST Pharm 191,812th 191,890th 42,832nd 43,415th
Trendsale24 „Preise inkl. MwSt.“ 191,825th 191,901st 21,444th 2,775th
Drugshop24 191,856th 31,360th 3,170th 289th
Hide & Drink Europe 191,858th 46,505th 33,926th 57,387th
gonzo011 191,880th 54,229th 45,381st 22,531st
Deals 123 191,885th 37,608th 36,635th 60,850th
mister4multimedia 191,892nd 191,955th 39,115th 44,767th
PETERS GmbH 191,910th 191,972nd 31,782nd 9,930th

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