In Germany, the most popular e-commerce site is It all began in 1998, when Amazon acquired Germany’s leading online bookstore, called Telebook ( Since 2007 Amazon Prime became available to everyone and is now the number 1 e-commerce website in Germany.

Here Amazon Germany sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Danto GmbH 95th 87th 63rd 43rd
MamboCat 96th 112th 157th 789th
Stöberland_Impressum/AGB/Widerruf 97th 153rd 188th 704th
Bürodiscount - Online - Der kompetente Conipa® Shop - Versand aus Deutschland 98th 113th 104th 34th
Antiquariat Buchhandel Daniel Viertel 99th 92nd 90th 257th
Celinatex 100th 145th 163rd 360th
Kaleido.Shop GmbH 101st 146th 168th 279th
DealsWagen 102nd 136th 357th 3,787th
PLEMO DE 103rd 100th 92nd 993rd
HB-DIGITAL GmbH 104th 102nd 107th 377th
VECO VIDEOEMUSICA 104th 51,432nd 39,464th 23,362nd
PMI Trading 105th 90th 182nd 1,371st
TecTake GmbH 106th 104th 80th 155th
funrecords 107th 107th 110th 67th
@FoliX GmbH 108th 120th 91st 24th
Onogo DE 109th 83rd 67th 245th
Tintendienst - Druckerverbrauchsmaterial 110th 110th 85th 131st
Fitness2002 Inc. 111th 95th 88th 571st
Olsen Store GmbH 112th 157th 317th 404th
cd-dvd-shop 113th 119th 141st 46th
Turbado Deutschland 114th 173rd 963rd 6,981st
Druckshop by Cotene GmbH 114th 51,160th 41,591st 35,819th
EAZY CASE GmbH 115th 101st 146th 2,816th
zap24 116th 108th 100th 246th
Lieferello GmbH & Co. KG 117th 147th 200th 413th
adaptare 118th 116th 66th 44th
Ricoo-Medientechnik Preise inkl. MwSt. 119th 128th 128th 234th
My_Worldwide_Market 120th 125th 87th 953rd
Round3DE 121st 75th 60th 409th
Schnellversandmodanti 122nd 105th 109th 702nd
MoEx24 123rd 118th 69th 518th
MULBESS 124th 156th 252nd 1,717th
S&O Handelsgesellschaft mbH 125th 115th 101st 380th
Buchversand-Büchermaus 126th 137th 220th 1,325th
Voelkner 127th 141st 131st 196th
Elbenwald 128th 194th 213th 326th
EnStore 129th 161st 193rd 1,134th
adanbo 130th 77th 82nd 146th
yoused GmbH 131st 133rd 281st 3,734th
auditas - Hörgerätebatterien und mehr 132nd 134th 139th 1,324th
Highly One 133rd 132nd 312th 1,620th
Creativ-Discount & Party-Discount 134th 121st 206th 156th
buecher--thoene 135th 169th 123rd 20th
Bundlestar* 136th 149th 84th 61st
Relaxdays 137th 130th 94th 56th
Coolreall Official 138th 70th 125th 1,834th
mobilschleuder 139th 150th 439th 4,878th
cheabo 140th 129th 171st 750th
case in your face 141st 39,510th 42,699th 26,049th
ncc-design 141st 123rd 169th 384th
MAXFE.CO 142nd 160th 250th 2,666th
BM-Trading 143rd 182nd 216th 783rd
OFF PRICE STORE 144th 126th 96th 202nd
My-Vitalness Handel und Produktion KG 144th 43,569th 34,836th 35,675th
Vitabay 145th 117th 105th 635th
modeherz "Alle Preise inkl. Mwst." 146th 233rd 226th 197th
Truelove 146th 39,447th 47,407th 45,809th
skgames 147th 222nd 269th 17th
Sockenkauf24 148th 165th 249th 1,880th
Shirt-Arena 149th 111th 115th 686th
WOLTU GmbH 150th 172nd 230th 1,261st
Top-store01 151st 45,901st 43,232nd 45,380th
#DoYourSports GmbH / Preis inkl. Mwst 151st 91st 112th 2,023rd
HERMKO 152nd 139th 162nd 471st
ESMOnline ( Alle Preise inkl. 19% Mehrwertsteuer) / (Widerrufsbelehrung unter Verkäuferinfo) 153rd 138th 126th 231st
Neuert's 154th 163rd 261st 1,251st
DISAGU Schutzfolien Vertriebs GmbH 155th 203rd 189th 225th
Zacro-euro 156th 176th 364th 4,518th
Mohnblume - Tee & Geschenkideen 157th 131st 518th 1,614th
Quality Body Shop EU 158th 49,952nd 42,711th 40,508th
Dilego 158th 158th 178th 166th
Computerhandlung 159th 140th 86th 79th
the-dvd-house 160th 210th 268th 163rd
rhein-team 161st 186th 195th 41st
Profi-Gruppe GmbH - Garantiebedingungen und Hinweise zur Batterieentsorgung finden Sie unter Verkäuferhilfe 162nd 154th 155th 291st
IVSOTEK UK 163rd 159th 430th 4,831st
babywalz 164th 177th 160th 299th
TOPANBIETER999 Preise incl. MwSt 165th 219th 199th 336th
Königstein Direkt 166th 97th 191st 3,074th
ostlicht 167th 42,273rd 45,796th 32,504th
ausverkauf 167th 151st 164th 19th
Lights4fun - für mehr Spaß im Leben! 168th 205th 411th 939th
Mytrends 169th 188th 165th 553rd
militaerbuechersammlung 170th 44,523rd 47,449th 20,768th
Lumaland GmbH 170th 190th 194th 1,030th
Sportastisch 171st 187th 788th 6,365th
rezone 172nd 201st 356th 2,550th
alaskaprint (alle Preise inkl. 19%MwSt.) 173rd 162nd 290th 362nd
AwesomeBooksDeutschland 174th 155th 159th 81st
BUSDUGA GmbH 175th 255th 296th 542nd
SDRC 176th 144th 129th 1,555th
Qroiip 177th 220th 607th 5,623rd
Ronowa 177th 44,562nd 47,470th 40,511th
ginas-energy-store 178th 167th 134th 215th
in-trading 179th 98th 203rd 1,223rd
E3-Store 180th 184th 365th 2,214th
KÖSTER MÜNSTER 181st 230th 351st 90th
CelebLook 181st 44,571st 47,477th 38,223rd
E.M.P. 182nd 242nd 333rd 2,386th
delmed-Versandapotheke 183rd 152nd 108th 537th

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