4,308 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

Ascher-EU Amazon Germany is one of the TOP 100 sellers on Amazon Germany. They stock more than a few dozen products at the moment. The average price of all their products approximately is $10.

Most seller products belong to Gewerbe, Industrie & Wissenschaft, Haushalt, Garten, Baumarkt, Sport & Freizeit, Elektronik & Computer and Spielzeug & Baby categories. Browse Ascher-EU categories on Amazon Germany.

Ascher-EU - an official Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller. Like all FBA sellers, Ascher-EU transfer most of their warehouse operations to Amazon, where their products are packed, shipped and distributed to customers.

Last month reviews data shows, that Ascher-EU is in the 90th place. According to last year data they are doing better now, Ascher-EU was at the 284th position.

The latest reviews available on their page on Amazon Germany.

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