In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
iVoler EU 184th 193rd 482nd 5,060th
Conie-Mobile 185th 238th 277th 3,457th
pidax 186th 196th 192nd 854th
swees-shop 187th 235th 313th 344th
ankaufalarm 188th 202nd 448th 4,143rd
Gilde Ingolstadt Fleischerei- und Gastro-Service eG Preise inkl. Mwst 189th 175th 211th 1,249th
GoldenSwing 190th 109th 241st 3,642nd
used4less. 191st 50,042nd 47,484th 25,765th
Amazing Parts 191st 181st 154th 1,008th
althuetter-markthandel Versandbereit innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen 192nd 265th 516th 1,556th
Landgrafen Apotheke 193rd 174th 136th 736th
LUORO 194th 50,539th 45,824th 45,892nd
Gräwe-shop 194th 198th 179th 206th
geburtstagsgeschenk-online 195th 275th 314th 683rd
COM-PAD EU 196th 239th 580th 5,560th
Digiflex DE 197th 179th 170th 874th
Bear Books Germany 198th 122nd 79th 1,352nd
QIANSE JEWELLERY 199th 336th 467th 4,333rd
1byone EU 200th 247th 400th 3,516th
Poweradd 201st 223rd 279th 1,204th
Linking Mart 202nd 191st 176th 2,051st
shop-ar 203rd 195th 148th 827th
Clocktraders 204th 399th 717th 925th
Loomiloo 205th 226th 116th 1,135th
Art Naturals DE 206th 148th 137th 2,699th
London General Insurance Company Limited 207th 171st 466th 5,046th
DELINERO GmbH 208th 263rd 399th 4,017th
Amir DE 209th 178th 424th 4,744th
Die Ideenwelt Ltd.-Widerrufsbelehrung-AGB-unter-Verkaeufer-Hilfe 210th 215th 251st 233rd
Character DE 211th 342nd 983rd 5,174th
KabelDirekt Europe 212th 142nd 76th 135th
SportScheck 213th 236th 127th 143rd
Oblique-Unique Preise inkl. MwSt. 214th 170th 185th 1,297th
mx.leuchten 215th 192nd 198th 222nd
Tischideen und Ambiente 216th 363rd 420th 354th
catch-a-book 217th 225th 244th 25th
cortexpower de GmbH 218th 207th 143rd 32nd
PGTA 219th 227th 147th 1,095th
VTN-GmbH 220th 164th 224th 343rd
guenstig-einkaufen 221st 199th 175th 557th
Eliware 222nd 243rd 248th 462nd
Europäische Feinkost 223rd 50,073rd 42,735th 36,526th
pb ReCommerce GmbH 223rd 217th 183rd 398th
Juvenilis 224th 224th 267th 2,019th
GoldenBell 225th 212th 291st 3,518th
Sonline-HK 226th 189th 319th 3,825th
yueying 227th 143rd 438th 4,875th
SuperStore2014 228th 253rd 465th 4,341st
Naissance (Keine Packstationen!) 229th 211th 167th 797th
annettkasper2 230th 45,938th 49,003rd 49,003rd
cd-andrae 230th 204th 145th 149th
KINGTOP International 231st 371st 618th 4,569th
Coffeefair Kaffeegroßhandel Kaffeeservice 232nd 208th 519th 863rd
OVK-Handel der Schnellversand 233rd 214th 166th 513th
Bluespoon GmbH - Versand am selben Tag bei Bestellungen bis 14.00 Uhr! 234th 322nd 585th 1,744th
alpha-zwo 235th 309th 1,465th 8,705th
wark-24 236th 216th 173rd 247th
sorido 237th 271st 462nd 4,963rd
CosiCosi 237th 44,678th 47,561st 28,655th
VBS-Hobby-Versand 238th 241st 307th 859th
plt24 239th 273rd 153rd 1,179th
anndora_ 240th 259th 236th 304th
CASPAR Fashion 241st 366th 486th 1,626th
Onkopharm Naturheilmittel 241st 50,179th 42,757th 18,268th
dsversand 242nd 221st 138th 31st
GELiTec 243rd 228th 275th 415th
Ersatzteil-Land (Impressum/AGB unter Verkäufer-Info) 244th 232nd 201st 71st
Zollner24 245th 257th 458th 4,233rd
Trend Mall 246th 213th 132nd 1,685th
BetterWorldBooksDe 247th 206th 190th 722nd
Mobil-Energy 248th 258th 374th 174th
B.K.Licht 249th 411th 1,546th 8,920th
Onlineversand Leipzig - Groß- & Einzelhandel - Alle Preise inkl. MwSt. 250th 209th 149th 10th
StilGut 251st 274th 229th 228th
MC-Trend-Handels GmbH (Preise inkl. MwSt) 252nd 393rd 415th 2,067th
versando - kostenloser DE-Versand per DHL/DPD in 1-2 Tagen ab 9€ - NEU/OVP - Top Qualität! 253rd 234th 207th 568th
iHarbort 254th 251st 349th 1,136th
der-party-mueller 255th 46,855th 49,451st 49,451st
DVDMAXXX 255th 260th 359th 3,657th
Online Handel Deutschland - Preise inkl. MwSt. - Impressum und Widerrufsbelehrung finden Sie unter Verkäufer-Hilfe 256th 252nd 197th 1,733rd
games.empire 257th 457th 629th 53rd
Hits* 258th 229th 130th 1,094th
trendmile 259th 197th 161st 2,405th
Electronic-Service 260th 218th 300th 3,489th
Papiertiger-Berlin 261st 249th 306th 2,511th
Rampow 262nd 316th 247th 3,524th
Bodfeld Apotheke 263rd 245th 215th 1,514th
hibuy 264th 381st 602nd 1,244th
i-love-outlet 265th 272nd 563rd 2,016th
CuraVendi - Die Bonus-Apotheke 266th 256th 214th 399th
BVW als Tchibo Partner 267th 328th 337th 1,058th
Savetec Swiss GmbH (Es gelten unsere AGB und Zollbestimmungen) 268th 166th 93rd 306th
biblion1 269th 267th 254th 70th
Supremery GmbH 270th 246th 151st 253rd
Bremen-Haushalt 271st 268th 311th 2,188th
HTS Trading 272nd 311th 975th 7,015th
Venkon GmbH 273rd 480th 610th 2,832nd
Hillfield | Erfahren - Kompetent - Schnell 274th 295th 309th 2,527th
geschenk-kiosk 275th 425th 652nd 575th
Tito-Express Preise incl. MwSt. 276th 306th 264th 1,200th

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