Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program allowing sellers to offload most of their warehouse operations to Amazon. Although extra fee is charged for that, many retailers still use Amazon warehouse and order-fulfillment service. FBA also can be used by third-party sellers to sell on other platforms, such as eBay or the websites of their own. If a seller has more than half of their products fulfilled by Amazon, he is considered as FBA seller.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
CSL-Computer 3rd 3rd 4th 13th
AnkerDirect 7th 7th 6th 40th
ZBT International Trading GmbH 10th 12th 16th 62nd
EasyAcc.D Store 20th 22nd 18th 49th
meinemarkenmode 21st 19th 53rd 604th
*MEMORYKING* 23rd 25th 20th 29th
NEON Mart 25th 21st 31st 249th
Beauty Store Uk 26th 31st 51st 982nd
JEDirect DE 31st 28th 26th 334th
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK 33rd 35th 58th 1,009th
BSCstore EU 34th 39th 62nd 1,250th
AukeyMall 38th 38th 65th 1,502nd
super-buecher 43rd 49th 43rd 28th
HISERT Preise inkl.MwSt 44th 52nd 57th 365th
Spigen DE Direct 45th 62nd 245th 3,714th
Inateck 50th 58th 54th 349th
OMOTON UK 54th 65th 303rd 4,119th
VICTSING 55th 45th 46th 858th
Patox 56th 44th 34th 484th
ak trade 58th 85th 120th 1,357th
sc_computerecke 60th 56th 81st 429th
Toys-for-fun 61st 84th 122nd 449th
Syncwire 68th 63rd 74th 1,257th
Britainbroadway 71st 106th 202nd 2,634th
Etekcity Corporation 75th 80th 184th 2,409th
ESR Case EU Store 76th 93rd 111th 1,605th
A-MONTAIN 78th 127th 760th 6,270th
styleBREAKER 79th 99th 172nd 867th
sourcingmap 82nd 64th 64th 1,232nd
Clickjunkie 86th 71st 77th 66th
Ascher-EU 90th 94th 284th 3,720th
urban-styles - Preise inkl. MwSt. 91st 135th 152nd 317th
BRUBAKER (Der Schnellversender!) 94th 168th 354th 434th
Stöberland_Impressum/AGB/Widerruf 97th 153rd 188th 704th
PLEMO DE 103rd 100th 92nd 993rd
Fitness2002 Inc. 111th 95th 88th 571st
Olsen Store GmbH 112th 157th 317th 404th
Ricoo-Medientechnik Preise inkl. MwSt. 119th 128th 128th 234th
MULBESS 124th 156th 252nd 1,717th
Elbenwald 128th 194th 213th 326th
Bundlestar* 136th 149th 84th 61st
Coolreall Official 138th 70th 125th 1,834th
cheabo 140th 129th 171st 750th
Vitabay 145th 117th 105th 635th
modeherz "Alle Preise inkl. Mwst." 146th 233rd 226th 197th
skgames 147th 222nd 269th 17th
Neuert's 154th 163rd 261st 1,251st
Zacro-euro 156th 176th 364th 4,518th
the-dvd-house 160th 210th 268th 163rd
IVSOTEK UK 163rd 159th 430th 4,831st
TOPANBIETER999 Preise incl. MwSt 165th 219th 199th 336th
Lumaland GmbH 170th 190th 194th 1,030th
Sportastisch 171st 187th 788th 6,365th
rezone 172nd 201st 356th 2,550th
iVoler EU 184th 193rd 482nd 5,060th
swees-shop 187th 235th 313th 344th
GoldenSwing 190th 109th 241st 3,642nd
Amazing Parts 191st 181st 154th 1,008th
COM-PAD EU 196th 239th 580th 5,560th
QIANSE JEWELLERY 199th 336th 467th 4,333rd
1byone EU 200th 247th 400th 3,516th
Poweradd 201st 223rd 279th 1,204th
Linking Mart 202nd 191st 176th 2,051st
Clocktraders 204th 399th 717th 925th
Art Naturals DE 206th 148th 137th 2,699th
Amir DE 209th 178th 424th 4,744th
Character DE 211th 342nd 983rd 5,174th
KabelDirekt Europe 212th 142nd 76th 135th
mx.leuchten 215th 192nd 198th 222nd
Tischideen und Ambiente 216th 363rd 420th 354th
guenstig-einkaufen 221st 199th 175th 557th
Eliware 222nd 243rd 248th 462nd
Juvenilis 224th 224th 267th 2,019th
GoldenBell 225th 212th 291st 3,518th
yueying 227th 143rd 438th 4,875th
KINGTOP International 231st 371st 618th 4,569th
OVK-Handel der Schnellversand 233rd 214th 166th 513th
alpha-zwo 235th 309th 1,465th 8,705th
CASPAR Fashion 241st 366th 486th 1,626th
Zollner24 245th 257th 458th 4,233rd
B.K.Licht 249th 411th 1,546th 8,920th
StilGut 251st 274th 229th 228th
MC-Trend-Handels GmbH (Preise inkl. MwSt) 252nd 393rd 415th 2,067th
iHarbort 254th 251st 349th 1,136th
games.empire 257th 457th 629th 53rd
Rampow 262nd 316th 247th 3,524th
hibuy 264th 381st 602nd 1,244th
Supremery GmbH 270th 246th 151st 253rd
HTS Trading 272nd 311th 975th 7,015th
Venkon GmbH 273rd 480th 610th 2,832nd
Hillfield | Erfahren - Kompetent - Schnell 274th 295th 309th 2,527th
Werkzeugstore 277th 262nd 196th 963rd
HelloLady 281st 360th 1,287th 8,104th
Fit4Style Silberschmuck - IMPPAC 282nd 405th 417th 250th
Handy-pro 283rd 303rd 259th 2,053rd
Urcover 285th 313th 327th 2,483rd
X-FlashBox 286th 315th 158th 1,709th
1a-Produkte-Preise inkl. MwSt. 288th 294th 263rd 139th
cadorabo-shop - Preise inkl. MwSt 291st 240th 218th 769th
SEBSON 294th 291st 343rd 366th

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